Story of how every parent murders their children’s dreams during board exams

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Plans for the years-end’s enjoyment must have engulfed your Everest happiness and your unwanted customer, Mr. Board exam must also have started ghosting, answering to the rise of fears in you. By this juncture, eye witness for you must have rocketed, on the excitement of your two creators ‘for their hunger of seeing you getting good margins.’ Let’s stop here, that was wrong, let me pop the truth out, ‘for their hunger of wanting to see you on the victory stand of marks war upon the neighbour’s son, even if it has to go with 0.00001%.’ In the midst of your syllabus, most subjects must be confusing you a lot but now you must have understood that you don’t understand anything because of the 6 times training from different Edu-business entrepreneurs. And guys, get ready for your biggest realization that you weren’t educating yourself but exhausting yourself.
Young warriors have turned young worriers because love didn’t mother-feed them but bottle-fed with expectations. Ever-since, the world never got it wrong defining the wants of the first benchers, but max of the most never did ever raised the thirst of wanting to equip them for knowing what the back benchers want, Why? The answer is nothing but just because they are homed in the back seat. Had anyone inspected the environ around the back-sitter’s igloo? His entire wants are sculptured over the desk; with big dreams. First benchers are trained on how to have the Champagne of Victory but the last benchers will know how to breathe when failure suffocates them.
Let’s drop this bomb, are you sniffing for knowledge or certificate? If piece of paper is what you are staring at, I will map you with hundreds of hotspot destinations that will lamp-up your marks with the increase in the supply of Gandhi from your pocket. But if knowledge is what you want to yearn for, why there is a need for watching the movie six times in a year, why not six new movies?
Maybe I kicked away a bullet, are you mastering the long-term memory and the short-term memory of your ward? Ironically, if you are all ears to memory power, please accept their physical humanness and grant them some rest. But a dumb parent like you won’t grant the rest at ease as the competition shutter is yet to close, so you push them for late night studies again. Would again be welcomed by the day with an early morning stressful tuition. Now, you are thrown to ‘Mono-Choice Zone,’ leaving you with memory pills on your hand to feed your programmed tiny human just to keep them breathing. Salute to you for helping the economy of the country through pharmaceutical companies, but fools! you are killing the future of our country. Your children are not born to fulfill your incomplete past but to create a future for this nation.
Just because that timidity in you volumes-up the entirety of you, and the shortage of ‘never believing in your dream’ shakes you to depression, why would you imaginatively justify that your tiny productions would be same like you? Just because you had no bucks for going to tuitions in your time, why would you send your ward for 6 times a year? And you bury their tiny questions in the name of ‘providing them everything.’ In your time you had no money for smoking, so why don’t you let your son become a chain smoker? Because smoking is bad? Who says tuition is good? Smoke is killing physically and tuition kills hope, which one is more dangerous? As wanted always, if you are willing to let your son top this world, stop letting him watch 6 movies but if your wants lie in the bubble of just topping class 10 and 12, let him watch the same movie every-day. So that your bravery will increase, raising your collars in your locality, spreading free advertisement of your son’s mark – even to the one who does not ask you. Now, like a boss you will give the world the most awaited answer on ‘HOW DID YOU TRAINED YOUR BOY FOR THIS SUCCESS?’ You now will project that you kept him studying for 23 hours a day with just an hour of sleeping, because to a fool like you, sleeping is a waste of time. You will then create more parents of your kind, ready to murder their children’s dream if it cost them to be called out for an interview, so they can raise their heads like yours too. Then people will start spitting behind you, resulting in the scene where your innocent son will be hated. And on the day of felicitation ceremony, only your family will be there to clap their hands truly. Then you will end up being a wall but not a ladder for your son.
This is the story of how every parent murders their children during board exams.

(The writer is a Motivational Orator, based in Canada. And can be reached at; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal, watch his WILL motivational videos by going to his YouTube channel @birkarnelzelzit thiyam.)

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