A year after the Queen’s demise

S Balakrishnan
In the Land of Limat there ruled a Queen who was called Ammul; so, everything in her Limat fiefdom was utterly-butterly … no, no, not delicious but confusious! All Her Majesty’s Ministers were hunch-backed, because they were too, too much subservient to her; quite often, rather whenever they got a chance, they did prostrate namashkar at her golden feet to relieve the hunchback pain. What a novel yoga idea! Depending on her mood, the Queen was maverick, dictatorial, idealistic, idiotic, etc., etc. And she was called Moo (no, not by the cattle, but by cattle-like people). This is not because of reverence or love but out of fear. But she could also be unbelievably so naïve that she dreamt of capturing the Empire’s gaddi (throne) at Ihled and be the Empress of Aidni!
Once she announced that she would not touch public money and would take only one rupee as her monthly salary. After all, she had no family, no issues; never mind the alleged claims of her so-called issues after her sad (?) demise; the claim is corroborated by Queen’s bro and cousin. The people of Limat, brainwashed by freebies and stupefied by government-sold liquor, never wondered how and why then did she amass so much of wealth. Ultimately, Yama Dharmaraja rescued her and she narrowly escaped court’s punishment. Yet, the Limat citizens believe that she was innocent, a pure soul, and it was her friend in disguise who was the cause for all Her Majesty’s troubles!
Despite court’s indictment, the Queen’s ultimate resting place has now become a place for worship, for taking oaths to revenge and avenge, for thanksgiving, for soothsaying, for dhyana, for receiving her blessings, for prophecies, and what not! I am yet to receive the divine invite to darshan her raj ghat. How unfortunate! Am I a cursed fellow?
After her (un)fortunate death, the different groups of her party are shamelessly claiming patent for her legacy. What a ‘rich’ legacy?! While earlier they publicly indulged in mud-slinging against each other, now two groups are united. United for peoples’ welfare? Oh, never! By hook or crook to stick to power so as to safeguard their own welfare, to save their ‘hard-earned’ wealth! For this reason, they are head over heels to please the Big Boss in Ihled.
For the Emperor of Aidni in Ihled, everything seems to go as per his strategy – at least for the present. He commanded the ‘InTax’ hound dogs (Believe me, it is a hybrid hound breed!) to pounce on the adamant SasiDhin mafia group that is not towing his line. So far so good! But will the Lotus bloom in Limat where the son of the Sun party is glowing and the restored two leaves could restrict its flowering? Meanwhile, ‘Lotus’ Haasyan is trying to encash his cine popularity; yet another aging flower ‘Rajani’, as always, is enacting such a boring stunt for the nth time, as another of his film awaits release. The young hero Vijay is also testing the waters, as the senior hero Vijaykanth is tottering and losing his ground. How I wish a real villain would appear and thrash these filmy & flimsy heroes! Queen is no more; bravo of these tinsel heroes! I am sure the Ihled Emperor is keeping a close watch and would send the InTax hounds at the appropriate mo(ve)ment on whoever aspires for Limat’s throne. Let me boldly and publicly announce that I am not one, for sure.
The Lioness that Ammul was, yet what a disgraceful anti-climax ending of her end! Her death is shrouded in cinematic mystery. After all, had she not come from the cine arena to the political arena? How far the ‘Omission’ that has been set up almost a year after her demise would hide the truths of her death is anybody’s guess. It would neither dig out her body nor the truths. It is rumoured that Ammul was slapped and pushed down by her close aide during a heated argument about what else than a property. This led the Queen being admitted to UpHollow Hospital; what followed after that is protected under the fiefdom’s official secrecy act. So much so that nobody has a ‘stand’ to question if the Queen’s legs were cut off. You see, she was such a sweet person.
Will the bye-poll for the seat that fell vacant after the Queen’s death be a litmus test for the political parties? Particularly for the two factions of her party this could be life or death. Meanwhile, the angry, young film hero Vishal had jumped into the fray. But in the land of Limat, it is the written rule that the ruling party wins any bye election – by cash or kind; I mean, so kind of them. The faction not in power is slowly losing its members; bandicoots are scurrying from sinking ship, as expected.
Chennai city is feared to be devastated by a natural calamity in the next few days, particularly on Dec. 5. It is due to the wrath of Her Majesty Ammul, so believe her devotees. Or is it the curse of those poor, innocent Limat citizens who lost their hard-earned real estate properties to the mafia that surrounded the ‘innocent’ Ammul? This seems to be a more logical reason that would prevent the first death anniversary of the criminal Queen being observed in a grandiose manner. A brave soul has even filed a case against the fiefdom officially observing the 1st death anniversary of the Queen who just escaped conviction.
If only action had been taken after the extravagant wedding of Queen’s adopted son (a relative of her close aide), Limat would not have witnessed all these shameless dramas. But what can be done? You get only what you deserve. Limat citizens’ love for drama is as insatiable as their thirst for government-sold liquor!

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