Will review ties with BJP if CAB passed : NPF

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Feb 11 : Reaffirming its stand against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, the Naga People Front, Manipur State Unit has asserted that it is illegal and unconstitutional to legalise the illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh along religious line and added that if its stand is not respected then it will review its relationship with the BJP.
Striking a tough pose, NPF MSU said that if the Government tries to pass the Bill in the Rajya Sabha or issue an Ordinance then it will seriously review its relationship with the BJP.
In a statement, NPF MSU said that it is anti-people to add more to the population when lakhs of indigenous people are living below the poverty line.
Rather than welcoming the illegal immigrants the NDA Government should strengthen the law to check the illegal entry of foreigners in the country, it added.
CAB is contrary to what the people of North East have been standing against for decades and that is illegal entry of foreigners to the region, said NPF MSU and added that despite the opposition from the people of the North East, the NDA Government went ahead and passed the Bill in the Lok Sabha.
On the other hand, tour tribe councils—Inpui Naga Union (INU), Liangmai Naga Council(LNC), Zeme Naga Council (ZNC) and Rongmei Naga Council (RNC)—while making their position clear against the Citizenship Amendment Bill, said that passing of the Bill will endanger the indigenous people of the North Eastern region, reports NNN. The four tribe councils further said that the Bill, if it is passed, will also bring so many detrimental effects to the indigenous people of the North East region including their economy.
“The proposed Bill is against the wishes of the people of the four tribes in particular and North Eastern region in general. Our rights, land, existence, culture and identity will be put at stake if it is passed,” the four Councils said.
According to the four tribe councils, having witnessed the influx of illegal migrants in some of the North Eastern States and “if the Bill is passed, it will have huge negative impacts endangering the population and economy of the indigenous people of the region”.
The four councils stated that the Government of the day “pushing for this Bill confirms the mindset and attitude of the Centre towards the people of North East”.
The four councils, therefore, appealed to the “representative members” of the State in both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha and elected members of the State Assembly to stand together with “our fellow North Eastern States and continue to oppose the passing of the Bill”.
The four tribe councils stated that they will stand with all the organizations and parties opposing the Bill.

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