The silence continues, the clash continues Sinking into the abyss

The clash between the Meiteis and the Kukis continues. The silence of the Prime Minister continues. And Manipur continues to sink deeper and deeper into the abyss of  confusion, madness and lawlessness with everyone under the impression that anyone w..

ST categorisation : Not the job of judiciary Setting points in order

Let it be clear. It s not the judiciary, including the High Court of Manipur or the Supreme Court of India which can direct the inclusion of Meiteis in the Scheduled Tribe list of the Constitution. What the High Court of Manipur did was to direct the Gove..

Growing call to abrogate SoO pact Ultimately it is Delhi’s call

Ultimately it is Delhi’s call, but that has not stopped the demand that the Suspension of Operation pact signed with the Kuki militant groups, which come under the Kuki National Organisation (KNO) and the United People’s Front (UPF), be scrapp..

Silence of the guns, for the momentMute after six days

It may be a little premature to say that the guns being fired from Dongyang and Lailophai in Churachandpur district towards Sugnu have fallen silent permanently but it is significant to note that there were no reports of gun fire on February 20, that is a..

Claiming ancestral rights over Thangjing Lying with a design in mind

From Thangjing to Thangting to now claiming that the sacred site of the Meiteis fall under his jurisdiction, the self proclaimed chief of Ukha-Loikhai village has given a new understanding to bogus claims and distorting the history of the land. Not someth..

Non-stop assault on Sugnu The pattern behind it all

Even as Chief Minister N Biren talked tough, even going to the extent of proclaiming that process is underway to lodge a First Information Report against a sitting MLA for uploading a provocative post on X, formerly Twitter, came the news of Kuki militant..

Restraining armed forces vis-à-vis Kuki militants

Overpowering the mighty Indian military by some Kuki militants sounds like an unrealistic joke. But it is a reality. Video clips of some Kuki militants threatening and forcing Indian military troops to turn back from their operational duty have already go..

Bigger agenda behind CCpur protest Reminiscent of 2015 uproar

Eerily reminiscent of the now withdrawn three Bills of 2015, which sought to protect the indigenous people of the land. Back in September 2015, the State Assembly passed the Protection of Manipur People Bill,  2015, Manipur Land Revenue and Land Refo..

Points Imphal should lay before Delhi Argue for Manipur’s sake

The silence bordering on indifference is astounding and so while Manipur continues to burn for more than 9 months on the trot, New Delhi seems to be under the impression that some measures such as the decision to scrap the Free Movement Regime (FMR) and f..

If them then why not the Meiteis ? ST for Meitei call

The pro-talk group of the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) is clear that granting Scheduled Tribe (ST) status to five communities of Assam will help save Assam. The greater objective behind this move is to keep the illegally settled Bangladeshis at..

Not the time to take political mileage Take everyone along

This is not the time to take political dividends out of the crisis besetting Manipur for the last 9 months yet at the same time it should also be questioned how closely is the BJP led Government working with all MLAs, irrespective of their political affil..

Displaced children in relief camps Advisories from MCPCR

The number of displaced persons has been pegged at anywhere above the 50 thousand mark but there is as yet no data on the number of children who make up the 50 thousand number of displaced persons. Perhaps this is something which the relevant Government a..

Weed out the illegal immigrants Take a look at SoO

One hopes the Chief Minister is not jumping the gun in proclaiming that the decision to fence the Indo-Myanmar border and do away with the Free Movement Regime (FMR) would prove to be a permanent solution to myriad of problems besetting Manipur. Border fe..

More points need to be highlighted Beyond scrapping FMR

Logical follow on and one has to certainly give it to the BJP led Government at Delhi. Back on January 20, Union Home Minister Amit Shah had announced that the Centre would work towards lifting the Free Movement Regime on the Indo-Myanmar border. A regime..

Noting the call from AMCO Look beyond the Cross

Just like the call of the United Naga Council, some days back, not to target or victimise the Nagas in the ongoing clash between the Meiteis and the Kukis, the call of the All Manipur Christian Organisation (AMCO) not to desecrate Churches, Temples and sa..

Submission of admission, apology Pressures of pull and push

Not totally unexpected and the pattern behind the moves should not miss anyone. Dig a little deeper and it should also be obvious to all those who have been closely following the turn of events since the evening of May 3, 2023. The three suspended Educati..

Adding more teeth to the silence Chicken neck syndrome ?

The silence continues-add the line for over 9 months-and what has made the continuation of this ‘conspiracy of silence’ more eloquent this time is the fact that it came just one day after Chief Minister N Biren tweeted on X that the Government..

Noting the words of caution from UNC Manipur should pay heed

More than 9 months. Over 200 from either side killed. Thousands displaced and still languishing in relief centres set up across the length and breadth of the State. Many others still missing. Hundreds of homes bull dozed and levelled to the ground. Other ..

Understanding call against lifting FMR Indispensable need for NRC

Certain points should be clear to everyone. The Free Movement Regime (FMR) was implemented to promote free movement of people across the Indo-Myanmar border and in the process not disturb their daily interactions with people on either side of the internat..

Continuing clash, unrest Dialogue the way forward

What is the way forward ? Manipur obviously cannot continue to live like this and it is more than obvious that more ought to be done to start the process of normalcy. It was with a reason why Lt General (Retd) Dr Konsam Himalay vociferously batted for the..

State’s response vis-a-vis Manipur crisis

Barely 24 hours after Chief Minister N Biren made another bold statement asking the people to entrust the responsibility of protecting the State’s unity and integrity to the government, two young lives were cut short at Kadangband. Since May 2023, f..

State and war on civilians Responsibilities and failures

It certainly evokes a mixed feeling. Of course, we are referring to the Chief Minister’s appeal to the people not to create troubles in the valley districts and entrust the responsibility of protecting the State’s unity and integrity to the go..

Demand for ST tag: Let the competent authority decide

The dramatic decline from 60 per cent in 1971 to just 44 per cent in 2011 will have serious socio-economic and political implications. This is indeed a tectonic change in the demography of Manipur as pointed out by the World Meetei Council or WMC. If the ..

Blame on State forces: Propaganda warfare

A massive protest demonstration was staged on Saturday at Moreh on the primary demand of restoration of peace at the border town and opening of educational institutions. No doubt, there should be peace not only at Moreh but all across Manipur. However, wi..

Already 25 days into 2024 The silence continues

The first 25 days of 2024 have been no different from the last 8 months of 2023. This is the reality but can one hope to see something different in the remaining months of 2024 ? Equally important and significant to Manipur would be, how long will Prime M..

Needed steps for normalcy to return Important steps to note

Things do not look good at all. Everyone knows this, but the question of greater importance is whether things will get worse than what it is already or whether Manipur will get to see better days with the passage of time. No easy answer at the moment, but..

Heavy security bandobast ! Indifferent Delhi

This is for the first time that a cultural organisation, the Arambai Tenggol in this case, has summoned all Meitei MLAs to a meeting at the historic Kangla on January 24 and this again is the first time that Imphal has seen such a tight and heavy security..

Powerful statement from CM Partisan Central forces ?

This is a powerful statement but it is still not clear whether this was said out of conviction or out of the growing pressure from the different but powerful civil society organisations. What however is clear is that this is the first time that Chief Mini..

Illegal immigration and Manipur crisis

Emigration and immigration have always been associated with the evolvement of human societies. Emigration and immigration take place at different points of time in history at several places across the planet. The dual process of emigration and immigration..

A politician in the making ? Playing with words

The transition has been smooth, very smooth. A politician in the making and this about sums up Kuldiep Singh, as Manipur knows him since the last more than 8 months. If one has to address a sensitive point then the best thing would be to confuse the peopl..

The pattern behind the offensives Moreh : Central point

The pattern is unmistakable. And so is the systematic approach. The primary objective is complete control of Moreh. This has been the agenda of the Kuki militants for long and wind back to 1992/93 and one is immediately reminded of how the border town was..

What are the feedbacks to Delhi ? Note the aggression

Why is Delhi dragging its feet on the matter ? What is the feedback that Delhi is receiving from its man Friday, Security Advisor to the Government of Manipur, Kuldiep Singh ? These are not spur of the moment questions, but points being raised by looking ..

More than a note of condemnation Nature and the Meiteis

The Sangai Express hopes the readers went beyond the obvious and read and understood the spirit of the statement issued by the Delhi Meitei Coordinating Committee (DMCC). Rightfully, the communication to the media was to condemn the abduction and cold blo..

Take Manipur’s story through 15 States Khongjom to Mumbai

This is election year and the question is whether the second yatra of Rahul Gandhi in a little over a year will give the needed boost to the Congress ahead of the Lok Sabha elections or not. Too early to say and while Manipur has not shown an inkling of i..

Manipur should play its card well Abrogate SoO, call for NRC

Manipur should play and lay down its card well. For this, the people and the place should have a clear cut objective of what it is that is of utmost priority. Normalcy is still a far cry, and the silence of the gun or whatever one may call it, is but just..

A requiem to a departed colleague The man, a friend

Death is the final destiny of all living beings, and in as much as death is certain, it also stands that it is uncertain when death will come knocking at one’s door. These are the words that come to mind even as The Sangai Express and the media frat..

ST for Meiteis call should continue A call for survival

The call to include the Meiteis in the Scheduled Tribe list of the Constitution will continue to reverberate across the length and breadth of Manipur and ironic it may sound but in a way the May 3 Tribal Solidarity March, which was supposedly staged again..

Kuki militants involved in attack stand Revise SoO pact call

One is a little more forthcoming while the other veered more towards the diplomatic side. On January 2, 2024, Chief Minister N Biren pulled no punches in asserting that the mercenaries from Myanmar might have a hand in attacking security personnel at the ..

Delivering a significant point Delist from ST list call

One hopes this does not end as a case of putting the horse before the cart, but a point has been delivered. As The Sangai Express has been consistently maintaining since the evening of May 3, 2023, the demand that the Meiteis be included in the Scheduled ..

Call from Governor Uikey Testing time for media

This is perhaps the right time. The mantra, the life giving oxygen of all media houses is credibility, but the question is, credibility in whose eyes and perceptions ? This question is critical when Manipur is passing through a critical phase and when the..

Of jumping from Green to Red Red carding motorists

Imphal certainly does not need this. Conked out traffic signals with no indications that corrective measures have been taken up to fix the defunct traffic lights. Long before Manipur went up in flames in the evening of May 3, 2023, long before Manipur had..

Pull the rug from the web of lies Lies that have been sold

A web of lies and deceit. And it is around these lies and more lies that the slogan of Separate Administration has been raised  and again it is from this slogan that the Kangpokpi based Committee on Tribal Unity came out with its war cry Solution Fir..

Scrap FMR, start border fencing Selling fabricated tales

India to scrap Free Movement Regime on India-Myanmar border. Border fencing to be completed in the next 4.5 years. This is as per a report carried by the Press Trust of India and while this was something far removed from what has been happening at the bor..

2023 : A disaster of a year it was Tasks before the Govt

The silence is loud, very loud and it says so many things. The fire that was lit on May 3 last year continues to rage and there is nothing to suggest that Manipur will see normalcy any time in the near future. On the contrary the days of 2023 and the firs..

Manipur crisis: SoO groups & their objective

Any attempt to draw a comprehensive picture of the Manipur crisis without a critical introspection into the political goals of the Kuki militant groups under the Suspension of Operation or SoO agreement would be incomplete. The Kuki National Organisation ..

2023: A dark chapter in the history of Manipur

The year 2023 is now a history. But unlike all other years gone by, it will not fade away from public memory any time soon. On the contrary, this particular year will remain etched in public memory for many, many long years to come and the political impac..

Trundling from 2023 to 2024 Scripting a tragedy

As is the wont of a weary people, a people for whom the coming of a new year may not mean much, Manipur too will step into 2024 under the perception-what is so special about the beginning of a new year ? Many would step into the new year as the same old T..

Look beyond the coincidence Call to delist from ST

Sounds more like a coincidence, but the timing is significant. Even as thousands of tribals from across the country are set to converge at New Delhi in February next year to raise the call that converted tribals should be removed from the Scheduled Tribe ..

Underlining the need for a dialogue It cannot go on like this

Significant development in the last few days. On December 24, just one day ahead of Christmas, Retd Lt General Konsam Himalay banked on a refreshingly new approach to the ongoing conflict-dialogue. This is something far removed from what the war mongers o..

Myanmar refugees & Manipur conflict

Chin people of Myanmar and the Kukis residing in Manipur (India) share the same ethnic lineage. This is a fact accepted by both the Kukis and Chins across the Indo-Myanmar international border. It is also a fact that the Chin people have been fighting har..