Who will answer our questions?

It is very sad and painful to see the standard as well as quality of majority of our students these days. Being in the profession of teaching I ask myself ,what has gone wrong with our young people in the field of quality Education ,in spite of tireless toil of parents, student organizations to bring quality Education ? It’s widely known that parents run here and there for their children’s tuition from dawn to dusk in addition to what school teachers teach in their respective schools in the hope that the quality and standard of their wards might be enhanced but majority of parents if I am  not mistaken get disheartened so badly that some of them even started taking BP controlling tablets. The pass percentage of HSLC Examination conducted by BOSEM is soaring up as per record with many of our students passing with letter marks in Mathematics. Seeing this I am happy that our youth are very good in Mathematics. But when the result of HSSLC Examination result conducted by COHSEM is declared the result is just reversed. The pass percentage in Mathematics subject is below 50% and that too majority of Maths students just obtained 33% .A big question is why? How these boys and girls who scored good marks in Mathematics in HSLC are getting very low marks and even fail in Mathematics in HSSLC Examination ? Is it due to the  deficiency of Mathematics teachers in teaching Mathematics? Is it due to parent’s desire ( not by the students) opting their children to go for Medical line, resulting their aptitude in Mathematics have been nipped in the bud? Due to this mass failure or declining the aptitude in Mathematics at this stage of Education might cause a big vacuum in the field of Mathematics in Manipur ,I presume rather sufficient number of Mathematics teachers may not be available in Manipur in the time to come.
Besides this, it is also generally observed that the aptitude of learning or study among our people of young age has declined drastically. Is it due to globalization in this era of ITEs ? Is it due unemployment problem after tooth and nail efforts for a better career and future? Is it due to the malpractices or irregularities in Board examination and State service commission’s Examination ? Recently local news papers reported that one student who stood fourth position in HSLC examination conducted by BOSEM was given eight(08) marks less, if she were given that eight (08)marks she would have been First Position as her total of 569 +08=577 as  the First position holder scored 573 marks in total. Not only this, one student who could have been in first twenty-five rank was given ten(10) marks less. Again your esteem Paper’s headline on 20th July 2018  also reported many malpractices and irregularities in the MCSCCE 2016,conducted by MPSC in which the mark of one candidate who scored 129 in Geography paper-II was entered as 32. Not only this many answer scripts( 523 out of 5764)  were not signed by the examiners as well as by the superintendent. Similarly in HSSLC Examination conducted by COHSEM also, many students increased their total marks after rechecking. Are such malpractices and irregularities in such important examinations responsible in eroding the aspirations of lakhs of our youth ? The hopes of lakhs of our youth may go in vain.
Yours faithfully,
S Jugeshwor Singh,
Khoijuman Maning Leikai, Bishnupur Dist.

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