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In the Cakkavatti Sihananda Sutta, the Buddha said that immorality and crime, such as theft, falsehood, violence, hatred, cruelty, could arise from poverty. Kings and governments may try to suppress crime through punishment, but it is futile to eradicate crimes through force.

Manipur has been under the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act since the end of 1979. Irom Sharmila Chanu’s 16-year-old fast for its repeal failed to impress the powers that be. After giving up her lone crusade in August this year, on 18 October she formed a political party and is determined to replace three-time chief minister Ibobi Singh so as to be able to recommend that the Centre withdraw it.

What is Buddhadharma? Buddhadharma is simply worldly dharma, but it’s a variety of worldly dharma that many people are unwilling to use. Though Buddhadharma simply means worldly dharma, nonetheless first…

War is a violent conflict between states. Though the word is used to describe other types of conflict – civil war, class war, etc. – war is an aspect of politics. Much of man’s oral and written records, perhaps as much as of it as it devoted to any other human beings, deal with war. Groups of men used their hunting weapons against other men long before the dawn of history. For centuries man regarded war as an inevitable part of his fate, like his struggles with the weather, disease or the mysterious ocean.