Spiked fuel for sale : Ugly reality Time to bust the fuel cartel

This is a scary reality. If one of the most reputed oil pumps, Phulchand Trilokchand or PCTC in short, can be named in a fuel adulteration case, then one can imagine how it must be like in the rest, especially the ones which have a dubious distinction. And significantly the allegations of selling spiked fuel to the customers came from no one less than the Speaker of the State Assembly, Yumnam Khemchand. If the most reputed oil pump in Imphal can indulge in such dealings then one may imagine how it must be like in the other oil pumps. It is also frightening to note that the fuel cartel seems to be one step ahead of the authority concerned, in so far as the method used to spike the fuel is concerned. As reported widely in all the State dailies, the spiked fuel had the same density as the unadulterated fuel, diesel in this case, and this is a clear reflection of the reality that the fuel cartel is not some fly by night operators but people who know how to camouflage the adulterated fuel, so that it is not easily detected. The report that some attendants were found drawing the adulterated fuel to dispose, is a clear indication that some employees of the pump too are in cahoots with the fuel cartel. So it is not just a case of the fuel being spiked with kerosene on the way to Imphal but the fuel being adulterated with the knowledge of some working at the oil pump. This is what makes the scenario all that more frightening and all the more reason for the IOC and authority concerned to crack the whip and see what steps may be taken up as deterrents for the others.
It is also highly likely that the fuel cartel is headed by people who are in positions of power and influence, people who are loaded and can negotiate their way with their wealth doing the talking. The question is, is the BJP led Government serious about cracking down on the fuel cartel ? Remember Nagaland based ACAUT had earlier launched an intense campaign against fuel adulteration, urging the people of Manipur to support any course of action they take up, for the fuel adulteration racket also hits Manipur hard. Would be in the fitness of things if some voluntary organisations of Manipur join hands with ACAUT and see how a joint drive may be conducted. Fuel adulteration hits everyone. It spares none with the players laughing all their way to the bank. Other than hitting the vehicles hard with such adulterated fuel, the environment too is adversely affected from the smokes emitted by the vehicles. Time for the Government to wake up to the reality and take fitting action against all those adulterating fuel and condemning the vehicles and the environment. Speaker Yumnam Khemchand has done a commendable job in pulling up an oil pump and one only hopes that the matter is taken to its logical conclusion.

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