We are born as human, but we are entitled and recognized as Naga, KUKI, Meetei, Pangal, Loi, Bhishnupriya and so on. Men’s tradition of nomenclature gives us different names and in the similar way, we are again made existing in different rooms; Manipur, Nagaland, India respectively, but if we look at our home by standing on our courtyard or from a particular distance then we would see only one common home called motherland earth.

Release Gaidon Kamei, we want a smooth passage highway.Stop lulling us by remanding him to the custody. Amidst the juncture of the upcoming election and political propagandas among the political parties, we the subjects of Kangleileipak are not more less than the creatures crippled in a winter starve.Your political strategies for getting majority killing your voters.If you are not making the highways free from any disturbance earlier then a massacre is supposed to be hapened before election. If so, it will very right to suppose that only the politicians will remain alive in this tiny forrest.
Please! make us seek asylum by making more severe assurances.This is the last request and the voices of the resented peoples of Manipur to the central and state government.

‘I will not offer my vote until your criticism turns into appreciation.’ This line is rightly said according to the present context of election. I can say that appreciation is the right symbol of a right candidate. No doubt, this is the nature of our society; keeping eyes on manmade symbol of candidates. Because their eyes are fooled with Rs. 1000, drawn from the candidates. How many days it last with that money for you?