Something is fishy here. Very fishy, if one may add. If you have an Aadhaar card and link it with your consumer number at the local Gas agency, chances are you would have received only one or two LPG refills in the current financial year. On the other hand if you do not have Aadhaar card or are still in the process of getting one then chances are you will get 11 LPG refills in four months.

When it rains it is all Leikhom Leinang and when it does not it is all Uphul Waiphul. And nothing illustrates the truism of this phrase than the two pictures which accompanied the lead story of The Sangai Express under the caption ‘Dust and crater like potholes : Welcome to NH-2’ in the October 12 issue. So if it rains it is all mud and slush and if it doesn’t then it is all dust and more dust.

There are just too many loose ends to be swept under the carpet with some excuses or ‘explanations.’ The non-local names that one finds in the list of Tousem Indane Gramin Vitrak, an LPG distributor based at Tousem, may be explained on the ground that these people stay at Tousem on a temporary basis and have availed the gas connection from the said distributor. This is however highly unlikely for some of the names mentioned are found to be actually staying at Imphal in some locality.

Framework Agreement recognises integration of Naga territories. This was Rh Raising, Convenor of the Steering Committee of the NSCN (IM) during the Joint Council Meeting on Indian and Burmese Colonialism held at Camp Hebron on October 6. On the other hand Chief Minister of Manipur, N Biren Singh minced no word in stating that while an early solution to the Naga issue is welcome, it should not hurt the interest of Manipur in any way.

This is not taking a stand on the question of whether the Meiteis should be included in the Scheduled Tribe list of the Constitution of India or not. However it remains that demanding ST status for the Meiteis should not be interpreted along the line of Meiteis intruding on the rights and privileges of the Nagas and Kukis of Manipur, who are already in the ST list of the Constitution of India. Moreover it should stand that it is not the job of any student organisation to say whether Meiteis fulfil the criteria of being included in the ST list or not.

The question is just how far will Night Plaza or Imphal Evening go in promoting night life in Imphal. Or is the Night Plaza a political statement delivered by the BJP led Government that the law and order situation has improved to such an extent that people now can come out for an evening with their family, friends and others ?

It is obvious. The drive launched by the State police against LPG hoarders and seizing 686 LPG cylinders in the last two days perfectly complements the campaign launched by The Sangai Express under the caption, “WANTED : Cooking Gas, Not Laughing Gas”. This is what gives us a certain sense of satisfaction, after all as a newspaper we can only bring certain things to the notice of everyone while it is up to the Government to take it up from there and see what may be done. Cracking the whip, this is what the Government has done and this augurs well for everyone. Now that it is well known that certain elements have been hoarding cooking gas, it is only right that the State police try to find out how the hoarders managed to lay their hands on such a large number of gas cylinders in the first place. As IGP Soibam Ibocha revealed during a media conference on September 30 at the conference hall of the Imphal West SP, there is strong likelihood of some gas agencies working hands in gloves with the black marketers and it is only right that the State police get down to the task of cracking the case and unmask all those who have been milking the situation dry.