Tribute to an Angel

Debina Sanasam

Morning comes as it has to
And day also passes as usual
But you were no more
Where you used to be
It is empty there
Where you used to stand
And your voice is silent

Hiding all your sadness and sorrows
You went away without listening to anyone
Leaving behind all those who love you
You fade away silently

The tears falls endlessly
Along with the questions to which
There are no answers
And pleas are sent helplessly
If only you could hear them
Many are crying for you
Many are waiting for you
If only you could come back once again

But now I hope you are smiling
Without any sorrows there
And so I will wipe away my tears
And make my heart understand
That you are happy wherever you are

And every night you are
Shining brightly among the stars
Dressed in white and pearl
You change the colour of the moon
Letting everyone know that you are okay
And even at that moment
You worked hard

You did so well.

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