Taking Children to the Vanity Fair

K Radhakumar

A bunch of bright balloons on a string
Flying in the air
Smile at the children
Having fun at the fair
Before it bursts one after another.
This is the quintessence of the fair
And the children are all smiles.
Children fly kites
And happiness fills the afternoon air.
Why bother about the air currents
And the strength of the strings?
They just fly and have fun;
When the fun and games are over
Home they go
And get down to work.

The tragedy of life is
One never flies kites
Like a child does.
What is a kite
But a light frame
Covered with paper –
Just fly it in the air.
Life as a simple proposition
Like kite flying,
Pure, clear, simple
No yesterday and no tomorrow!
No strings attached.

The nebulous notion of a life before birth
And a life after death
This fine philosophy has now completely evaporated;
It has lost its charm.
This is the age of angst.
The absurdity of the situation one gets into
Does stand out
Against the background of the rise of terrorism;
Life is buried alive
Among the debris of the twin towers.
Does civilization mean
Giving birth to a world
Not united by a sense of common humanity?
The aching void in one’s heart!
The recurring nightmare!
Knight bishop
Children income tax
Deficit budget healthcare
Politics poetry
The story of one’s life does not add up.

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