The Naked Truth

K Radhakumar

Her only son
The apple of her eye
Died in the year of our Lord 2013.
Her son born on a Tuesday,
Died on a Friday;
It was a freezing cold evening
The coldest winter of her life.
Why the details?
The year, the days of the week… these do not matter.
The husband and wife did not understand death at all.
Days passed…
They were still mourning their son’s death
And it made all the difference!
Part of the mother died with her son
And her husband drank himself to death.

Her beautiful son
The present-day Adonis
Who was at college died in a drunken brawl
A commonplace since time immemorial.
Jesus was truthful,
Yet he was crucified.

The mother – she is crazy now
For she has learnt by experience.
Her son’s death has left two heart-broken girls –
Anita and Rosie
And she wishes her son should spend
Like the mythical Adonis
The winter months with Anita
And the summer months with Rosie.
She knows this is nothing but a wishful fantasy.
In life no wish comes true.
We cannot just say
Close your eyes and make a wish –
You do not get your wish.
The matter comes to a full stop there.
It is very simple.
There is nothing to it.
Today is Friday.
She remembers the death of her son.
She knows he will not return to life
Be it Sunday
Or any day of the week for that matter.
Death is deaf
To her prayers for help.
There is no understanding god.
There is nothing to cry about;
The widow has stopped crying now.

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