Student bodies decry CM’s ‘communal’ tone

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jan 21: Reacting strongly to the statement made by Chief Minister N Biren with an alleged communal tone at a public function held at Chingamakha Model Club ground yesterday, AMSU, MSF, DESAM, KSA, SUK and AIMS have pointed out that there are Meiteis as well as Meitei Pangals in Bangladesh who are followers of Hinduism, Sanamahism and Islam.
If the Chief Minister was saying that only Hindu Meiteis should be allowed to settle in Manipur, he was endorsing the ideology of Hindutva, the six student bodies conveyed in a statement.
If what was reported in media as stated by Chief Minister was true, it implied that the Meiteilon speaking Pangals are not Manipuris.
The Chief Minister’s statement which apparently tried to justify immigration and settlement of over two crore Bengali Hindus in the North East region including Manipur in the name of providing shelter to 30,000 Meiteis of Bangladesh exposed his readiness to let the people of Manipur perish in exchange for some material benefits from the Government of India, the student bodies alleged.
The blame game played between the incumbent Government and the previous one on staging Ras Leela inside Kangla only exposed their timidity. If one is a genuine leader, one should have with the will and courage to rectify mistakes and plug in loopholes, it said.
Reiterating that the CAB 2016 would not be accepted under any circumstances, the student bodies asserted that the people should determine their future.
“We may shed blood. We may suffer casualties but it’s time for our people to join hands and struggle together with indigenous peoples of the North East so as to save ourselves from total annihilation”, it asserted.
Saying that the State Government has committed a big folly which will never be forgiven by the future generations, the student bodies asserted that it was the National parties which ruled the State from time to time which pulled Manipur down to the nadir.
Even though it has been 70 years since Manipur was merged into the Indian Union, there are resistance movements throughout all these years.
Accusing the Government of India of persistently scheming to exterminate the indigenous people of Manipur, the student bodies said that a large number of innocent civilians have been killed by Indian military forces in fake encounters.
Now, New Delhi has been planning population invasion in their efforts to annihilate all indigenous people of the North East but the State’s political leaders have been acting blind and deaf.
They also condemned in the strongest State’s political leaders have been acting blind and deaf.
They also condemned in the strongest term the attitude of giving more importance to the seats of power than the collective interests of the people.
The student bodies further stressed on the need to understand the way some stooges have been made to upload several posts in social media in support of the CAB 2016.
They then urged all local clubs to identify those stooges, boycott and teach them a befitting lesson.
The way the incumbent State Government has been acting in tune to their masters’ wishes has confirmed that all the indigenous communities of the State are facing a very critical situation.
The student bodies then called upon all the people of the North East region to stand united and fight collectively the nefarious design of BJP/RSS to destroy the very basic principle of secularism and transform India into a Hindu Nation in line with their ideology of ‘One Nation, One Religion”.

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