What is Christmas?
Every time Christmas comes, we become jubilant to meet our siblings, our parents, our friends, our relatives, our Church members, and other acquaintances. We gift gifts and cakes celebrating Christmas. A huge sum of money is spent to celebrate Christmas, both as individual and community. We celebrate proclaiming that the Savior of the world has come.
But how often do we realize why we celebrate Christmas? The easiest answer we can give without a pause is because of Jesus Christ- it is His birthday and He is our Savior. But how seriously do we take His birthday? How sure are we that He is our Savior? How deeply do we mean when we say Jesus Christ is our Savior? To what extent do we personally know Jesus Christ? Only when we know Him do really know the true meaning of Christmas!

The very motto of the Christians is ‘Love’ as their God Himself is Love. Out of this Love, we try to reach out to people living out our lives to its best. However, due to prejudices and biases, the Love, our very motto, bears very less a result. Resultant of which, division and hatred prevail among the Christians of various denominations. Due to divisive denominationalism, we had not reached our desired goals in the past; we cannot reach our desired goals in the present; and we will never reach our desired goals even in the future. And instead, our present and our future urgently call us to a unified venture.