Stop the ongoing religious encroachment activites within the boundary of the sacred Kangla

L Ingo
Every person of Manipur, young and old, knows that the Kangla was the frst dry spot that emerged out of an immense body of water and where the Sanamahi religion was originated. However, the ongoing constructon of the so called the Ras Leela Dance Hall within the sacred Kangla has created a huge apprehension among the followers of Sanamahi.
The Ras Leela dance portrays the lord Krishna and his gopies which is of Hindu origin. Hence, erecting such a dance hall within the boundaries of the sacred Kangla is defnitely a religious encroachment to the Sanamahi religion. It is strongly urged to stop the constructon of this Dance Hall with immediate efect.
Many groups of people are shouting and debating in Facebook media against the constructon of the dance hall, while a Facebook profle of Hon’ble CM N Biren Singh has also responded with a mere blame game that the proposal for the said dance hall was initiated by the previous Congress Government, and he also clarified that it is mainly for the purpose of promotng the State Tourism. We thank our Hon’ble CM for his interest and response, but we show our unanimity against the construction and strongly condemn the blame game as well as the said purpose.
1. Even if the Congress Government initiated the plan, it was the BJP Government at the Center then, as well as it is the present Biren led BJP Government that is continuing the same in the State. Hence it is clear that BJP Govt is making the actual move. If the Biren led Govt wants, it can stop the construction immediately. However the BJP Govt is continuing it as part of their Safronizaton Movement as directed by the Center. It may be remembered that the previous Congress Government removed the Assam Rifes from the Kangla, whereas instead of making efforts to save and promote Sanamahi religion, the Biren led BJP State Government is making more terrible plans to kill the Sanamahi completely.
2. If it is truly to promote the State Tourism as clarified by Mr Biren, then the dance hall can be renamed as something related to Sanamahi by all means, not at all as Ras Leela Dance Hall. It is more appropriate and right because Kangla is the origin of Sanamahi religion only. Likewise, the hall can serve to promote the Sanamahi religion, conduct international Sanamahi Conventon, and show to the global audience with our original indigenous culture and identity. If at all the BJP Government wants to promote the Ras Leela Dance instead, then it may be planned at another location elsewhere away and outside Kangla.
Let us remember the history when the king Pamheiba played in the tune of the Bengali saint Santidas Gosai, converted Meeteis to Vaishnavite Hindus and made happened the unforgetable Puya Meithaaba” to eradicate the original Sanamahi religion completely. However, with great eforts of many true followers, Sanamahi religion has reivied slowly in the last few decades.
So, Let us not repeat the history! Such encroachment will kill the Sanamahi movement altogether again.
It will bury more than 302 laifams of Sanamahi existed at the Kangla. It will create one more big confusion to our younger and future generations as well as to the global audience about our 2000 year old history.
Promoting the ‘State tourism’ with ‘Ras Leela’ at ‘the Kangla location’ will mix up Hinduism and Sanamahi just to bring more confusion and injustice to our originality and indigenousness.
Hence, we sincerely request the present BJP State Government to stop the construction of the Ras Leela Dance Hall inside the sacred Kangla.
Also, requesting all the concerned authorities and relevant groups of people and organizatons to look into the mater before it is too late and take necessary democratic actions to save the only sacred Kangla, the origin of Sanamahi.
The writer is from Wangkhei

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