Waiting won’t make you a ‘web designer’ but a ‘waiter’

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
You are not waking up only to sleep again, but to create a growth before you sleep. You are not supposed to hang on your goal but stand over it to hunt for another goal. You didn’t come this far just to come this far, you came this far to hunt towards the farthest. Ends are just levels, growth is the victory, fear is the motivation, vision should be the hunger.
Listen to me, growth happens when failure happens, success is a by-product, and if you are the one crying for success only – you will end up being an audience not a player. Achievements are never on-sale, you got to earn it to get it, and to earn it – you got to eat up those fears with the hunger of wanting to achieve.
Look at yourself, are you happy with the way you are? No complains? – cheers, but if you are not okay with acting okay, stop trying to find reason for why you are acting okay because you are looking for an excuse. What is the thing stopping you from becoming what you want to become? Don’t waste your time trying to give answer to this, because nothing but nothing is stopping you.
Trust me, the only way to kill negative ‘What ifs,’ is by empowering positive ‘What ifs.’ Instead of, “What if I lose?” why don’t you start fooling yourself by, “What if I pass?” Never compete with a stagnant person, compete with a growing person, the one whom you know exactly about his status of growth. He is the one you saw in the mirror before you go to sleep yesterday, yes – he is your righteous opponent.
Ever have your excitement gone up to the brim while waiting for the opportunity? Yeah! That excitement is nothing but what I call, “Laziness.” You love to postpone things and wait for things coming from far, instead of that pour your excitements on making things happen, create your opportunity. Forget the quote, “Opportunity never knocks twice,” they never will knock ever – look at the Indian population, you are just an atom in 1.33 billion people and you are waiting for your turn? If you don’t get up and hunt for your opportunity, forget about making a history, you will leave only your Aadhaar card behind to get yourself enrolled in ‘Life Expectancy Chart of India.’
I know, “Honesty is the best policy,” also don’t forget that, “Honesty is the worst privacy.” This is a world where majority tone vibrates the truth. And the murderer of all quotes, “Good things come to those who wait,” yes, it’s true and, “Wonders happen to those who doesn’t wait,” choose the better one. “If you can’t beat them, join them,” remember this quote? That’s nothing better than, “If you can’t go up, give up.” So now, why don’t we extend a little more, “If you can’t beat them, join them and kill them from within.”
You woke up in a cosmos where competition is the only means for growth, your victory is defined by the strength of your opponent, your happiness is defined by the emotions of your fans, your height is defined by how low your surroundings are, above all these mess – if you still have a dream in your heart. Bravo! That’s not just a dream but a gift, you got to nurture it for the last question of your evening, “Did I live doing what made me happy?”
Stop focusing on number of views but on shares, focus on what you can carry not on what you see, surround yourself with those people only who will leave footprints in your heart. All your followers are not your fans, all who loves you are not well-wishers, all who cheers you up are not your supporters, all you have to know is that, “The Dream in Your Heart is to be Protected at Any Cost.”
(The writer is a Motivational orator, who currently resides in Canada. He will be starting a new live talk show named “Live With Bir”. In which he will be interviewing inspiring personalities from all around the world. The dates for which will be announced soon. Show him your undying support by subscribing his YouTube channel “Live With Bir”. He can be reached at birkarnelzelzitthiyam3073@gmail.com; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal.)

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