Case 1: First narration – I was just a few meters away from my car when he came and snatched my purse which was on my right hand. Then I ran, looked for any stones to take him down from behind. The corner took down his speed and that was the moment I threw my phone at his head, it didn’t miss but wasn’t hard enough to take him down rather than giving him a swollen head.

Have you heard that your neighbours hate you? Have you realized that many are waiting for you to fail? And lastly, haven’t you heard that people are so excited whenever you quit trying? So, when quitting sense hits you hard, forcing you to give up, remember that you are garlanding excitement to your enemies.

Hey! Happy new Year! 2018 – must have already packeted with plans; dieting from the first of January, gymming non-stop, studying hard and what so ever. Weren’t you planning the same last year too? Did it work? No. You preconditioned yourself with a whole idea that ‘turning point of life’ is related to some ‘date and time’ of the year, this will bubble you forever into procrastinating your success. It’s not the time of the year but the time when your heart decides to fulfill the hunger for change. Try changing yourself not because it’s the first day of the year but it’s the day you long to yearn change.

Dreams are not the ones which you see when you sleep, but those which you see all the time and never let you sleep. The things which keep waking you up at night, the thing that never makes you smile until you give it a try, that is not a distraction but a dream which in hatching soon. When an egg is on the process of hatching, do you massage the egg from outside? No, nothing can be done externally. It all about the strength from inside. So, if you want your dreams to hatch perfectly, stop focussing on problems, stop focussing on how to keep your neighbour’s mouth shut, those are completely external. All you have to do is make your dream stronger and stronger day by day, motivate your dream, so the moment your dream breaks the bond it will be hatched perfectly.

Plans for the years-end’s enjoyment must have engulfed your Everest happiness and your unwanted customer, Mr. Board exam must also have started ghosting, answering to the rise of fears in you. By this juncture, eye witness for you must have rocketed, on the excitement of your two creators ‘for their hunger of seeing you getting good margins.’ Let’s stop here, that was wrong, let me pop the truth out, ‘for their hunger of wanting to see you on the victory stand of marks war upon the neighbour’s son, even if it has to go with 0.00001%.’ In the midst of your syllabus, most subjects must be confusing you a lot but now you must have understood that you don’t understand anything because of the 6 times training from different Edu-business entrepreneurs. And guys, get ready for your biggest realization that you weren’t educating yourself but exhausting yourself.

“I saw a girl, she was walking by – then she turned around, her hairs revolved around her axis,” then what? You are in love? Or You fall in love? Or You are such a pervert. Falling in love for no reason – that’s true but there should be a reason to ‘fall in love with no reason too.’ You know what true love is? It’s nothing but owning the courage to hurt the person you love; your parents. Because you trust their love so much and know they will still love you – even after all the mess you did.

It takes all my ears and laughter when I hear celebrities committing suicide; for it made me think why are they still not happy with all the money they have in their bank and upon getting golden fames. And while you are standing next to the ATM machine, five thousand rupees in left hand and your right hand supporting the work against gravity to not let the phone fall from your right ear for you are quarrelling with your father for sending just that much bucks; you never notice that two homeless kids just walk-pass, enjoying the time of their life since they just got 10 rupees. Why so many levels? Just now I realise, happiness is the nothing but having the ability of contentment. How big you are, how small you are, until you are happy with what you have, you will suffer from emptiness in this overpopulated world till your soul departs.

Not starting with this yet expressed millions long ago, written thousands saying the same thing, “You are giving birth to an individual, not a continuation.” Let me be little tight on you parents today to loosen your children. This world is so busy and solidly humans consist the most of this busy trauma, people hardly have any time to talk about anybody where you evermore have increase thinking what others must be thinking. And the very true answer to this is, “No one gives a damn about you until you borrow some money from them.” If you don’t borrow any then trust me, you are not any of those attractions in the society which may give you emotional hurdles.

Before you further go into my article, get up and ask your father or mother for how they feel about working under somebody for fulfilling their boss’s dreams by giving up theirs. Some crazy poets have made us feel that life is beautiful, life is unlike what they see for they write sweets to sell not wrote what they saw. It’s a world where the fans are used by the self lovers, it’s a world where dreamers are paid to dream for others, this is a world where ‘benefit’ is the motto of getting or giving love.

The best thing to fall in love with is your scribbled words of future in your diary; you need to be madly in love with your dreams. Everyone is in the myth of being told to do what everyone does because everyone thinks it’s the best way but nobody has told so, just because everyone is like everyone, don’t kill your wants of being just one.

Winter is knocking at your lockless door, but what you thought to do in summer is not even completed yet. How many seasons passed? How many days went disappointed? How many times you went back to sleep with a dream of doing something different the next day but you wake up doing the same thing like everyone?

Living in the realm of reality will kill fear for it will defame your imagination of third person. The secondary response weighs over the primary for you supplement the weight of the secondary with your attention and affection. You are scared to try because you are scared to get scared thinking you may get scared, so you submerged to stay safe under the surface of sub-conscious game of SHOULD I? THEN WHAT WILL?