ZC, HI fete SoO group members

Our Correspondent
CCpur, Jan 12 : The Zomi Council along with Hmar Inpui today conducted a formal reception programme for the representatives of the SoO armed groups under the UPF banner who had just returned from New Delhi after collectively deciding to place ‘territorial council’ as the demands of both the KNO and UPF during the fifth round of the tripartite talks.
It is learnt that representatives of the armed groups gave a detailed briefing to the tribe leaders about the talks and the progress made during the said programme.
They also reportedly exuded confidence that the talks are heading towards a positive and acceptable solution for which they also sought the blessing and continued support of the masses.
Meanwhile the ministry of information and public relations ZRO hqtrs today acknowledged the unstinted support and prayer it received from Churches and the people for the successful conduct of the 5th round of the tripartite talks on Wednesday.
It declared that the talks concluded with a positive note taking them closer to a political goal that is long due to the tribals of Manipur.
‘The joint delegation of UPF and KNO leaders submitted and discussed the issue of establishing a self-governing autonomy i.e. Territorial Council in Manipur with the representatives of the Government.
It may be noted that the political talks, which will herald a durable political solution, is neither directed towards any particular community nor an attempt to vitiate the existing peaceful coexistence in the State.
The talk is aimed to protect and promote the customary laws, traditional land and its resources, and safeguard the Constitutional and political rights of the tribals in Manipur.
The talk therefore, should not be misinterpreted as divisive or is against the interest of any community,’ read the statement issued by Kenneth Muana, secretary information and public relations, ZRO.
With the dialogue still continuing, the outfit further requested the people to restrain from unauthorised publication or spreading rumours about the talk process as it feels that it can mislead the public at its best, and seditious at its worst.

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