Twinging Turns of Life


Twinging Turns of Life

Lunminthang Haokip

Being single in restless youth was not good;

Being nestled, in haste led one’s couple-hood.

Free boy and shy girl turned man and woman;

Pleas and ploys of love-cry were now, but vain.

\It’s God’s plan that husband and wife mature

That odds that pan may wane and love secure.
It‘s God’s gift that children were born healthy;

It’s man’s crib that they are‘bores’ not wealthy!

Apparent though one’s weakness in Science is;

A parent crows in sighs how ‘hopeless’ child is!

For being ‘alive,’ we should praise our Maker;

If not for breath of life, humans are but goners.
Fun filled family when children were growing;

Puns pealed by siblings drained parents’ weeping.

Sending first child to school;mom couldn’t bear!

Bidding eldest to wed; dad wasn’t far from tears.

Yet, time that fate spent played spoiler and healer;

Hurt prime bends to allay pain; shocker less matters.
Speaking own mind, offspring spring a surprise;

Clinging to own find, siblings wholeness surmise.

When dad retires from job, home’s struck by owe;

Oldhas to ‘re-tyre’ when hopes are given a blow.

Still, every parent must thank good Lord of ages;

God healed laments and sank blots in foul stages.

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