SSUM warns

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 15: Socialist Students Union of Manipur (SSUM) has threatened to boycott Thanga MLA and Thangmeiband MLA if they fail to take up any actions regarding the Thanga rape case and Thangmeiband rape case respectively.
On the other hand, SSUM has also stated that the appointment of Sekmai MLA as the Chairperson of Manipur Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board yesterday, is an insult to the people and will only lead to more intense protest from the people.
Speaking to media persons at SSUM office at Keishampat Laishom Leirak today, its coconvenor Bhushan Longjam said that there are numerous rape cases which are not known by the people and if the brave victims who step forward to reveal the crimes committed upon them are denied justice, then in the future victims of rape would become hesitant of reporting their cases.
He claimed that it is not right for the Thanga MLA to keep silent regarding the Thanga rape incident.
Bhushan claimed that SSUM received news from the father of the victim that she fainted today and added that if any unwanted incidents happened to the victim or the family, it would be impossible for the people to forgive the Government.
On the other hand, the coconvenor informed that Sekmai MLA was appointed as the Chairman of Manipur Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board yesterday and claimed that the step is akin to giving promotion to the MLA for committing rape.
Asking if it is right to have faith in the State Government to deliver justice to the rape victims in face of the developing situation, Bhushan Longjam said that it would be right for Thangmeiband MLA to take up necessary steps regarding the incident as well.
If the MLAs of Thanga and Thangmeiband fail to take up positive actions regarding the rape cases, there is no reason not to boycott them, he added.
Claiming that the step of the Government in appointing the Sekmai MLA as the Chairman is like an insult to the people, Bhushan warned that SSUM will start intensifying its agitation.
JAC Thangmeiband Apunba Nupi Lup and Proletarian Feminist Movement Manipur (POFM) also participated in the event.

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