Zeliangrong prayer day

IMPHAL, Feb 15: The Zeliangrong Baudi (AMN) has appealed to all the Churches, irrespective of denominations, TRC Kalumkai, Heraka, Pou-Pei Chapriak, Pei (Thoubei), youth club, women societies, and other faiths of Zeliangrong people to observe the “Third Zeliangrong Prayer Day” on February 28 (Sunday).
The last Sunday of February every year is observed as the “Zeliangrong Prayer Day” to seek the blessing of the Almighty God to forgive and forget the past misdeeds of its people and for the solidarity of Zeliangrong consanguinity, peace and prosperity. On this day, the Zeliangrong people should also pray for all the leaders of the frontal organizations and leaders of different faiths, according to a statement issued by general secretary of ZB (AMN).

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