Thuwngkhu Cup 2017 United College, MPYCC secure slender wins, Wildhen FC blank Khupi Collection

Imphal, Dec 6: United College, MPYCC and Wildhen FC secured victories in today’s matches of the Thuwngkhu Cup 2017, which is organised by 4 Chamdil villages at Mini Stadium, Chandel.
United College 3 Modi Youth Club 2
The match started competitively with both the teams giving no rooms for errors. It ended in a draw at regulation time with none of them managing to take the advantage. That left the only option for a penalty shoot-out in which United College gained the upper hand.
LK Watson, BS John and TC Martin made no mistake for United College but only WS Minthang and Sundayson scored for MYCand United College walked off with the match at 3-2.
MPYCC 3 Toupokpi 1
The second match of the day was well-fought by the two teams with MPYCC winning the match by 2-1 after coming from behind.
Toupokpi drew first blood via a beautiful strike from HB Mison in the 13th minute.
It did not take long for MPYCC to come back to the game. Jackson not only scored the equaliser to put his team back into the match, but he went on to score the second goal and helped his team win the match, the second goal coming the second half.
Three minutes before the first half, Anthony scored the second goal to give MPYCC the lead.
With Jackson’s second goal in the 52nd minute, it was a 3-1 win and a slot for the next match for MPYCC in this knockout tournament.
Wildhen FC 5 Khupi Collection 0
It was a comprehensive victory for Wildhen FC in the last match of the day.
JS Alover (22′, 26′, 29′) scored a hat-trick all in a gap of seven minutes, in the first half to start the onslaught. He went on to score his fourth goal in the second half and that was the fifth goal for Wildhen FC. Roland scored the fourth goal for his team three minutes before Alover’s last strike. For Khupi, it was a nightmare as Wildhen completed the 5-0 rout.

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