It’s so clear that you are not perfect, but you need to make this clear that you are a limited edition. Why with so much speciality, you still try to become a second hand just because you want to live in someone else’s life? You are born with wings, why are you still trying to crawl through life?

As a mark of present uncaring rolling days, there seems to pop out an iota towards all and sundry weighing down doubt. Once, with great power came great responsibilities but now it’s no longer holds true for the same. It has changed to the coming of great electric bills. Ever since you got a stage to act in this world, your parents have been taking wrong steps, thinking it’s the most correct one.

What is the most important thing for you? Is it your car, your wife, your parents, your money or your IPhone 6? Relating to the words of Sadh guru, it is that, you are alive. When you are in the state that you want to suicide, when your dear ones leave you; you think of executing yourself. Just close your eyes, block your nose with your hand for 2 minutes, something inside will tell you, “Hell do with your money, IPhones, property. I have to live.” You realised that everything happening around are just fantasies.

Temple is an area where you throw all your complains but never your appreciations. Its rather an area where everyone throws away their mask for a while thinking God stays there. Willingness, to be true is very rewarding but judging themselves for the time to be true makes them wrong. Ironically, no one came up to a temple for breaking it when their wishes are in the waiting list.