Thoubal police submitted 104 chargesheets: Report

IMPHAL, Dec 30: Thoubal police registered 602 FIRs apart from submitting 104 charge sheets before Courts, from January 1, 2017 till today.
According to official records from Thoubal district police, altogether 602 FIRs have been registered at various police stations of the district, including 35 FIRs related to crime against women and children at women police station.
During the period, Thou-bal police have submitted charge sheets in connection with 104 cases before Courts (including 22 cases of crime against women and children).
204 cases have been returned with final reports and altogether 344 individuals were arrested in connection with different cases by the district police.
With regard to drugs and psychotropic substances case, Thoubal police registered 62 FIRs and arrested 100 individuals, including 15 women.
The district police also identified 78 drug users apart from handing them over to the rehabilitation centres.
Thoubal district police also seized 1,43,611 numbers of SP capsules, 1616 numbers of N-10 tablets, 8200 numbers of WY tablets, 511 cough syrup bottles, 3 kgs of opium and 3.649 kgs of heroin powder.
During numerous anti-liquor drives, the district police were also able to seize 12,462 litres of local liquor, 1060 bottles of Indian made foreign liquor and 539 beers (both can and bottles), worth more than Rs 3 lakh.
Thoubal district police recovered 5 four-wheeler vehicles, 9 two-wheeler vehicles and a bicycle apart from arresting 12 individuals.
The district police also arrested 19 individuals in connection with black marketing of LPG cylinders and seized 362 gas cylinders.
During the said period, Thoubal police seized around 77 arms and ammunition, including two AK assault rifles, one point 32 pistol, one point 38 pistol, ten 9 mm pistols, one 7.65 pistol, one US made revolver, seven hand grena- des, one pressure bomb and three IEDs.


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