Significance of Shri Mad Bhagabatam in modern society

Kakchingtabam Brajamani Sharma
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Nowadays, the people are considering about Ecology. Men had been exploiting natural wealth thereby menacing ruthlessly to instant redressing itself. But, the epic narrates how Lord Shri Krishna used Goverdhana hill to protect the threat of the mighty God, Indra. The threat for seven days non stop from the king of god was ended at nothingness. It gives the greatest message to mankind that any kind of Natural calamities can be easily protected by Nature itself. To worship Giriraja Goverdhana is to worship Nature in parts. Elsewhere the planet Earth, men have to worship the nearest natural form, may be river, forest water body etc. So that men can live without tension from being attack by nature itself in the form of draught, flood, earthquakes, pouring of acid rains, thundersand other forms. Moreover, wild life protection is also becoming now-a-days’ a burning question, after treating the beings as if lifeless for many many years and when almost all the living beings are found extinct. But, Lord Krishna, before five thousand years had demonstrated by sending the great poisonous Kaliya to the Ocean instead of killing at Yamuna. Why not are we killing rats, snakes, ants etc. etc. for their animistic acts towards us as presumed by us for theses long years, and at the same time crying for wild life protection ! only a paradox. In case of modern transplant of different organs and the theory of Test Tube Baby, it is already practically executed by Yoga maya on the advice of Lord Krishna, taking out from the imprisoned lady (Devaki) and placing the same on the body of Rohini at Gokul who became Lord Sankarshana, the elder brother of Shri Krishna.
Scientific errors and failures are not negligible. Even the space programmes of NASA are sometimes blamed as stage management for which there were many propagandas. This also had been shown by imposing as Lord Vasudeva on a king called Poundraka who made his end in the hands of the Lord. Thus, there are valuable narratives which imparts new knowledges about administration, espionage, diplomacy, sociology, natural sciences, life sciences, economics, and host of other knowledge faculties are in the epic. Regarding edification of a man can be best learn from Rasa Leela episode. In order to prove anyone excellent in a particular knowledge, the candidate has to be examined by the experts amidst mixed circumstances of adversed values. In order to certify a person as an honest citizen, he has to be tested on conditions where distracting elements are provided which can draw towards them, so that he may become as a dishonest person. This is the rule and norms. Shri Krishna prove himself as a confirmed celibate while He was playing with the most attractive and all surrendered ladies of Vrindavana and also proved that He was not an impotent by procreating several sons and grandsons with huge number of women at Dwarka. We are now talking about dreaded weapons. But, Arjuna showed how to discharge a missile and also how to control a discharged missile, while he was chasing Ashwatthama for killing the sons of Draupadi while sleeping (Canto I). Moreover, the action of missile inside Uttara, the widow of Abhimanyu, was controlled by the Lord. We cannot have such knowledge till date. It will inspire the new thinkers.
It will be lengthy to discus all aspects of the epic. However, we cannot left as little point on the narratives of the Epic, which are very delicately advising us in our efforts of perfection. The concept of the ‘Ocean of Milk’ is regarded as a delirium. But, we can remember the fact that, water which we call as rain which is pouring anywhere on the surface of the earth are from water bodies, seas, Oceans. The water is scattered and collected towards the water bodies through rivers. If there been no Ocean, there would be no water. So also, if there been no Ocean of milk, wherefrom milk on every mother to feed the new born come ! Water from Ocean is brought by Sun and wind and scattered, so also, milk from the Ocean of milk is brought to any mother by Nature. This is the law. We can insert a line here, that some other, considering the beauty of her breast, does not want to be sucked and disturbed the same, prefers to feed on bottles, at this modern society. It is exactly the same that a child begun his feeding on bottles, has to end on bottles. This is only anti-edification process.
Regarding Dhruva, it is human being represented by Uttanplada (one who comes first having legs upwards), who had two wives, Suniti (a man of principle, representing intellect) and Suruchi (a man of mental freedom, representing mind), begot two sons, Dhruva (Fix, unchanged, as it is) from intellect and Uttama (best) from mind. Only the product of intellect will life long and of mind will melt away in no time is the great message of the Dhruva Charita as mentioned in IV Canto. We have the story of Vali in the VIII Canto. Lord Vamana asked the king space for three strides. The first measured all of the Earth, the second all the heavens and waited for the third and the king offered his head, and the Lord put His foot on it. The message of the parable or story is that any human effort tries to get Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, out of these the last one will be given only when the first three be given to the Lord. It is the practical aspect of the Lords advice to Arjuna in the immortal Gita (XVIII, 66). Such and similliar articles, parables, narratives or stories are packed in the Epic, Shri Mad Bhagavattam. Each has a unique message and some has got innumerable messages to the mankind of all ages and to all branches of knowledge. The beauty, style and usage of words in chapters like “Gopi Geet” (X.31), “Gopi Yugal Geet” (X.35), “Bhramara Geet” (X.47) are of divine nature to a man of literature. The treatise on the Galaxy, Solar Systems etc. are of great importance to a Geologist, Astronomer and so on.
Conclusion : Shri Mad Bhagavata Mahapurana contains innumerable valuable information about the material and spiritual knowledge which are regarded as torch to the seekers of knowledge on these fields and the contents of the Epic are not delirium or outdated articles.
We are still to dive deep on these narrations.
Om Tat Sat

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