December love

Much lonelier this time

Heart warmer amidst breezy winds

More dreamy as every thought

Of mine are all about your …

On the Banks of the River

It is still dark outside

And the world is still fast asleep.


The immediate reality

The immediate future is …

Encounter with Nothingness

At dawn

The world gradually evaporates

Before my very eyes

And there is something magnetic about it.


My place …

A Romantic Conceit

The yellow leaves dance in the breeze

Their hearts burning with hope and desire.


Do I feel a change…

The Beauty of the Sunset

I met her at sunrise

And she magnified the beauty of the sunrise.

Was it love at first sight?

She …

Of Butterflies and Rain


He is an old man

Who thinks he was

A twenty-five-year-old man

Newly married

And with a secure job.…

Where shall I go

Where shall I go

Leaving such a lovely place behind.

Like a calf taking its fill of the cow’s milk…

“Red Red Redless”

Red Red Beauty of her, enchants all of THEM;

Red Red Redness of HER lips,

lights burning desires in THEM;…

The Future Smiles

All the lights are out

And I am left in the dark;

I look out of the window

And see …