UNLF MAC elucidates National contradiction, censures MoUs-I

IMPHAL, Feb 8: While categorically stating that the ongoing war of liberation is a means to resolve the National contradiction that exists between India and Manipur, the Military Affairs Committee (MAC) of the proscribed UNLF has denounced the 41 MoUs signed between the State Government and Indian corporates/multi-national companies in November last year.
A statement issued by UNLF MAC Chairman Kh Pambei on the occasion of the 31st raising day of MPA (February 9) asserted that the root of the National contradiction between India and Manipur is a political question, that is, the loss of Manipur’s sovereignty as a result of the alleged forced annexation and the rise of the question of independence and sovereignty.
India’s deployment of heavy military force to continuously keep Manipur as their alleged colony and the consequential liberation war waged by the people of Manipur combined to constitute the characteristic features of this contradiction, Pambei said.
This process, therefore, is a political conflict that embodies the conflict of interest between Manipur and India.
This is a conflict that cannot be resolved until the sovereignty of Manipur is restored.
As India deploys heavy military force, people of Manipur live in a compulsive condition that forces them to take up arms to fight against India for self defence. From this condition, the liberation movement has reached a stage of armed conflict between Indian military forces and MPA of UNLF, the rebel leader said.
The conflict between Manipur and India is no longer restricted to political conflict alone but have broadened to include military conflict as well.
The conflict today, therefore, is a politico-military conflict that occurs between two countries.
The basic underlying current of this politico-military conflict is economic conflict. The question is about who would be the ruler of this country. The question is about who would own the land, resources, economic arrangement, products, markets and labour.
People of Manipur are being forced into an economic condition of servitude within an exploitative framework. Under such circumstances, the people could not rise as a Nation on par with others.
On the other hand, as a result of subjugation, the society is no longer in a condition to ensure developmental equity. Inequality perpetuates in various forms. Political voice of freedom emerges against such type of alleged colonial economy. This is the background of the emergence of Manipur-India political conflict, the Chairman asserted.
The 41 MoUs signed when the people of Manipur were drawn into the gaiety of the orchestrated Sangai Festival gave permits to Indian corporates and multi-National companies (MNC) to extract the natural resources of Manipur.
Those were signed at a time when there were demands for decommissioning the destructive Loktak Project. These 41 MoUs, signed by the State Government without the consent of the people, have given away the rights to extract minerals, petroleum, hydro-carbon, cement, hydal power, medicinal plants and biodiversity resources.
These MoUs are classified and retained in the secret custody of Manipur Government. The MoUs need to be de-classified to allow the people to study its pros and cons, in order to obtain consent of the people and to revoke those MoUs that would be destructive to the people, Pambei continued.
The two-day North East Development Summit was a programme designed to facilitate maximum exploitation of natural resources in Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh.
In all these instances, the Indian system subverts the interest of the people of Manipur.
“To fulfil their interests, they extract and divert, against our wishes, our resources to mainland India. It enriches them and impoverishes us. And we are forced to exist in servitude, thereby, remaining dependent on annual begging of fund from India”, Pambei said.
Until and unless the alleged alien rule is completely rooted out, UNLF-MPA will continue to wage the war to restore the sovereignty of Manipur, the Chairman pledged.

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