Tamenglong: In connection with the recently concluded State Assembly elections, licensed arms and ammunition which were deposited in the designated police station of Tamenglong district including Noney district can be withdrawn from the respective police station, District Magistrate Tamenglong said in an order.

Tamenglong: Some members of Tamenglong Autonomous District Council have tendered their resignation from the primary membership of the Indian National Congress. The members are Alar Thoitak, SG Pamei, Zino Kamei, Meirijin Rongmei, Kamei Khiakpou, Poulonthui Rongmei and Satkhojang Kipgen, conveyed a joint press release issued by the resigned members.

Tamenglong: NPF Tamenglong Division has clarified that the allegation made by BJP Mahila Morcha Tamenglong district against Tamei AC candidate Awangbou Newmai (NPF) is false.

Tamenglong: BJP Mahila Morcha Tamenglong district has condemned the violence and muscle power allegedly unleashed by NPF candidate of Tamei AC Awangbou Newmai and use of armed insurgents to suppress the democratic rights of the people during the 11th State Assembly election.

Tamenglong: Social Welfare Forum Phaitol to Barak Tousem Tamenglong district has expressed gratitude towards the local people and BRO for repairing the Barak bridge which was damaged on February 22 due to passing of overloaded vehicles.

Tamenglong: The District Magistrate of Tamenglong, M Luikham has ordered all license arms holders of the district who have not deposited their arms and ammunition till date, to surrender their licenced arms and ammunition to the police and Post Commander of Security Forces.

Tamenglong: Leaders of the seven clans of Taosang Khullen I and II and Taosang Khunou villages, in an urgent meeting held on January 13 at Taosang Khullen (Chingkao) community hall, have constituted a new party called the 3rd Party/Peace Forum of Taosang village, Khoupum sub-division, a statement informed.

Tamenglong: A group of youths have been tirelessly working to repair the potholes on the road leading to Tamenglong Bazar (from Jadonang Bazar to Utopia Junction) the last three days. Moved by the initiatives, many people have picked up their shovels and spades to joined the repair work.

Tamenglong: Zeme Naga Council, Liangmei Naga Council and Inpui Naga Union held a meeting on December 22 at Shekinuh Inn, Tamenglong and resolved to appeal to the Centre, State Government and UNC to immediately take up steps to solve the ongoing issue.

For more than a month the UNC Blockade is already in operation. This has caused much hardship to both the hills and valley people of Manipur. Further the situation is likely to get out of control any time.