During the important transition period, (i.e. the time British left Manipur after handing over its mantle to Dominion India, 15/8/1947 to 15/10/1949), Sir Akbar Hydary was the Governor of Manipur for most part. The man had a perfect understanding with Manipur Maharaja Bodh Chandra. He liked Manipur very much and hence visited frequently including holidays. He died of a heart attack on a duck shooting holiday at Waithou Inspection Bungalow in the winter of early 1949. As per the wish of Lady Hydary, the mortal remains was buried at Kangla Fort where it is still observed.

Do we Manipuris know that AFSPA is imposed in Manipur by our own state government? I doubt it very much. With our inability to read any topic minutely and thereby unable to interrupt any topic correctly, legally or otherwise, the same applies to our knowledge of AFSPA enforcement in the state. Anyway, one can’t blame our innocent common citizens who follow our pseudo-intellectuals and pseudo-leaders for this lack of knowledge/ clarity.

With state assembly countdown approaching fast, Manipuris are awaiting the result with a deep breath. Time for accusation to each other political parties regarding blockade is gone. Every candidate is having a do or dies fight in their respective assembly seat with their opponents. The question in everybody’s mind is – who will win the election, the BJP or the Congress? A hung assembly or one without an absolute majority by either major political parties! Though, a month or so back, one opinion poll gave the BJP an absolute majority, the scenario is still not clear. It seems to me a neck and neck fight with BJP having an upper hand.

With the dateline of assembly election approaching, President’s rule is out of question now. Even if Modi Government wants it, it has to take elction Commmission’s approval; and this is unlikely and impossible. I still maintain that PR must have been imposed before election notification. Had that been, BJP would have won the assembly election hands down and form the new government. They missed that golden opportunity. For Ibobi Govt. , if it handled the economic blockade properly- I mean by forcefully opening the 2 national highways with the help of central forces without blaming the centre and thereby making the essential commodities available – the congress govt. must have won the election hands down. Unfortunately both did not happen.

The UNC sponsored economic blockade has entered almost 11 weeks now. Latest newspaper reports are indicating the following : i) on 15/11/2016, the centre called a tripartite meeting at Delhi. It was not held as Manipur Govt. representatives did not attend. In between, the Centre repeatedly blaming the state government for its failure to maintain law and order as it is a state subject.

Manipur is in serious crisis now. With UNC sponsored economic blockade running 7 weeks or so, petrol pump running dry now and then, essential food items in short supply and above all, the worst demonetization effect among Indian states (I mean banks in collusion with thefts- 20-30% black money exchange, ATMs opening for 1 to 2 hours, cash exchange not available or only to limited customers, withdrawal again limited to a few sect etc -of course sincere bank employees are always there), Manipuris (hill and valley) had tolerated enough and is now demanding normalcy.

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I remember her fanatic plea to King Leishemba Sanajaoba to organise some form of hill and valley movement for the same during her meeting on 1/3/2016 at Shahid Minar. She had donated Rs 3/4 lakhs for the same, but nothing materialised. She knew that SHKL with a few members cannot organise the same.

Similarly valley brethren and Women’s organisations should have a deep look into why Sharmila decided to end her fast. Time for us to treat her with deep affection and gentle care. We cannot throw her away like a placard. We have to give her a proper place to live in peacefully to crystallize her future course of action.

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