Shut Imphal city till noon today : CSOs

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Aug 9: Eight different civil society organizations of the State have jointly appealed to all to close down shops, business establishments and market places of Imphal City as well as the surrounding areas of three Assembly Constituencies, namely Uripok, Sagolband and Thangmeiband, till noon tomorrow, in support /solidarity with the ongoing protest against the Framework Agreement and Article 371A.
This was jointly stated during a joint press conference by Chanura Lamchinglel Kangleipak (CLK), Kangleipak Lamjing Apunba Meira Lup or Kanglamei, Kanglei Ima Lup (KIL), All Clubs Organisations and Meira Paibis Lup, Kangleipak (ACOAM-Lup, Kangleipak), Indigenous People’s Association of Kangleipak (IPAK), International Peace and Social Advancement (IPSA), People’s Action for National Democratic Movement (PANDM) and Kangleipak Students’ Association at the office of IPAK today evening.
Speaking to media persons, RK Sanahalbi, president of KIL, stated that the press conference has been held to announce as well as appeal the people of the State to cooperate and support the CSOs in their movement in connection with a number of issues cropping up in the State one of which is the Framework Agreement signed between the Central Government and the NSCN (IM).
She continued that Manipur has its own 2000 years old history with 37 different indigenous communities residing in peace and communal harmony before Manipur merged with India.
After the merger, lots of unwanted issues were created in the State among the different communities due to the divide and rule policy of the Central Government, she alleged.
She stated that whenever BJP comes to power in the State or at the Centre, a number of issues often arise leading to unwanted situations and even leading to loss of many valuable lives.
She warned that Article 371A will be not accepted by the people of the State and if the Government try to extend it to the State , then a mass public uproar will erupt, one which will be more explosive than that of the June 18, 2001 incident.
Y Leirikleima, president of Kanglamei, condemned the divide and rule policy of the BJP led Central Government.
She continued that after the incident of June 18, 2001 the people of the State had even taken the decision not to allow BJP to function anymore in the State but the people of Manipur are broad minded and they easily believed that as BJP is in power at the Centre, there will be peace and harmony in the State.
They also believed that the Government will try everything to protect the integrity of the State. As such BJP was able to function again and thus was able to form a Government in the State.
But today, the BJP at the Centre is trying to make scapegoats of the workers and political leaders of the State BJP.
She claimed that the interlocutor to the peace talk, RN Ravi, has been always been claiming that there is nothing in the FA which will harm the territorial integrity of the State from the moment the agreement was signed.
Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi had mentioned about it in his rally to the State claiming that the territorial integrity of Manipur will not be compromised in any situation.
However, she alleged that during the ongoing Monsoon Parliament Session, lots of hidden agendas have been taken up to destroy the integrity of Manipur.
She asked if BJP political leaders and workers will be safe in the State if the Central Government harm the interests of the State in any way.
She also demanded all the BJP politicians of the State to take a concrete stand regarding the earliest as the value of politics is not more important than saving Manipur.
If the Central Government tries to compromise with the interest of Manipur just to satisfy the demand of an underground outfit like NSCN (IM) then a mass public unrest will erupt in the State and this might lead to communal disharmony.
To prevent such a thing from happening all the sections of people from different communities, who want to save Manipur, need to raise a united voice irrespective of whether they are from the hills or the valley, she said.
Appealing to all to show solidarity to their demand and protest against the Framework Agreement and Article 371A, Leirikleima urged all the shops, business establishments, agencies and market areas in Thangal bazar, Paona bazar, temporary market shed, the three Ima Keithels, Nagamapal road and Wahengbam Leikai to remain closed till noon tomorrow.

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