The Turin Shroud was displayed from April 10 2010 at Turin in North Italy, near Genoa where Shakespeare bases his Romeo and Juliet (Verona). Two million people went to view the item. It was exhibited inside a bullet-proof and climate controlled

This Japanese word Sayonara meaning Goodbye is very popular worldwide, beginning from restaurant, song and hotel names to the Tamil girl singer Sayonara.

The creation of human beings by God has been the topic in which the sapiency of the top hominid was well engaged, but what caused the God to create man still has no answer.

Every school child learns about Niagara Falls in geography classes as I did. I was filled with excitement in my college days when I watched the Hollywood movie NIAGARA, starring Marilyn Monroe and Joseph Cotton in Bombay in 1953.

The above heading is quoted from an article by Gene D. Matlock from the magazine ISRAEL ( In my continuing effort as a secular humanist to explain that there is not much difference between Hinduism and Christianity in their origins

The UK is the least devout country the pope has visited. There were several thousand people from Europe to get a glimpse of the Pope. There were also five thousand protesters, a coalition of atheist, humanists, gay rights’ campaigners and protesters a