From Nationwide lockdown to what else ? Blackout call on April 5

The writing on the wall should be clear to all. Before the Nationwide lockdown was enforced, the country observed a 14 hour Janata Curfew from 7 am to 9 pm on March 22. To the discerning few the Janata Curfew would be the prologue to the 21 days Nationwid..

17 in Assam, two in Manipur Tip of the iceberg ?

Seventeen in Assam, two in Manipur, one each in Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram and the North East region too has joined the world map of coronavirus. Along with this the total cases of COVID-19 in India has risen to 1963 with 55 deaths as on April 1 and th..

Fresh hotspot in Delhi’s Nizamuddin Tracing the participants

As professionals engaged in the business of disseminating information to the public, it is getting more and more tough to keep up with the latest statistics on the number of infections and deaths due to COVID-19, at least in India. And so it stands that w..

Heed the lockdown call Playing with fire

Social distancing or physical distancing or whatever one calls it but it stands that the essence of the call behind the lockdown can only be ignored at one’s own peril.  Day 6 of the lockdown call and how many are sincerely adhering to the call..

Coping with 21 days lockdown Ensuring food for all

Lockdown for 21 days from March 25. Giving it more sense of urgency was obviously the report that one young girl, coming back from the United Kingdom, had tested positive for coronavirus on March 24. Despite the call of the Government and people in positi..

Violating anti-defection law Late but welcome

Violating the spirit and content of the anti-defection law. This is what Th Shyamkumar did the moment he decided to jump fence and sup with the BJP led Government after the State Assembly elections of 2017. Elected on a Congress (I) ticket from Andro Asse..

Coping with the present Lockdown amid curfew

Total lockdown for 21 days, that is till April 14. Curfew imposed all over the State to discourage people from congregating. Shops and supply points opened for a few hours to let people buy their needed provisions on selected days, notably on alternate da..

Studying the total shutdown in Manipur Address the basics

Obvious that the State Government is serious but is it prepared ?Right after Manipur entered the list of States having positive coronavirus cases on March 24, the State Government went ahead and imposed curfew all over Manipur to discourage people from as..

Ugly response to positive case of COVID-19 The virus has landed

The virus has landed. Nothing surprising here for Manipur is also very much a member of the community which collectively make up the global village. Again it is also not surprising to see so many misinformation and manufactured stories, in short blatant l..

Giving racial twist to coronavirus Threatening idea of India

Tragically ironic. Even as the world has come together as one under the clarion call to unitedly fight the novel coronavirus, which has so far claimed over 13 thousand lives worldwide, the same ailment has driven apart people of the North East from the un..

Cheering the unsung but real heroes: Hats off to the men in white

Cheering the unsung heroes, though ironically they are the real heroes and heroines in the ongoing fight against coronavirus which has already claimed over 13 thousand lives across the world. ..

How well prepared is Manipur? : Shutting down Ima Keithel

Maintain social distance. Wash hands frequently with soap and water. Use hand sanitisers. Lockdown. Call for Janata Curfew by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 22 urging the public to stay indoors from 7 am till 9 pm. ..

From Chinky to Coronavirus: Chain of racial profiling

From Chinky to Ching Chong Chinaman to Coronavirus besides Momo, the discrimination or rather racial profiling has not yet come full circle, for the past, the present and a look at the probable future says that such categorisation will continue...

Is Manipur taking adequate steps?: Warding off COVID-19

Three deaths and 155 infections and counting and sure to climb in the coming days. The figure may not be much when compared to other countries such as China, Italy, Iran and others, but there must be some reason why Dr T Jacob John..

What can Manipur expect? : Titular King in the race for RS

The question of bigger import is what can Manipur expect from Leishemba Sanajaoba once he enters Rajya Sabha. This is a question which is dear to The Sangai Express and needs to be raised at this juncture. ..

Communal violence & over-lapping ethnic aspirations

The sudden conflagration that broke out at Chassad village of Kamjong district on March 15 and 16 is rather unfortunate. What provoked the violent confrontation is not clear at the moment but it is crystal clear that there is a deep-rooted distrust betwee..

Is society gender-sensitive enough?

The report that a young woman had been gang-raped by four men is extremely shocking and ghastly. It is a very serious crime of bestial nature. The beasts hidden behind human faces of the four rapists came to the fore..

Need to heed CM’s appeal: Scale down Yaoshang revelry

The appeal of Chief Minister N Biren to scale down Yaoshang revelry this year should be taken with the seriousness it deserves. Top this off with the advisory from the Union Health Ministry to the citizens to avoid crowded places..

Ugly development at exam centre: Student violence

Student violence. Nothing more and nothing less than this. It was plain violence in all its ugliness and there can be no ground to offer any excuses. What makes the violence at Lilong Higher Secondary Madrassa on March 5..

No harm in extraordinary measures: Restrictions on Thabal Chongba

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures and the very purpose of toying with the idea of restricting Thabal Chongba during the Yaoshang festival should be understood in the current context...

From Wuhan to over 70 countries: Strict vigil should continue

The mortality rate may be low but this is not the issue. What is worrying is the rapid spread of the virus and from Wuhan in China, today the coronavirus has spread to over 70 countries. ..

Verbal spat : Reading the minutes Politics behind war of words

The politics behind the war of words between the NSCN (IM) and Interlocutor to the peace talks RN Ravi is interesting and so many things may be read into this...

No cure, highly contagious Prevention the only way

The pace of spread is worrying and a look at its spread within a short span of just three months should underline this. As things stand today, over 3000 people have died worldwide while more than 88,400 have been reported to be infected by the highly cont..

Lining up for delimitation, ADC polls: Rolling up sleeves

Manipur named amongst four States in the North Eastern part of the country which should go in for delimitation exercise now as the Legislative Department of the Law Ministry has observed the circumstances that led to the ..

Limiting Chinese influence by engaging Myanmar?

Slowly and steadily India’s engagement with Myanmar is gaining momentum. The two neighbouring countries signed as many as 10 agreements. The deals were signed in presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Myanmar President U Win Myint at New Delhi..

Ceasefire, stand-offs, taxation and extortion

The recent stand-off between troops of Assam Rifles and NSCN-IM cadres at Senapati throws up some very interesting questions. Is the ceasefire agreement between Government of India and NSCN-IM effective ..

Separate land law for the hills ?: Idea of Manipur

The State Government is working out on a plan to have a separate law for the land in the hills. This is what Chief Minister N Biren said on the floor of the Assembly the other day. Not yet clear how this will go down with the hill..

Imphal-Mandalay bus service: Engaging neighbours & beyond

Finally, bus service between Imphal and Mandalay is taking a concrete shape and it is indeed a landmark development for both India and Myanmar, particularly for India’s landlocked North East region. ..

Defunct irrigation facilities and doubling farmers’ income

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious vision of doubling farmers’ income by 2022 sounds rather paradoxical if not bombastic, at least in Manipur. Doubling farmers’ income means expanding and promoting agricultural activities. It is on..

Outcome of ‘taken note of’ camps

Another manifestation of the ‘taken note of’ camps. Thanks to the intervention of civil society organisations-the Naga People’s Organisation (NPO), Senapati District Students’ Association (SDSA)..

Leaking question papers of Class XI: Give exemplary penalty

It could be much more than question papers of some subjects leaked and could point to the presence of a bigger ‘gang’ who are in the know and are well placed to lay their hands on the said question papers well before the exams...

Addressing traffic congestion in Imphal: Shift commercial centres

Growth of population and rapid increase in number of vehicles coupled with little expansion of roads and bridges-these are the reasons for the growing traffic congestion in Imphal city. This was Chief Minister N Biren Singh ..

Nambul, Kongba in the list of infamous 60 : Cry of Dying Rivers

Making it to the list of infamy and to The Sangai Express this has not come as a surprise. Much before the Delhi based Centre for Science and Environment included Nambul and Kongba among the 60 most polluted rivers in the North ..

Class X examination has started ! First stepping stone

A big day it is for over 38 thousand young students who are appearing for the HSLC examinations which started today (February 17). An important date too, no doubt. It is also an important day for thousands of parents and guardians whose children and wards..

Festival with a significant message: From 2016 to 2020

A festival with a message. If Guru Rewben Mashangva touched the right chord in belting out a number, ‘China be strong, Wuhan be strong,’ underlining the need for humanity to stand as one against the novel coronavirus ..

Online for Inner Line Permit: Redefining ‘global village’

Online. This should redefine the understanding of ‘global village’. Just how much the internet has impacted on the lives of the people can be easily gauged from the fact that now students and parents do not need to walk from one ..

‘School Fagathansi’ Mission: Focus on Govt schools

The focus is on Government schools and rightly so. It is out of sheer exasperation that many well meaning citizens of the land had suggested that children of all Government school teachers should be made to study in Government ..

Enacting a farce, MPP style: Comical caricature

No doubt about it but the Manipur People’s Party (MPP) is today a caricature of all that is comical and at the same time tragic. Comical for the stand off that one sees within the oldest regional political party in the State..

Third time in office for the AAP: Full marks to governance

Focus on governance and this strategy has worked out perfectly well for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Arvind Kejriwal. Water supply, power supply, schools in Delhi, transportations-these are some points which touch the daily..

Weekly Mao Market at Imphal More than just selling

This is something much more than a question of some folks coming all the way down to Imphal to sell their wares and it is in recognition of this that the Coordination Committee of Mao-Imphal Market came into being after some people of Nagaland obstructed ..

Heed appeal of Chairman of COHSEM: Ahead of Class XII exams

The teachers on protest do have a point but the appeal of the Chairman of the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur (COHSEM) should also be taken in the right spirit. 7th Pay this is what the Council of Teachers’ Association..

NE ignored for many years stand of PM : ‘Chicken Neck’ syndrome

North East ignored for many years but today it is the growth engine. This was Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address in the Lok Sabha and it is more than clear that the focal ..

Need to restrict cross border interactions:Prevention the only way

It is not a joke and as things stand today, the Wuhan coronavirus has spread throughout the world. This is not an issue specific to a country, a region or even a continent, but is a global issue...

Living in the age of nCoV and Swine Flu:Strict vigil : The need

The situation is a bit worryingly alarming. No positive case of coronavirus or nCoV so far, but two persons have tested positive for Swine Flu. So amid the fear generated by nCoV comes the news that two persons have tested positive..

Visions sans missions and North East India

It was on August 11, 2018 that Union Minister for Communication, Electronics and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad released the Digital North East Vision 2022 in Guwahati. ..

FIR against MPSC: Time to root out the rot

If all the controversies surrounding the competitive examinations it conducted are any indication, something is very seriously wrong with the Manipur Public Service Commission or MPSC in short. Hardly any competitive examination conducted by MPSC went off..

Vanishing wetlands: Another outcome of anthropogenic pressures

Once lost, it would be impossible to retrieve or regenerate any of the wetlands which are closely associated with our world view and of course, livelihood. The report that all wetlands of Manipur except Loktak and Pumlenpat ..

Sports : Making it to the news for right reasons:Talent scouters at the grassroot

One of the few reasons why Manipur makes it to the news for all the right reasons and one doesn’t need to look beyond the playing fields. Padma Vibhushan for Mary Kom, Padma Bhushan for O Bembem Devi and now..

Padma Vibhushan for Mary Kom: Ultimate crowning of a great champion

Perhaps, the illustrious career of champion boxer MC Mary Kom has reached its zenith, and the country has honoured her stellar achievement with none other than Padma Vibhushan which is the highest civilian award in the country..

Alert call from China via coronavirus: How prepared is Manipur ?

No coronavirus yet but State vulnerable : This was the State Health Department and to think how Manipur would respond to the situation if this killer Virus lands here is terrifying. ..

Peace pact signed with the NDFB: Talking peace via pacts

Peace pact. Political negotiations. This is obviously the mantra of the BJP led Government at the Centre and this is best exemplified by the pact signed between New Delhi and four armed groups of Assam..

The State Government needs a rethink Replacing AR at check points

The State Government needs a rethink and pronto. In deciding that State forces will replace Assam Rifles at all the check posts, the State Government may just be delivering the point that it cannot remain as silent spectators to the goondaism of some of t..

Autonomous councils the solution ? Likely final pact with NSCN (IM)

Territory intact but autonomous councils for the Nagas of Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. This is the likely solution after the final pact is signed between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India. The final pact may be signed any day soon, but no one se..

Looking at the journey from 1972: Look back and learn!

Manipur as a full fledged State of the Union of India is now 49 years old and the 49th Statehood Day was again held as an official function with the who is who of the State Government in full attendance, with Chief Minister N Biren ..

Decide within four weeks message from SC: Spirit of 10th Schedule

Come back to us if the Speaker does not act within four weeks even after being asked to do so. This was the Supreme Court of India to the Congress petitioners after it had asked the Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly..

Mentality of those who man Khudengthabi: Targeting an IPS officer

A manifestation of the mentality of the men in uniform who man the Khudengthabi checkpost on the Imphal-Moreh highway. So from branding the ordinary travellers at the said checkpost with a stamp on the hand..

Interesting pact between KNO and NNPGs The posers that follow

An unlikely pact, much less an Accord. But this is just what the Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) and the Kuki National Organisation (KNO) have done. One is a group thought to be primarily active in Nagaland and the other in Manipur, though their ac..

Wildfire at lower ridge of Shirui Kashong: Wake up call to everyone

Not as devastating as the recent bushfire at Australia, but the report that the lower ridge of Shirui Kashong, known as Sarum Kateng located above Vangayan-Shirui Lily Heritage Centre-should serve as the wake up call to everyone. ..

Environment conservation & mankind’s immediate requirements

It was with the Industrial Revolution which heralded the rise of capitalism. Once capitalism became the dominant model of economy, almost all human societies ceased to live in harmony with their natural surroundings...

Drugs and manufacturing units: Who are the kingpins?

The reports came thick and in quick succession. These reports are nothing to be rejoiced about rather they are quite disturbing. Reports of destruction of poppy plantations and seizure of contraband drugs of different types ..

Checking the statements of UG outfits: Media always the soft target

The media is always the soft target. And mind you, it is not of the recent past. What did the State Government do when the media houses were attacked ? Or is it a case of the media houses not formally reporting the matter..

Call to curb favouritism and nepotism: Cash for jobs!

Chief Minister N Biren has pledged to stop favouritism and nepotism. This is good and should go down well with the people, but the question of bigger import is whether this was such the case when favouritism and nepotism..

Too many festivals in a year observation Defining character of a people

Food for thought-Too many festivals in a year. MLA of Keirao Assembly Constituency Lourembam Rameshwor has just touched on a topic which has hitherto been thought to be of no consequence, but still has a defining impact on the people as a whole. Land of f..

How about the Salt Lake Manipur Bhavan?: Land acquired at Dwarka

Land purchased for the third Manipur Bhavan at Delhi, that is after the existing Bhavans at Chanakyapuri and Sadar Patel Marg. All well and good, but one hopes that the process to set up a new Manipur Bhavan..

Giving a fresh push to the Lim debate? Talking in different tongues

No change in the territory of Manipur-this is the repeated assurance of the Government of India. The boundary and integrity of Manipur will remain intact-this is Chief Minister N Biren, obviously taking a cue from the repeated..

After effects of CAA in North East; Toll on political parties

One gone, but not yet clear whether this is just the beginning or the end. Perhaps judging the pulse of the people of Nagaland or perhaps because the MP in question here violated the decision of the party to oppose the Citizenship ..

Claiming hands in attack at JNU; A bloody debut !

A bloody debut this is, with all the blood and gore and this is how the Hindu Raksha Dal has announced its entry into campus politics, or whatever one may call it. The blow on the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)..

Now that the festive air is over; Time to focus on examinations

The festive air of Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020 must be over and ideally these festivities should just be a break from the intensely high demand that this time of the year entails. Attention of all should now be on the coming HSLC..

BJP : In Delhi and Manipur The twain does not meet

The polarisation that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) spawns is indeed deep and while in other parts of the country one sees anti-CAA rallies and meetings being staged, there are equally a large number of people..

Assam looking at bygone years; Political alternative question

A political alternative out of the stir against the Citizenship Act and suddenly Assam seems to be looking at the same situation which saw the rise of Prafulla Kumar Mahanta and his one time colleague the late Bhrigu Phukan..