Story behind hospitals; a bright black

Temple is an area where you throw all your complains but never your appreciations. Its rather an area where everyone throws away their mask for a while thinking God stays there. Willingness, to be true is very rewarding but judging themselves for the time to be true makes them wrong. Ironically, no one came up to a temple for breaking it when their wishes are in the waiting list.
All this is because you know the punishment of God, feeling the feelings that you will feel after you hurt God’s feelings, it stops you.
But have you people tried to feel the feeling of the poor doctor when you all gang up and do a cute justice over the hospital. You were very bold in that show because doctors don’t have gun but a stethoscope, and it’s not a killing machine but a saving machine.
It’s rather a fact like icon to project the very statement of forgetting to take the full course medicine as you are recovered on the half way.
When you are out for someone’s house on a rainy day with your umbrella, if the rain stops, 90% chances of leaving the rain protector behind in their house swells. It’s rather a human nature of sucking only the benefits.
Repeatedly flashed, constantly told, advertised in every possible media by the doctors to go for regular checkups for pregnant ladies. With educative hording all over, still there is a continues birth of black sheep. They will turn up only at the last moment just to make things hard for every being in the heavenly Warfield hospital, and put the entire load on the deer who is operating. When dark cloud expands, luck shrinks, sometimes operation turns out unsuccessful. Having said and heard so many times of destroying hospitals and their houses, we still feel that it is a justice made by provocation where igniter is not found. To divulge the truth, doctors are made by God, so mistakes are not fable.
Smile may be practical on my face if everyone does the same and breaks the police station when fake encounter comes to being. We have a nature of hurting only the ones who won’t harm us back.
Sadly, those doctors at the outskirts are done with the disturbances from the locals in night time, rather it has become a cradle for them before sleeping. With so much dedications and heavenly contribution, we still make them feel so uncomfortable to help us.
When any fight happens, none of the sides are correct, proof is of the point of even moon having dark spots if u look closely. Doctors should also be careful and look their patients as a life in need of his help, not as a customer. To unfold the mask, now a day, things came out from every corner that ,”If you want to be rich, be a doctor.”
It is making the most heavenly act i.e. helping those who needs help, into a platform of business. Doctors will be paid by their respective hospitals, but taking money for examining in their house makes no sense, they are projecting that from the perspective of helping them, if they are asking them something in return in the name of helping, that is truly a mark of business not kindness.
This may sound hard but, quota system should not be at all there especially for this profession, it deals with the most important terminologies called life and death. 40% scorer is shaky as compared to 90%, but they are viewed from same height.
In any serious operations, 40% team ends up saying ‘I am sorry.’ This is one of the most important professions all over. Even the war frizzed when the medic team crosses. But amazingly in my society, it has become a fashion to be a doctor. How many private medical colleges have developed in the last 10 years? More than the number of students. Wonderfully, you can become a doctor if you have 50 lakhs.
This being an issue which is very true but hardly puts up on discussion platform as we all are involved. I remember what my father Thiyam Bijoy said, “Change yourself first, the whole world will change right in front of you willingly.”
Luckily with God’s grace I will be 20 on this coming 20 Feb.
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