Ukhrul villages decry poor PMGSY road

Mungchan Zimik
Ukhrul, Feb7: The northern villages of Ukhrul- Phungcham and Paorei decried the pathetic PMGSY road from Halang village to Paoyi village and sought immediate Government intervention.
According to villagers, the PMGSY road from Halang to Paoyi, Part I, a 12 km stretch awarded to a contractor in September 2014, Package No MN0991, Phase IX with a total cost of Rs 42635547 for construction and maintenance of the works was scheduled to be completed within 18 months from the date of issued of the work order. Despite the villagers repeated appeals to follow the PMGSY guidelines there is hardly any quality work, stated the villagers.
The PMGSY road is a vital connectivity for the villagers of Phungcham, Paorei, Varangalai and Paoyi that links the villages with the District Headquarter and the rest of the State.
They further stated that the villages had submitted a memorandum to the Governor for immediate intervention on December 24, 2015. And again in August 2017, chairmans of Phungcham, Paorei, Varangalai and Paoyi submitted another memorandum to Chief Minister calling immediate action against the contractor and department concerned for withdrawing the funds before completion of the work.
The contractor before the construction pavement based on MSR12(RR) like Granular Sub Base (GSB) and Water Bound Macadam (WBM) has withdrawn the bill.
On October 29 2017, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between the contractor and authorities of Phungcham, Paorei, Varangalai and Paoyi. As per the MoU, the construction work should maintain quality and complete in time.
Chinaongam Yangya, Chairman of Paorei alleged that the contractor has once again deceived the people and failed to bring any satisfaction to the villagers.
He appealed concerned authorities to look into the matter and intervene in the interest of the villagers who depends on the road for their livelihood.
Monsoon will come soon and the villagers will bear the hardship if the road is not completed, he said.
Kazaching Horam, acting headman of Phungcham village urged concerned authorities to considering the plight of the villagers and construct an all weather road.

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