Tackling the level of noise Not looking beyond one’s nose

Monitor the level of noise and volume of music or song or any programme that may be relayed through a sound system. This is what the State Government is working on to address the increasing noise pollution in Imphal. Will be good too, if the Government works out a mechanism to come down hard on all those who make merry in unnecessarily blowing their horn in the busy market areas during peak hour. Everyone knows the nuisance of loud noises and it can be a real more nuisance when it intrudes into the personal space of an individual and it is high time that the Government does something about it. And when one talks about noise and noise, let the Government look beyond the public functions, especially held during times of festivals but also at the manner in which those who come higher up in the pecking order move around, especially during rush hour. Nothing can be more annoying than to be told to give the right of way to any of these class of people with their loud horns coming from close behind. It is also only right that the Government thinks about the welfare of the citizens, for the loud noises that come late in the night can really disturb the sleep pattern of anyone. And it is here that one needs to acknowledge the fact that the Government is exploring such an idea of making sound limiters necessary during times of festivals, for no one has ever given any thought to the nuisance that the loud noises can create for the people. Yaoshang or Holi is round the corner and one just need to recall the loud noise that comes from any Thabal Chongba festival, disturbing the whole locality, especially the children who will be preparing for the Class X and Class XII board examinations.
And when one talks about noise pollution during festivals, who can overlook the ‘Your Next Lucky Number’ call during Durga Puja ? Thankfully the practise of organising housie or tambola during this festival has gone down, but still the noise kicked up from such a game continues to deafen the ears. The important point that can be read into the measure that the Government is planning to take up is to respect the personal space of everyone. Defeats the very essence and meaning of a festival if it ends up disturbing the neighbour next door. Respecting the space of the others, that is what people here need to inculcate. Such a mentality where one cannot look beyond one’s nose is seen everyday in the traffic chaos on all the major roads of Imphal. Much of the traffic chaos is created, not so much by the sheer number of vehicles on the road, but more by the insensitivity of the people behind the wheels. A point which is starkly visible at all traffic crossings, when one side of the road, which has been signalled to stop inches its way forward, impeding the free flow of the vehicles coming on the other side. This works against the interest of all, those signalled to move and those signalled to stop, as their inching forward literally slows down the movement on the other side and they have to wait longer to be signalled to move. The dirt, the piling garbage, the noise pollution, the traffic chaos etc are all indications of a people who refuse to look beyond their self. This is the tragedy of Manipur.

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