On August 15 1947 India got Independence. On August 8 1942 the Quit India movement was launched in Bombay by All India Congress Committee, led by Mahatma Gandhi. But, it was the beat of a distant drum in Manipur, muffled by the sound and fury of World War II or Japanlan.

The joy of Independence Day permeated all over Manipur on August 14 1947. I was there. But, Manipur had an Achilles Heel, the Manipur State Congress. Another fatal weakness for the superficial was the inherent silliness of the premise that Meiteis and Meiteilon are Tibeto-Burman.
The aesthetic offence of the 1950’s educational revolution, seduced by Grierson, was to dupe young Meiteis into believing something that is not true.

Dr Irengbam Mohendra Singh
Sceptics might think it just doesn’t cut the mustard. But, newer scientific research has made me to upgrade longevity from 100 to 120 years. That, in the near future, Manipur would be full of 120 year old people is no more a myth-tinged fairy story. It’s a paean to the sense of a joyous uplift. Manipur now has a few people in their late eighties. The world’s leading gerontologists have long been searching for the most effective ways to hold back the enhancing years. They are talking of people living now and not the future generations who would benefit from cutting-age technologies.

To give a weatherproof coating on the brickwork of my gene-related articles that cross to the grey zone between nature and science, this column is about how Britain is now right in the forefront to change human species. It’s because its laws for scientists to cross the barrier between fiction and non-fiction are more relaxed than other countries.

One man’s radical thinking changed the reality of the beginning of our existence from what had been the mind-set of medieval people for centuries all over the world. Darwinian (biological) evolution has been going on over the past 4 billion years, following the Earth’s formation 4.5 billion years ago. The facts of evolution ie the notion that all living forms are related and evolved in an amplitude of time from one common ancestry could only be denied by an abandonment of reason.

The nature of scientific thinking is rebellious. It has to be. Otherwise, we won’t have the hypothesis of the Big Bang; the best we have at the moment for the origin of the universe. The idea of understanding the world without reference to gods was a revolutionary one, 26 centuries ago, in Greece.

Keeping dogma aside and reason being part of the zeitgeist, would you believe people in Australia live upside down? Yes they do. They get accustomed to the fact, which then becomes normal. Einstein understood it. It’s the structure of space and time that is made like this. This is science, but the science I seek is to highlight how the living things including humans were created. Darwin’s evolutionary theory about the development of life on Earth is not foolproof, but it’s definitely better than American creationist alternative that God created human beings 6,000 years ago, rather than the universally accepted secular 4.5 billion years.

The human mind meanders like Dr Kamal’s Chandranadi River in Canchipur, Manipur, changing and sparkling, energising our brain synapses, producing neurotransmitter chemicals. Archaeologists have distinguished 3 stages of human development: (1) hunter-gatherer; (2) farmer (agriculture) 10,000 BCE ;and (3) city life 5,000 BCE. Once they had settled to a sedentary life with leisure to put their feet up, they thought of goddesses or fertility gods, at the marvel of women giving birth to babies, such as Meitei Panthoibi, Indian Ganga, Aztec Coalticue , Greek Aphrodite , Roman Rosmeta, Irish Brigit and British Damara.

I didn’t realise I am definitely intelligent, though I thought I was, until today, when I read an article in The daily Telegraph, titled ‘It may sound silly, but talking to yourself is a sign of high intelligence,’ quoting a study by psychologists led by Dr Paloma Mari-Beffa, senior lecturer in neuropsychology and cognitive psychology at Bangor University, Wales, UK.

The Child is Father of the Man (Wordsworth, My heart Leaps Up). Whatever Wordsworth meant, I take it to mean that the true nature of a person does not change with time. True, but the clever child will grow smarter. Modern children are definitely smarter than their parents. I don’t mean more genetically intelligent, but having better ability to do creative work, to make and invent things. They can adapt to a far more complicated world.

The origin of the game of football was shrouded in mystery, as was of Polo. It’s now agreed it began in England in 1581, codified in 1863. It was introduced to Manipur by James Johnstone in his Johnstone School. Before WWII my eldest brother Gokulchandra (ex-Johnstonian) played football barefooted, for Ashutosh Engineering College in Dhaka, now in Bangladesh, against a visiting English team.

News is the first rough draft of history. Here’re some news that will be history in the next few years such as, doctors as fortune tellers by doing single blood test that can tell how a person will age, after scientists decoded blood “signature” patterns which predict ill health. Researchers at Boston University, US, have learnt to recognise combinations of specific “biomarkers” or chemicals found in the blood of 5,000 people in a study. The new approach will enable doctors to give a likelihood of their patients’ overall future health, and thus advise lifestyle changes or give preventive treatment to stave off diseases.