Looking at the journey from 1972: Look back and learn!

Manipur as a full fledged State of the Union of India is now 49 years old and the 49th Statehood Day was again held as an official function with the who is who of the State Government in full attendance, with Chief Minister N Biren ..

Decide within four weeks message from SC: Spirit of 10th Schedule

Come back to us if the Speaker does not act within four weeks even after being asked to do so. This was the Supreme Court of India to the Congress petitioners after it had asked the Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly..

Mentality of those who man Khudengthabi: Targeting an IPS officer

A manifestation of the mentality of the men in uniform who man the Khudengthabi checkpost on the Imphal-Moreh highway. So from branding the ordinary travellers at the said checkpost with a stamp on the hand..

Interesting pact between KNO and NNPGs The posers that follow

An unlikely pact, much less an Accord. But this is just what the Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) and the Kuki National Organisation (KNO) have done. One is a group thought to be primarily active in Nagaland and the other in Manipur, though their ac..

Wildfire at lower ridge of Shirui Kashong: Wake up call to everyone

Not as devastating as the recent bushfire at Australia, but the report that the lower ridge of Shirui Kashong, known as Sarum Kateng located above Vangayan-Shirui Lily Heritage Centre-should serve as the wake up call to everyone. ..

Environment conservation & mankind’s immediate requirements

It was with the Industrial Revolution which heralded the rise of capitalism. Once capitalism became the dominant model of economy, almost all human societies ceased to live in harmony with their natural surroundings...

Drugs and manufacturing units: Who are the kingpins?

The reports came thick and in quick succession. These reports are nothing to be rejoiced about rather they are quite disturbing. Reports of destruction of poppy plantations and seizure of contraband drugs of different types ..

Checking the statements of UG outfits: Media always the soft target

The media is always the soft target. And mind you, it is not of the recent past. What did the State Government do when the media houses were attacked ? Or is it a case of the media houses not formally reporting the matter..

Call to curb favouritism and nepotism: Cash for jobs!

Chief Minister N Biren has pledged to stop favouritism and nepotism. This is good and should go down well with the people, but the question of bigger import is whether this was such the case when favouritism and nepotism..

Too many festivals in a year observation Defining character of a people

Food for thought-Too many festivals in a year. MLA of Keirao Assembly Constituency Lourembam Rameshwor has just touched on a topic which has hitherto been thought to be of no consequence, but still has a defining impact on the people as a whole. Land of f..

How about the Salt Lake Manipur Bhavan?: Land acquired at Dwarka

Land purchased for the third Manipur Bhavan at Delhi, that is after the existing Bhavans at Chanakyapuri and Sadar Patel Marg. All well and good, but one hopes that the process to set up a new Manipur Bhavan..

Giving a fresh push to the Lim debate? Talking in different tongues

No change in the territory of Manipur-this is the repeated assurance of the Government of India. The boundary and integrity of Manipur will remain intact-this is Chief Minister N Biren, obviously taking a cue from the repeated..

After effects of CAA in North East; Toll on political parties

One gone, but not yet clear whether this is just the beginning or the end. Perhaps judging the pulse of the people of Nagaland or perhaps because the MP in question here violated the decision of the party to oppose the Citizenship ..

Claiming hands in attack at JNU; A bloody debut !

A bloody debut this is, with all the blood and gore and this is how the Hindu Raksha Dal has announced its entry into campus politics, or whatever one may call it. The blow on the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)..

Now that the festive air is over; Time to focus on examinations

The festive air of Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020 must be over and ideally these festivities should just be a break from the intensely high demand that this time of the year entails. Attention of all should now be on the coming HSLC..

BJP : In Delhi and Manipur The twain does not meet

The polarisation that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) spawns is indeed deep and while in other parts of the country one sees anti-CAA rallies and meetings being staged, there are equally a large number of people..

Assam looking at bygone years; Political alternative question

A political alternative out of the stir against the Citizenship Act and suddenly Assam seems to be looking at the same situation which saw the rise of Prafulla Kumar Mahanta and his one time colleague the late Bhrigu Phukan..

Govt’s own cocktail: Disturbed area status & improved law and order situation

It was on December 17 last year that the State Cabinet decided to extend the disturbed area status tagged to Manipur for another six months which means the dreaded and infamous Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act 1958..

Peace or Pandora’s Box in 2020?

2019, another year with full of events, both pleasant and painful, is now history. 2019 is past and 2020 is present. As we step into another new year, we need to look back what the bygone 2019 taught us and look ahead what is in store for us. The mysterio..

Degrading environment vs anthropocentric activities

Indeed it is a matter of grave concern. Lamphelpat, once a home to a variety of flora and fauna is dying a painful death right under the nose of the Government. Lamphelpat located just beyond the periphery of Imphal city ..

Bridging disconnect and need for delving deeper

Was there any disconnect between the hill people and plain people of Manipur? If yes, how deep is the disconnect and how successful is the Government in bridging the gap? What are the main factors which are pulling apart the ethnic ..

Patronising construction activities over agricultural land

As reflected in this very same column earlier, there are many Acts, laws and statutes enacted by the successive elected Governments of Manipur but one area where these elected Governments invariably fumbled or failed ..

Ready to bid adieu to 2019; Making ILPS effective

It is that time of the year and in a few days time, Manipur will join the rest of the world in bidding goodbye to 2019 and welcoming 2020. The coming of a new year infuses hope and the willingness to start life on a clean slate..

Land rights to indigenous folks; Noting the threat perception ?

New law wherein land rights cannot be transferred to non-indigenous people. Another is to make Assamese language mandatory in all schools. Obviously laws meant to protect the interests of the indigenous folks of Assam..

From North East to rest of India ; Core issue of protests

It is obvious. It is not only a change of geography but also a change of subject matter. From the North East, particularly Assam and Tripura to Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Bangalore and to some extent West Bengal...

Reshuffle Ministry demand; Looking at the timing

Reshuffle the Council of Ministers. In other words, drop some of the incumbent Ministers and induct some of the MLAs supporting the BJP led Government into the Council of Ministers. The deadline set is January 15. ..

Effects of shutdown in Assam; Scarcity in Manipur

Lockdown in Assam. Prices of all essential commodities shooting up in Imphal. Chief Minister N Biren Singh announcing on the floor of the House that a Price Fixation Committee will be set up soon to monitor the price of goods ..

One step down and one step up!; Territorial Council model

One step down from the Lim proposal and one step up from the present arrangement. This is what may be read into the Territorial Council model so confidently announced by president of United Naga Council, Kho John ..

Public assurance from Chief Minister Awaiting final pact

The co-incidence is interesting. Just one day after Chief Minister N Biren announced at Tamenglong district headquarters that he would extend all possible co-operation when an amicable solution to the vexed Naga issue is worked out, president of the United Naga Council, Kho John prayed that the UNC sponsored rally in the Naga dominated hill district headquarters on December 17 would be the last on the Naga political issue. The ..

MU : Nowhere in top 100 or 200; Lowly place of 246

This is something far removed from the current burning issue in the region, which has taken a pan India nature. This is not about the Citizenship Law but is about the state of higher education or to be more specific about where Manipur ..

Why the North East is angry; Understanding agitation

Five dead. Curfew still on, with the few hours relaxation in a day, not because situation has improved as such, but to give people a breather and let them buy their essential commodities, and clearly there is nothing much to suggest that situation will improve soon in Assam. ..

Assam, Tripura standing alone Deft political manoeuvring

Assam is in flames and so is Tripura. And apart from Meghalaya, the rest of the North Eastern States may be said to be relatively quiet, thanks to some deft political manoeuvring dished out from the stable of the Union Home Ministry. In chapter 1 of the Citizenship Amendment Bill, which has now become an Act, and which was passed earlier by the Lok Sabha but not tabled in the Rajya Sabha, there were no provisions for ..

Epicentres of CAB protests; Of curfew and internet ban

Army called out, internet service suspended, curfew extended from the previous 6.15 pm of December 11 to 7 pm of December 12 to until normalcy returns. Train services cancelled, students out on the roads to lodge their protests,..

An eye sore of celebrations; Where is the solidarity ?

No doubt a long standing demand, but what has made the recent decision to extend the Inner Line Permit System to Manipur all that more significant should lie in these five words-No CAB in ILPS areas...

Now that Centre has said yes to ILP; Understanding the crux

The interesting question now is, did the Centre suddenly hear the long standing voice of the people that the influx of non-locals into the State of Manipur be regulated or did it come under the impression that some sort of a mechanism..

Killing two birds with one stone No CAB, Yes ILPS

The politics at play is amazing and the plot that has been weaved by the politics at play here is perhaps just the right script for a nail biting finish, the type that one would usually associate with a Hollywood suspense thriller. After days of anxiety and even as the call issued by the Manipur People Against Citizenship Amendment Bill to suspend the day’s activities was still in force, the Citizenship Amendment Bill was tabled in the Lok Sabha, minus any reference to Manipur. ..

The rape circle is complete; Hyderabad to Unnao

From South to North. From December 2018 to December 2019 and the circle is complete. Even as the country is debating whether the police went beyond their call of duty in eliminating the four suspects in the gruesome rape ..

Questions over ‘instant justice’; Scripting encounter

Instant justice ? No one answer here, for there are distinct schools of thought that have emerged following the ‘encounter deaths’ of the four accused in the heinous rape and murder of a Vet doctor on November 27 ..

Interesting info from New Delhi; Reading ILPS idea

Interesting developments in the last few days. Eventful Delhi trip ? Depends on which way one looks at it, but this is perhaps the very first time that something has come from Delhi on the popular demand that the Inner Line Permit ..

A one line statement from Amit Shah; Message from Home Minister

Union Home Minister Amit Shah not only took the points put forward seriously but also assured that the Centre will strive to work out a model to protect the interests of Manipur and her people-this is what the Manipur People A..

One drop poisons the whole glass of milk; Waiting for CBI probe

One drop of poison, poisons the whole glass of milk. This was the observation of the Gauhati High Court, Imphal bench when they quashed the written examination to recruit Manipur Civil Service officers and Manipur Police ..

From 2012 to 2019 no change Hang the perverts !

From 2012 to 2019. From a Physiotherapy intern, Nirbhaya to a Veterinary doctor. From Delhi to Hyderabad-North to South. The common thread running through these two stories is the brutality of it all and clearly reflects the Indian male mindset. Ravaged, raped and then killed. ..

A fresh look at ST demand; No CAB in States with ILP stand

The need of the time is to be very, very clear on where Manipur stands on the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB). On the one hand, some Ministers from the BJP stable have gone on record to state that there is nothing inimical..

Need to silence the loud mouth; Crediting the Congress ?

From no harm to Manipur under CAB to special clause in CAB for Manipur comes the bomb shell-crediting Congress with the idea of CAB. It should be evident to all that the BJP, however much one may disagree with their stand,..

No harm but a clause needed stand The absurdity of it all

It is getting more and more farcical. Even as the Manipur People Against Citizenship Amendment Bill (MANPAC) under the aegis of North East Forum for Indigenous People (NEFIP) has taken up the banner to fight tooth and nail against the Centre’s intention to pass the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), people in the same Government are talking in two tongues, making things all that more confusing and demonstrating the absurdity of where they stand more and more. ..

Riders in the assurance of Amit Shah; Acknowledging word play

The rider is interesting. This is what stands out in the assurance given by Union Home Minister Amit Shah to the 18 member team of COCOMI when the latter met him at New Delhi late in the evening of November 25. ..

After a date with Amit Shah: Time for serious introspection

The 18 member COCOMI team have had a date with Union Home Minister Amit Shah and talked things over but what is new ? Nothing much substantial, if one goes by the report that has been received so far. Instead..

Unnerving time for Manipur Make Delhi trip meaningful !

Unnerving time. From Naga peace talk and its likely impact on Manipur, the pending Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) and the strong protest that has been sounded across the North East region under North East Forum of Indigenous People (NEFIP) with MANPAC being the torch bearer in Manipur and surely the issues besieging Manipur are serious, ..

Bucket of cold water after a hot shower: Blow hot, blow cold !

Bucket of cold water after a hot shower. Or blow hot, blow cold. This about sums up the situation in Manipur, in so far as the boycott call of the Sangai Festival called by the Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) ..

Raids at Imphal, Aizawl, Gurgaon Ghost of Rs 332 crore

Rs 332 crore out of Rs 518 crore allegedly misappropriated. Raids at Imphal, Aizawl and Gurgaon. The accused in the case are all high profile personalities-former Chief Minister O Ibobi, former Project Director of Manipur Development Society (MDS) Y Ningthem, three former Chief Secretaries of the State who also doubled up as Chairman of MDS during their tenure here, DS Poonia, PC Lawmkunga and O Nabakishore Singh and administrative officer of MDS S Ranjit Singh. ..

Stakeholders to be consulted: Pending the final pact

All stakeholders will be consulted before the final deal is inked with the Naga armed groups, meaning the NSCN (IM) and the seven NNPGs. This is the assurance of the Government of India..

Rider to be exempted from CAB: Inner Line Permit System

Likely, it is. Take note. It is not ‘will be exempted,’ but ‘may be exempted.’ And that is States where the Inner Line Permit System is in force may be exempted from the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill..

Where is the special clause in CAB? Of CAB and pending final pact

Naga peace talks or more precisely the peace talk between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India, pending a final pact. Citizenship Amendment Bill. The ‘detention’ of RK Sanayaima alias Meghen..

From ‘ahead of final pact’ to CAB A case of double whammy

A double whammy it is. Even as the State has been living in a state of high tension ahead of the final pact between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India and ‘alert’ sit-in protests have been defining the State, especially Imphal and the adjoining districts, came the information that the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) has been listed in the items of business for the Winter session of Parliament which is currently underway. ..

Let the rivers flow uninterrupted: Of a dying river!

Off beat it was, especially when the final pact between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India is at hand. It had nothing to do with the current political issues besieging the State..

Need to be on guard against rumours: Rein in loose talks

No doubt the tension is palpable. But more than this what everyone should be on guard against are the rumour mongers who do nothing except add more to the tension and create unnecessary suspicion...

Tension filled days for over 2 weeks: Script for uncertainty

For over two weeks, the air has been thick with tension. So thick that one can run a knife through it and making things more dicey is the fact that no one can say when the tension filled days will pass. ..

Rare good news in days of tension: NMA reaching out

The rare good news in these days of tension and uncertainty. This is how one may put the visit of the 6 member team of the Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) to Imphal and interact with Meira Paibis and members of COCOMI..

Arrested, released, ‘escorted’ to Delhi : From 2010 to 2019

Arrested, released, stopped from coming back to Manipur and then ‘escorted’ to Delhi. A case of the cycle coming full circle and the mystery or the secrecy under which the whole exercise has been enacted smacks of a greater design..

Process of closing offices in Nagaland ‘Taken note of’ camps

‘Taken note of’. Anyone familiar with this term will surely that one here is referring to the term used by the Assam Rifles to refer to the camps opened by the NSCN (IM) on the soil of Manipur and intrinsic here is the point that though there are no official camps of the outfit in the State, there are still camps belonging to the said group. And when one talks about the ‘taken note of’ camps then one surely means the camp opened at Buning in Tamenglong, Oklong in Senapati, Phungcham in Chandel and ..

Respecting stand of the Supreme Court : Decades old issue

The verdict of the Supreme Court of India on the decades old Ayodhya dispute need not be seen as a ruling along the Hindu-Muslim divide, but more as settling an issue which has dogged the country for decades...

Mature statement of Kho John: Need to maintain sanity

Meiteis and Nagas are not enemies. The final agreement would not be any ‘Great Wall of China’ between the Meiteis and the Nagas. Whatever is good and beneficial to the Nagas would also benefit the Meiteis...

A little stroll down history: Th Muivah central to it all

The Naga peace talk or the peace process between the Naga armed groups and the Government of India continues to make news in Manipur and not without reason. Remember it was way back in 1997..

The great October 31 bluff ? Final deal yet to be inked

What are the agreed terms between the Government of India and the NSCN (IM) ? This question is obviously more important than the terms arrived at with the NNPGs to the people of Manipur and this is something which New Delhi ..

Naga Accord: Greater autonomy, the last word?

It has been quite some days since Manipur has been enveloped by an atmosphere of anxiety, fear and uncertainty. ..

Of AEP, gateway and redundancy

Frankly speaking, the much hyped India’s Act East Policy (earlier Look East Policy) is becoming redundant. It has been more than 30 years since the Look/Act East Policy was formulated during the Prime Ministership of late PV Narasimha Rao...

Military build-up: Something is not right

Can anyone explain the massive military build-up seen in the State as hectic negotiations were made between the Government of India and Naga militant groups, particularly NSCN-IM? This particular question has been tormenting ..

One day after October 31: Time to look ahead

‘Conditional Naga flag,’ shutdown called by the Coordination Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) extended till 6 pm of November 1, Union Home Ministry cautioning against misinformation and rumour campaigns and ..

Date with Oct 31 : Heavy tension: Of misleading headings

The air is heavy with tension. Even as this comment is being penned down, there are theories and even wild stories doing the round, coupled with fake news. Those who tend to rely on the social media, beware, lots of so called ‘news’..

Kicking up issues at this point: Final pact by Oct 31?

Final agreement by October 31. Lock out called by the Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity, a group made up of various civil society organisations of Manipur and an artmosphere of tension and uncertainty...