The passion for life

Prem Rawat
The Journey of life began with our first breath, the time we were born. Since then, the coming and going of this breath has not stopped. It will be with us throughout this life, right until the last moment of our life. What does each breath bring us? It brings us life. Each breath, as it comes, is a true gift. What should we do with this precious gift? We must pay attention to it as it comes into us. If you ever feel small and insignificant, remember this miracle of breath happening inside you. We should focus on the simple joy of being alive. A little effort towards this can bring a beautiful clarity and renew your passion for life.
There are many people who think, ‘I need that. If only I had that, I would be happy’. A very few people think, ‘I am happy because I am alive right now’. If we don’t understand that being alive is a source of happiness, then it doesn’t matter how much we know, we are still missing a key piece of the puzzle. Time only moves in one direction, and when our time is up there is no way to extend it.
When you are touched by something, it connects you with a feeling of gratitude. When you can feel gratitude, it sparks your passion for life. When you have that passion within you, it allows you to feel compassion for others and that’s the true ‘You’ who evolves. Feeling gratitude and experiencing passion for life brings compassion and growth. If we can accomplish this in our life, then certainly the doubt, hatred, anger will become strangers to us. So, be thankful that you are alive and appreciate this existence and the gift of breath till the last moment – in this resides true fulfillment and happiness.
The writer is an International speaker and addresses global audiences on the topic of Humanity and Peace. He started The Prem Rawat Foundation to address the fundamental human needs of food, water and peace. For more information visit the websites and

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