Manipur violence: War for Chin-Kuki State

With the National Investigation Agency (NIA) unearthing a conspiracy by Chin-Kuki-Mizo militant groups with other Chin-Kuki-Mizo militants based in Myanmar and Bangladesh to indulge in violence by undertaking territorial strikes with an intention to creat..

Even your God will despise this Nothing Christian about it

Going to town and crying out to the international community that their places of worship have been desecrated while at the same time cold bloodedly killing two innocent students and clearly their devilish agenda would not have gone missing on anyone. Goin..

Knowing the ground reality Being responsible

Manipur should be very clear on how it goes about dealing with the present crisis. Losing sight of the real nemesis would amount to committing hara-kiri in this age of instant information. Thanks to technology, it is just a matter of a few seconds and a c..

Time for Imphal to set the agenda Grasping the reality

Let it be very clear. The ongoing clash is not one along religious divide. Interpreting it as a clash between the tribals and non-tribals would also be missing the wood for the trees. It is not a question of one community riding rough shod over the other ..

Taking anger out on the streets Murder most foul

Total collapse it is. Natural that young students, irrespective of gender will feel outraged, let down and violated. Only natural for them to take to the streets to give vent to their pent up anger and disillusionment. And how does the Government respond ..

Need of the hour Bilateral disarmament

Undeniably, disarmament is a fundamental step towards ending the protracted violence besieging the state of Manipur. Disarmament alone may not be able to resolve the crisis but it can definitely open a way forward. Disarmament must have been the first pri..

State failure vis-a-vis ethnic cleansing

After a pre-planned, premeditated and sustained offensive was launched on May 3 at Churachandpur, the Chief Minister admitted there were security lapses as well as intelligence failure. The Government’s failure to apprehend the sinister intention an..

Torbung on May 3 : Where it all started Recalling the genesis

The Sangai Express has been consistent in its stand. There should be no confusion over this. The first match stick that was struck and which set Manipur on fire in the evening of May 3 was at Torbung. The ingeniously named Indigenous Tribal Leaders’..

Tell the story to the outside world Onus on Manipur

Manipur needs to tell its story well. Equally important is to reach out to as many allies or friends as possible. Learn to look beyond Manipur. Reach out. Cultivate the right platform to tell the story, correction the right story, and reach out to as many..

Manipur cannot go on like this Free for all situation

Something has to give. Manipur cannot go on like this forever. Is the Government listening ? Over 160 killed, 60,000 people now homeless, numerous houses razed to the ground and many others missing. It has been like this since violence erupted in the even..

Putting Manipur on the map of normalcy An indifferent Delhi

A workable formula that could pave the way for Manipur to return to a semblance of normalcy. This is what everyone would want. Nearly 120 days in a state of conflict, with neither side giving the slightest hint that they are ready to come to the negotiati..

In total chaos since May 3 evening A free for all situation

Everything is in chaos. This is the reality and there can be no two ways about it. The much vaunted Central security forces, the crack State police commandos, both infamous for using their muscle power on the hapless civilians-the fake encounter cases whi..

Huge, delicate responsibility ahead Reimpose AFSPA call

The responsibility is huge. It is also extremely delicate. Points which those stan- ding by the idea of Manipur should be aware of and need to act accordingly. Protecting and promoting the idea of Manipur should go beyond the understanding of keeping the ..

‘Solution first, peace later’ sloganPoints to ponder for all

‘Solution First, Peace Later.’ This is the slogan that the ingeniously christened Committee on Tribal Unity (CoTU) and the Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum (ITLF), seem intent on living up and by default this means that these two bodies ..

One-sided reports vis-a-vis Manipur crisis

No doubt, disarmament is the first step towards containing the violence which has been raging across the state since the beginning of May. It was the infamous Churachandpur rally of May 3 which ignited the vicious cycle of violence where many armed hoodlu..

From new districts to separate State

The ‘progression’ is really fast and furious. It was only in 2016 that Kangpokpi district was created out of Kuki dominated areas which were hitherto parts of Senapati district. Likewise, Chandel was bifurcated on the same day to give birth to..

Why did Army invite EGI : CJIMore than a question

But why will the Army invite the Editors Guild to come to Manipur. This was the Chief Justice of India and this line of thought is held by many. Remember the taunt of Editor-in-Chief of Republic TV Arnab Goswami as well as the piece by Jaideep Majumdar in..

Coming to the negotiating table The politics of lies

Coming to the negotiating table is the way forward and noted writer Rami Niranjan Desai could not have put it better than this. The clash is now over 130 days, nearly 200 people have been killed, thousands of houses have been razed to the ground and thous..

Demand for ST tag by Meiteis Spelling out the truth

In many ways the false narrative started from the first step taken during the Tribal Solidarity March organised by the All Tribal Students’ Union, Manipur on May 3. The false premise on which the so called Solidarity March was organised was the orde..

Silent on the remains at CCpur Aiding the victim story

For over 120 days, that is since the evening of May 3, and it has always been about the ongoing clash between the Kukis and the Meiteis. Making it all that more significant is the fact that there is nothing to suggest that things will take a turn for the ..

Epidemic threat at relief centres Refugees in own land !

No one, least of all the Government at Imphal, seems to know when things will take a turn for the better, but what is clear and frighteningly so is the report that there could be an outbreak of epidemics at the relief camps. Over 60,000 people are present..

Classic case of victimising the victims

It is a classic case of victimising the victims. Of course, we are referring to the occupation of abandoned Meitei houses by Kukis at Ikou. Ikou and adjoining Meitei villages in Imphal East district were attacked by Kuki militants and their supporters on ..

Understanding Manipur crisis in four days!

There were once six blind men who stood by the road-side every day, and begged from the people who passed. They had often heard of elephants but they had no idea of how elephants looked like, for they were blind. As an elephant stood by them, the first bl..

Fake Finding Committee ? Shooting the messenger

Fake Finding Committee-a term used by a wit to refer to the Fact Finding Mission of the Editors’ Guild of India which was here in Manipur from August 7 to 10 to study the media reportage of the ethnic-violence in Manipur. Not surprisingly the Editor..

Feeding lies and more lies Understanding the lies

Nobody knows how long the clash and state of unrest will continue. This is despite New Delhi having already said what ought to be said. Just recall what Union Home Minister Amit Shah had to say during the monsoon session of Parliament and how Prime Minist..

Playing heroes on social media Cautioning Smart Alecs

The bottomline is, be very, very careful of what you put up on the social media, for it becomes next to impossible to erase the digital footprint. No effective erasure has been manufactured till date to do away with what is written or any visuals uploaded..

Where have the guns come from ? Answers awaited

It was with a reason why The Sangai Express used the term ‘terrorists’ to refer to the armed persons who fired on totally unarmed, harmless farmers who were out on the field to tend to their work and in the process killing one of them. Not the..

Cold bucket of water after a hot shower Sound of silence

Definitely a case of a bucket of cold water after a hot shower. The silence was defeaning. This is how the much awaited Assembly session of August 29 ended and far from taking any resolute stand on the future of Manipur and a stand on the ongoing bloody c..

Does ‘separate State’ agenda drive violence or vice versa?

Any attempt to deliver justice to the mayhem which erupted on May 3, 2023 must start with booking and penalising of all those people who ignited the violence by attacking Meitei people and their houses in Churachandpur. It was this incident which sparked ..

Tragic story that has come tumbling out Tales from relief camps

Tales of tears, anguish and pain and many more punctuated by a faint hope, however far fetched that hope may be that they can return to their abandoned homes, could well sum up the story of many, many who have been fortunate enough to escape death. Fortun..

Rubbishing the indigeneity claim Doctored history

What is the way forward ? No clear cut answer but it is more than clear that New Delhi and Imphal are still groping in the dark to come out with a formula to let Manipur take the first tottering step towards normalcy. It is also clear where Amit Shah stan..

Lessons should have been learnt Accept the reality

Biting off more than they can chew or refusing to accept the reality. This is how things have panned out in the last couple of days and this is something which should have been clear from the moment hundreds of houses belonging to the Meiteis were set abl..

Exclusive domains out of pluralistic Manipur!

Will it turn out to be an anticlimax or something else? The United Naga Council  or UNC in short has unambiguously and openly stated that the Nagas do not support the Kukis’ demand for separate administration. It is indeed a serious setback for..

Planned aggression: To what end?

The tragic violent crisis which erupted in the State on May 3, 2023 is, so far, largely a tale of aggression on all fronts and fierce retaliation. The infamous Churachandpur rally of May 3 ignited a vicious cycle of violence. The aggressiveness was visibl..

MU-Cut off from the reality ? Refusing to listen

It is disturbing and Manipur certainly does not need this. How can one stay cut off from the reality and maintain such an aloof posture that it refuses to see reasoning, points which are grounded on facts. Manipur is in flames and it has been like this fo..

From Thangjing to Thangting Politics of name

From Thangjing to Thangting, from ‘refugees to indigenous’, from Turen Wangma Leikai to Chikim village,  Khunou Leikai to T Yangnom, Bazar Leikai to D Monaphai, Heinomakhong Laikei to again Chikim, all In Moreh and clearly the illegal imm..

Peddling ST issue to hide real motive Lies and more lies

The demand to categorise the Meiteis in the Scheduled Tribe list of the Constitution of India is not central to the ongoing clash between the Meiteis and the Kukis and this was used as the bait to take all the groups under the ST tag along with the Tribal..

Over 100 days and no sign of normalcy Nail the trouble makers

Start identifying the trouble makers, nail them and blacklist the organisation/s to which they belong and if necessary ban them. Remember the Government of India did not hesitate in banning the All India Sikh Students’ Federation back in 1984 when P..

SoO: Bipartite or Tripartite?

It certainly evokes keen interest as it is quite significant. The Ministry of Home Affairs is holding another round of talks on August 17 with several Kuki militant groups clubbed together under two umbrella organisations; Kuki National Organisation or KN..

Details of desecrated Temples laid bare Falling in place

Certainly not all, but certain important points are beginning to fall in place. Ever since the descration or destruction of Kuki Churches began to occupy an important place in the clash narrative, The Sangai Express in its own capacity had been urging civ..

Infiltration to drug smuggling New Delhi has spoken

New Delhi has spoken. Why video of nude parade was uploaded on social media just one day ahead of the Monsoon session of Parliament. Large scale infiltration from across the border, particularly after the military coup in Myanmar. Sharp spike in narcotics..

Amit Shah on intrusion, drug smuggling Talking truth, reality

Reflecting the reality. Union Home Minister Amit Shah was bang on target in striking the nail on the head, though one wish that the strike was delivered a little more powerfully. Why the May 4 nude parade was uploaded on the social media and made to go vi..

The juvenile politics at play Quick turn around

The politics at play is amazing bordering on the comical. Just one year after the Kuki Inpi, Manipur submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a copy each forwarded to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Chief Minister N Biren (then he was st..

Go back honestly to May 3 The start of it all

The Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum (ITLF), the Committee on Tribal Unity (CoTU) and the Kuki Inpi, Manipur (KIM) have so far not at all bothered to go back to the genesis of the clash that broke out in all its ugliness on May 3 evening at Torbung. The th..

Wild idea of graveyard at somebody’s backyard

The deferred mass burial of Kuki-Zo people killed in the ongoing violent crisis at Torbung will surely be a litmus test for the Government of India.  Official records have already shown that the area chosen for the mass burial belongs to the State. T..

Indifferent Delhi, lost Imphal Scripting the tragedy

An indifferent Delhi and a lost Imphal. A near perfect cocktail to complement the design at work behind the mindless violence that has claimed over 140 lives, reduced numerous houses to ashes, rendered thousands homeless sending them to relief centres whi..

Manipur discussion in Parliament on Aug 11 Eyes on the two MPs

How well prepared are Lok Sabha MP RK Ranjan and Rajya Sabha MP Leishemba Sanajaoba to present the case of Manipur, when the ethnic violence here comes up for discussion on the floor of Parliament on August 11 ? One certainly would not want to listen to r..

Where have the guns and ammos come from ? Look beyond snatched arms

No one seems to know what exactly is happening. Is Article 355 in force in Manipur ? Who is the man in charge of law and order, the Chief Minister or the Security Advisor ? Why is the Centre only talking about the guns being looted from the police armouri..

Coming back to Torbung after May 3The agenda is clear

When : May 3, 2023. Where : Torbung in Bishnupur district located 11.2 kilometres from Churachandpur district headquarters. The place where it all started and where enumerous houses were set on fire after the Tribal Solidarity March organised by the All T..

Torbung : The start of it all Manipulated stories

What is the way forward ? No easy answer and to the Government it could well be a case of no answer at all. A tough call it is but it is imperative for all to acknowledge the immediate cause of the clash on May 3. Many may like to go back earlier to May 3..