Peace talk reportedly at final stage: Need to be far sighted

By October-This is the time frame that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is believed to have given Governor of Nagaland and Interlocutor to the peace talk, RN Ravi to wrap up the peace talks with the NSCN (IM). ..

Confusing announcement on ban on plastics: Need to work on the alternatives

Nagaland from October 1. Nationwide from October 2. That is a ban on single use plastics. Manipur too is set to follow the ban on single use plastics from October 2 following the decision of the Central Government. ..

Cracking the whip on driving by minors: Red, Yellow, Green signals

Tough decisions. Obviously warranted by the reality on the roads of Imphal and elsewhere in Manipur. Three years prison term for parents whose minor children are found driving...

Delivering a point maturely: No rhetoric approach

Mature approach. No rhetoric, no slamming others but yet delivering a point in such a way that it does not rub anyone the wrong way up. This is Outer Lok Sabha MP Dr Lorho Pfoze. The ‘be humble to the neighbouring communities’ ..

Significance of Sept 11 to TSE: Responsibilities at 20

September 11 is important to The Sangai Express. It was on this day back in 1999 that the first edition of The Sangai Express hit the news stand and it has been a fascinating journey down the years. There have been changes..

Lim divide continues to run deep: Conflicting demands

Obvious that the Lim divide still runs deep and even as the All Manipur United Clubs Organisation (AMUCO), United Committee Manipur (UCM) and Committee of Civil Societies Kangleipak (CCSK) have made their stand known..

Stand against illegal immigrants: Uniqueness of NE States

Union Home Minister Amit Shah appears to be a man with a mission, a mission that fits perfectly with the agenda of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his second consecutive term in office...

No school bags day for young students: Understanding the core point

Make learning more fun. Ease the physical burden on the young tots while going to school and address some of the basic requirements needed not to overburden the young students. These needs are central to the decision of the State..

Regulate pay of Pvt school teachers: Of packed school vans

This is a concern which The Sangai Express has expressed time and again in this column and it is doubtful that this has been taken note of by anyone. Now with some private school teachers coming out and stating that they are paid ..

Sounding the alert at the entry points: Sensitise the people more

A concern already sounded earlier, but so far nothing much to suggest that this has caught the attention of the numerous civil society organisations in the State. The State Government has done its bit in setting up special police ..

Return of the power struggle : Fluid political situation ?

The controversy surrounding the death of N Babysana yet to be resolved. Framework Agreement still a mystery with no one really knowing what it is all about. The peace talk between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India..

Looking to CBI to deliver : The trust deficit

What if the CBI refuses to take up the death case of N Babysana ? This is a question which leaders of the JAC formed against the death of the girl child must have started exploring for this is a point which cannot be entirely written off..

New traffic rules and regulations From sweets to fines

From sweets at Churachandpur to Rs 1000 fine all over the country. That is how the story of driving without helmets has progressed in the last few days. ..

Over 19 lakhs excluded in Assam NRC: Need to be on vigil

Over 19 lakh people left out of the just published National Register of Citizens in Assam and not everyone is happy about the outcome. The BJP in Assam has already spoken out their dissatisfaction with what it says is a small figure..

Deadline to ban one time use plastics: Manipur’s deadline?

Nagaland October 1. All India October 2. These are the dates which the Government of Nagaland and the Government of India have fixed to ban single use plastics. The interesting question is when will it be the turn for Manipur..

The name : Arguments over BT Airport: Overdose of BT ?

What is in a name ? A lot it seems to many who have taken strong objection to the decision of the State Government to rename Imphal/Tulihal International Airport as Bir Tikendrajit International Airport...

Dead men or dead girls tell no tale: Conspiracy theories

Dead men or dead girls tell no tale. It is this which has led to the present uproar over the death of N Babysana, who was found hung to death under mysterious circumstances in her dormitory on July 18...

Helmet drive with sweets at CCpur: Novel approach

It is chaos out there. Wearing the devil may care attitude and one sees them whenever one steps out on the road of Imphal every day. They zoom around, over take from the left and park anywhere they like..

Separate flag and separate Constitution: On the basis of history?

Despite Article 370 which gave the provisions of a separate flag and Constitution to Jammu and Kashmir being abrogated under the line that there cannot be two flags and two Constitutions in one country, the NSCN (IM)..

Transit route to manufacturing unit: Where are the big fishes ?

Poppy cultivation in the hills, transit route to rest of India and beyond from the Golden Triangle to now a drug manufacturing unit plum in the heart of Thoubal district and it is more than clear that Manipur ranks high..

Critically endangered species: The Manipuri Pony

Critically endangered species. And it is this critically endangered species which are found roaming the roads of Imphal and scavenging on the garbage left anywhere. Not uncommon for speeding vehicles to at times knock down..

Significance of Aug to NSCN (IM): From 1997 to 2019

To the Nagas, correction, the NSCN (IM), the month of August will definitely be significant, especially after the outfit entered into a ceasefire agreement with the Government of India. ..

Studying how schools are run: Start with school vans

Focus is now on schools, after the controversial death of N Babysana inside her hostel on July 18. The CBI is yet to respond to the approach of the State Government to take up the case and the JAC Against the Death of Babysana..

Th Muivah : Man in the news: Time frame of 3 months

Thuingaleng Muivah is certainly a news maker in the North East region of the country and it was therefore not surprising to see the information that he is back at Dimapur making big news, at least in The Sangai Express..

Reiterating ST status demand for Meiteis: Oppositions to the call

Will the BJP led Government at Imphal be amenable to the proposal of the Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee, Manipur (STDCM) that a recommendation be sent to the Centre to include the Meiteis in the Scheduled Tribe list..

Getting the best out of Govt schools: School Fagathansi mission

School Fagathansi Mission. The very fact that the State Government has deemed it fit to embark on such a mission to improve Government schools across the State should tell a story of its own, a story which says that Government ..

In search of the elusive unity: I-Day celebration of Manipur

Ani punba yadaba (Elusive unity). This has been the bane of Manipur or rather the Meiteis for long and if anything, the celebration of the Manipur Independence Day, separately by two entities on August 14..

Scripting Congress Mukt slogan: In line to join BJP front

Not yet joined but extending outside support. That is eight Congress MLAs to the BJP led coalition Government in Imphal. Top this off with the likelihood of seven more Congress MLAs in line to join the saffron party..

Thangmeiband, the epicentre: Distasteful politics

The epicentre is obviously Thangmeiband and not surprising for this is the place of the late N Babysana whose death has crippled Imphal for some days and is threatening to return anytime again...

Youth conclave with a difference; Breaking the ghetto mentality

Exploring a better future for mankind. It was under this theme that some well intentioned personalities gathered at Hotel Sangai Continental on August 11 to share their thoughts and viewpoints particularly with the young students..

From hostels to the schools: Reality check !

Rules and regulations for school boardings and hostels. Call to ensure safety and security of young boys and girls staying at many of the hostels run by different schools and enterprising individuals and suddenly it is clear that ..

Post mortem reports fail to cut ice with public: Final word yet to be said

It is obvious that the two post mortem reports of Ningthoujam Babysana, which all pointed to suicide, have failed to cut ice with the public, judging from the massive response which the Statewide bandh call received from the public..

Another bandh after 12 hours bandh over: From July 18 to Aug 8

12 hours Thangmeiband bandh over, now to be followed by yet another Statewide bandh and there is no indication that the issue at hand may be cracked anytime soon. It is also not clear if and when the CBI will take the case under its ..

Need for Imphal to reach out to hill based CSOs: 22 years long peace talks

Keeping a close tab on the ongoing peace talks between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India. Not taken into confidence but nonetheless the State Government is keeping itself abreast of the latest development as far as the said ..

Power, Works back to Biswajit: Road to recovery?

Is this the first step towards a rapprochement now that Works and Power have been reverted to Th Biswajit who earlier held these portfolios ? Tough to say, but this could have a profound impact on how the two most important men in the..

Scrapping Articles 370, 35A: Fulfilling pre-poll promise ?

Articles 370 and 35A withdrawn from Jammu and Kashmir. Moreover the map of Jammu Kashmir too has been redrawn, with Ladakh now a Union Territory but with no State Assembly. In one single swoop Prime Minister ..

CM’s meet with CSOs: Naga solution at hand?

We cannot help asking, is something in the air. The office of the Chief Minister has convened a meeting with key civil society organisations of the State on August 5, and all rational citizens are aware that the CMO would have never..

Anti-terror laws & victimization of innocents

The Indian State would soon be armed with a very lethal weapon to deal with terrorists and terror activities for the Rajya Sabha today passed the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Bill, 2019 that seeks to amend the ..

14 hours out of 24 hours: Think of the future !

14 hours out of 24 hours. A little over 50 pc of the time that one gets in a day. In normal equation this may not work out to much as it is just a little over half the day that one gets. This what Manipur experienced on the first day of ..

Arrested but not on murder charge: Need to regulate hostels

Let it be very clear. Pheiroijam Robinson, the infamous son of Ph Landhoni, Principal of Standard Robarth Higher Secondary School who is currently in police custody has not been booked under murder. Rather he is in police ..

Back home after Delhi’s suggestion: The infighting continues

From June 4, 2019 to July 30, and the stalemate continues. And so does the confusion. At best the latest development may be said to be just another attempt to keep the issue at bay and not invite a Constitutional crisis if the monsoon ..

From Dec 8, 2016 to July 29, 2019; The opposition continues

December 8, 2016. It was in the dead of the night that information about the decision of the then State Government under the Congress decided to create seven new districts namely, Jiribam, Kangpokpi, Pherzawl, Kamjong, Noney, ..

The lull after a banging start: Stand off to Babysana’s death

Nothing seems to be going right for the BJP led Government which came like a breath of fresh air after the 2017 Assembly elections. In N Biren Singh the State received a new Chief Minister after seeing O Ibobi of the Congress for..

Light at the end of peace process: From 1997 to 2019

22 years is a long time by any stretch of the imagination and a child born back in 1997 would now be a strapping young man of 22 or a beautiful damsel of 22. This is how long the peace process has been on between the NSCN (IM)..

Three decisions vis-a-vis Babysana’s death: Challenges before Govt

The death case of Ningthoujam Baby-sana to be handed over to the CBI. Fresh post mortem to be conducted and the IO of the case to be an officer not below the rank of an Additional SP. This is the latest move from the side of the ..

Serious questions on safety of school hostels: Need efforts of all

How safe is the environment of the numerous hostels or boarding houses established for young school going kids in Imphal ? Tragic it is that it has taken a tragedy for many to start raising this question and so even as demands and..

The dead do not say anything: Deafening silence of Govt

At the moment, the protest may seem to be localised, with only Thangmeiband affected but there is no reason to believe that it will not spread all over Imphal, if the Government does not act fast. Found dead on February 18 inside ..

Where are the damned dams?

Undoubtedly water scarcity is a public issue and when any public issue becomes a chronic problem, it demands intervention of the State. As is the case, the State Cabinet has already recommended the Centre to declare Manipur as a drought-hit State. Every time water scarcity hits the State or paddy cultivation is threatened by scanty rainfall, we cannot help questioning the utility or effectiveness of all the big and small dams built in different parts of the State, much to the deterrence of environment ..

Drought: A yield of over-exploitation?

Finally the State Cabinet has resolved to recommend the Central Government to declare Manipur as a drought-hit State. We are already in the second half of July and this period should see the height of paddy cultivation activities..

Soaring mercury at Imphal: Price of damning environment

From 35.6 degree Celsius the hottest in 15 years recorded back in 2014, today it is 36.97 and one wonders where this will stand in the Celsius story of Manipur or Imphal. Clearly the impact of global warming is being felt here and this ..

Political deadlock since first week of June: Can Manipur afford this ?

The stalemate continues. Nothing to suggest that the infighting in the BJP Government has been resolved and no one knows what is going on. What however stands is the fact that the dissidents are yet to throw in the towel and are still ..

Lungnila Elizabeth : Long road to justice

The long road to justice. This is not to say that justice will finally be delivered but significant to note that Session Judge, Imphal West has fixed July 30, July 31 and August 1 for the final hearing in the kidnapping and murder case of..

Of July 11 and July 15 fifteen years back: Manorama and nude protest

Tough to say if such a time will come when the State Government may be able to join hands with various civil society organisations and human rights organisations to observe July 15 as was observed as Anti-Repression Day this year in..

Key words : Indigenous to Nagaland, Studying the opposition

The key words here are Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (IIN) and this is obviously the reason why the move of the Government of Nagaland to prepare a Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN) has run into a roadblock..

Not everything right within Govt: Unwanted open spat

Something is just not right with the BJP led Government at the moment. From the stand off within the BJP itself over the leadership question, now comes the open spat between CAF and PD Minister Karam Shyam of the LJP and BJP ..

Downward spiral of Congress: Leadership vacuum

After the whipping it received in the recently held Lok Sabha elections, nothing seems to be going right for the Congress. After Rahul Gandhi resigned as the president of the All India Congress Committee, citing moral ..

Tough stand of rebel MLAs: A question of principles

Not exactly a storm but after a brief lull, the stirring from the rebel BJP MLAs can be seen again. Not surprisingly from New Delhi, where they are camped. Difficult to say how the Central BJP leadership will take the decision..

Ghost of CAB hangs over North East : Interesting stand of Khandu

Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Pema Khandu has spoken his mind and stand on the Citizenship Amendment Bill, which the BJP had assured to bring back, if it is voted to power...

Of Territorial Council and Nagalim: Homeland demand

A classic case of only the Meiteis and Meitei Pangals identifying themselves with the geo-political reality called Manipur. The Kuki Inpi Manipur and other Kuki civil society organisations as well as the KNO and the UPF ..

Quixotic land that Manipur is: Mixture of opposites

Interesting. All different news but tied by the common thread of the understanding-the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. Opposition against the Citizenship Amendment Bill still strong, with different organisations ..

Membership drive launched with a purpose: Sharing the same stage

The Government may be facing internal dissent with the infighting known to all, but the BJP seems set to look forward, beyond the immediate and the massive membership drive launched on July 6 bears testimony to this...

Call for distrubance free education; It is about the future

The very fact that the 12th Disturbance Free Educational Zone Demand Day was held on July 5 at Tribal Research Institute should more than say how the pursuit of formal education has been damned by different forces down th..

Understanding red, green and yellow lights: No traffic sense

Speaks volumes about the mentality of the people as a whole. Traffic lights now work, but ironically the need to still deploy traffic personnel at all the traffic islands still stands. Perhaps Imphal must one of the few State capitals where..

Now it is no longer ‘internal dissent’: Too many ‘firsts’

Just a little over two years and the BJP led coalition Government has managed to notch up some dubious firsts and this does not say anything positive about the party. Perhaps for the first time in the recent history of the State..

Downward spiral all the way for Cong: Refusing to learn

This is the time for the Congress to be seriously looking into what went wrong, how to deal with its bankrupt ideology, infuse energy with leaders who can look beyond five/ten years..

Attending roll call at New Delhi : Can Manipur afford this?

Roll call at Delhi. It was a one to one and while it is still not clear if there will be another such round at New Delhi, it was clear that the Ministers who are at loggerheads would surely be summoned to New Delhi one day..

From poppy cultivation to heroin production

Was that all or was it the proverbial tip of an iceberg? Of course we are talking about the busting of a heroin/brown sugar manufacturing unit at Lilong Dam area and seizure of contraband drugs worth Rs 100 crore...

Let Chennai story be wake up call: Harvesting rain water

Harvest rain water. This seems to be Narendra Modi’s call in his second innings as the Prime Minister of the country and it sits well with the grim reality of the day. Chennai is dry today and there is a lesson to be learnt from this. Apart from the poor rainfall, Chennai is today paying the price for the utter disrespect towards its waterbodies and water ..

Internal storm after a brief lull: The tussle continues

After a brief lull, the storm. This is how the crisis amongst the BJP legislators in the Government may be summed up in brief. Meeting to discuss the internal crisis and perhaps find a way out cancelled as majority of the BJP MLAs failed to turn up, clearly underlining the point that nothing is right amongst the BJP..

Lessons to learn from Nagaland: Ban on plastics

Nagaland has done it and shown the way. And for once the Government of Manipur need to seriously study if Nagaland can do it then why not here ?..