Learn to look 10/20/30 years hence Wanted : Visionary leaders

Resolving the ongoing ethnic clash between the Meiteis and the Kuki-Zos should obviously be on top of the agenda of the Government, but yet at the same time it has increasingly become important for Manipur to have leaders who can look 10/20/30 or even 50 ..

Poser from a villager says it all Kamjong : Numbers don’t lie

This has not come from the world of the academia nor from any of those who are clubbed in the ‘intellectual’ class, but from a villager of Kamjong and it is profound. It also falls perfectly in line with the points raised by The Sangai Express..

Manipur stands scandalised Depraved mentality

If not for the ongoing ethnic clash, year 2024 would have surely gone down as the Year of the S.. Scandal. The Sangai Express did not carry the names of the four Stars in the escapade, but already a video clip of the main accused naming the high profile p..

Let the rule of law prevail Show there is a Govt in place

The price of war. Or will it justifiably come under the understanding of the ‘price of war ?’ The answer could depend on who is answering the poser, but be clear that Yairipok Keithel shut shop and staged a massive sit-in protest against what ..

In a state of war for over a yearDelhi is answerable

In a ‘state of war’ for over a year. Over 200 killed on either side of the clash divide. Many still missing. Thousands displaced with majority of them surviving in relief centres set up across the length and breadth of the State. Numerous hous..

Delhi’s stand after 1 year of clash Tragically amazing

It is ‘tragically amazing’ that even after more than a year since the clash between the Meiteis and the Kuki-Zos erupted in all its ugliness on May 3, 2023, New Delhi continues to toe the line that the ‘Government would need to resolve t..

Rasing the call to replace Minister Connecting the dots

Demanding that a Minister be dropped or a new face be appointed in place of the incumbent is par for the course but the demand raised by the Manipur Naga Youth Organisation (MNYO) to appoint a new Tribal Affairs and Hills Minister in place of incumbent Le..

Look for ways to restore normalcy Debunk ‘peace later’ slogan

The tasks before the Government should be clear. There is no indication that Manipur has taken her first step towards normalcy but this is no reason for the Government to sleep over the matter. The much tom tommed Peace Committee that was formed during th..

Double tragedy: No time for red-tapism

15,000 is a huge number, specially when it refers to houses destroyed or damaged by hailstorm or thunderstorm. It is now official that more than 15,000 houses have been either damaged or completely destroyed by the hailstorm/thunderstorm which lashed seve..

One day after devastating hailstorm Price of tin sheets and others

The Government did respond promptly. Even as reports of the devastation caused by the hailstorm and rain continued to pour into the office of The Sangai Express on May 5, 2024 came reports of the Chief Minister assuring all possible assistance to the peop..

Leaving a trail of destruction Devastating hailstorm

The extent of the damage caused by the hailstorm is gradually beginning to sink in though the finer details of exactly how many dwelling houses were damaged, standing seasonal crops destroyed and the losses incurred by the public are yet to be worked out...

Lessons learnt in the last one year All questions and questions

One year since Manipur erupted in ethnic violence with no indication that a solution is in sight. The question is, whether Manipur has been able to sift facts from fiction in the last 365 days, whether Manipur has taken any meaningful strides towards brea..

May 3, 2023 to May 3, 2024 What is the way forward

May 3, 2023 to May 3, 2024. 365 days. 12 Months. One year. Over 200 on either side of the clash divide killed. Over 30 people missing. Thousands still surviving in relief centres set up all over the State. Houses dismantled and levelled to the ground. Par..

Racing towards the one year mark Questions to Imphal, Delhi

A tragedy it is that even as Manipur is fast racing towards the completion of one year of ethnic clash between the Meiteis and the Kuki-Zos, one is constrained to ask  whether there is a Government in place or not. Even as armed elements in full batt..

Showing ugly face of muscle powerStudying the repoll trend

Muscle and Money Power. Add Gun Power to the list of Power and the script is ready to capture in print the election to the two seats of the Lok Sabha held for Manipur. The people may have spoken and sealed the fates of the candidates in so far as the Inne..

Marching towards May 3, 2024 Fresh surge in violence

The pattern and agenda behind the surge in fresh violence should be clear to Imphal and Delhi, and obviously the people. Even as each day brings Manipur closer to the one year mark, which is on May 3, Kuki militants are hell bent on underlining the run up..

People have spoken, Manipur has voted Two phased polls

Manipur has voted and while it is still not very clear whether repoll will be held in any of the polling stations where trouble erupted in Ukhrul district and at Karong AC in Senapati district during the second phase of the election on April 26, it is now..

Attack on fuel tankers & blasting highway bridge: Siege warfare?

With three powerful explosions causing substantial damage to a key bridge on Imphal-Dimapur highway, a new dimension is emerging to the violent conflict which has been raging in the state for almost one full year.  It is quite obvious that the milita..

All set for second phase poll Speaking of issues

Voters in 47 Assembly Constituencies have had their say in the just held Parliamentary elections in the first phase of the voting on April 19, followed by the repoll in 11 Polling Stations on April 22. Come April 26, or say 24 hours after readers go throu..

Nearing the one year mark Break the silence

Today is April 24, 2024 and in a few days from now, May 3, 2024 will be within shaking hands distance. Nearly one year since the clash erupted and over 60 thousand people continue to survive in the different relief centres set up across the State. Many ar..

Vote has been cast, repoll held Keeping the ST demand alive

Vote has been cast. Repoll has been  held and now it is time for leikai and office experts to have their time under the Sun, reading the election tea leaves complete with minute calculation and expounding on the number of votes a candidate is likely ..

May 3, 2023 to May 3, 2024 Racing towards one year mark

The election dust is yet to settle down. Eleven polling stations will go for repoll today, that is April 22 and while debates and arguments can be expected on whether the number of polling stations marked for repoll is the correct reflection of the large ..

Candidate delivers a point Ugly turns on voting day

It should be obvious to all. April 19, 2024 definitely belonged to Angomcha Bimol Akoijam of the Congress and this is regardless of the outcome of the polls. Even as the day belonged to the Congress candidate, it also stands that quite a number of  f..

LS election with a difference Responsibility of choice

Not that people expect a miracle but it is heartening to see so many taking a keen interest in the election debates and discussions that have been hogging the limelight, especially in the face of the ongoing clash between the Meiteis and the Kukis. Even a..

Adding muscle to ST demand Now look beyond LS poll

Campaigning has come to a close and while it remains to be seen who will go to Parliament to represent Manipur, this is perhaps the time to ponder over whether the very act of sending a new face or new faces to the Lok Sabha will mean anything positive fo..

Cong looking to buck the trend Interests kicked up

There is a reason why the coming Lok Sabha election has evoked so much interest amongst the voters and not without reason.  In many ways the outcome of the election will reflect the people’s stand on the manner in which New Delhi has responded ..

The ‘15 days’ conundrum Visit on the 15th of April

Will be back after 15 days actually meant will return on the 15th and come he did on April 15. This is the one line punch that has been doing the round on the social media, while referring to the one day or two hours visit of Union Home Minister Amit Shah..

Fundamental points to be kept in mind Test of people’s character

The eruption of violence after a lull of some time should more than indicate that what Manipur now needs is some voice of sanity that may be effectively conveyed to the outside world and this is where the importance of the coming Lok Sabha elections shoul..

Posers voters should raise now Disrespecting the people

Questions, yes this is the time to raise questions and see if any of the political party or to be more specific if any of the Big 2 can respond to the questions being raised. This is the time for all right thinking persons to raise questions and not simpl..

The heavy stake behind the LS polls Responsibility on the voters

Congress candidate Professor Angomcha Bimol Akoijam is bang on target in asserting that how the voters vote will go a long way in deciding the future of Manipur, but yet at the same time how the voters vote may also decide the fate of quite some prominent..

Taking the ST demand to the election ring Need to keep tempo up

The ST for Meiteis campaign is on track and rightly so for this is ideally the moment to pile the pressure on the different political parties as well as the candidates to let them voice their stand on the demand which is gaining momentum by the day. At th..

NOTA as a choice

In multiple-type questions, ‘None of the Above’ can be the correct answer sometimes. But in the context of elections, whether ‘None of the Above’ or NOTA can be a wise choice demands a serious debate. When some people, though insig..

Interesting choice of candidates Eyes on the Big Two

It is interesting and this observation comes from the choice of candidates of the big two-the BJP and the Congress-to fight it out in the Inner Parliamentary Constituency. In settling for Dr Angomcha Bimol Akoijam, the Congress has more than indicated tha..

Sort of a referendum on the Govt Opting for the NOTA button

Is Manipur placed to go to polls for the two phased Lok Sabha elections on April 19 and April 26 ? The answer would largely depend on the different interpretations given to the present reality, but the fact is even after more than 11 months of the clash t..

Clock ticking towards voting day Central point is Manipur

To many, the coming Lok Sabha election will be a sort of a referendum to the manner in which the BJP led Government, both at Imphal and New Delhi, has dealt with the ongoing ethnic clash, which is set to complete a full 11 months. This is particularly tru..

Not quite the final countdown The issues at stake

The countdown has begun. Well not exactly, for the BJP, which is one of the Big 2, is yet to announce the name of its candidate for the Inner Parliamentary Consti- tuency. So far only the Indian National Congress and the CPI have announced the names of th..

Politics of naming candidates Eyes on BJP, Cong

The politics of choosing the candidate. Make it the candidate, in so far as the BJP is concerned while this line will may also hold true for the Naga People’s Front (NPF) in the Outer Parliamentary Constituency. The NPF has already announced the nam..

Interesting run up to LS polls Interests of Manipur

Interesting stage, one may say. The Big 2 have not yet announced their candidates, either in the Inner Parliamentary Constituency or the Outer Parliamentary Consti- tuency but this has not stopped numerous ‘poll pundits’ from coming forward an..

Monitoring the rehab centres MHRC on track

The Manipur Human Rights Commission has done its job. Now it is left to be seen what course of action the State Government particularly the Social Welfare Depart- ment takes up to plug the loopholes. It was on March 17 that a two-man team from the Rights ..

Playing the card close to its chestEyes on the Big 2

Politics of silence. Playing the card close to its chest. Not surprising for the coming Lok Sabha election will be crucial though it may mean different things to the Big 2, the BJP and the Congress. This is particularly so for the Inner Parliamentary Cons..

ATSUM spilling the beans now Tryst with infamy

The tryst with infamy is complete. Even as former office bearers of the All Tribal Students’ Union, Manipur minced no words in asserting that the Churachandpur based Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum (ITLF) and the Kangpokpi based Committee on ..

Gearing up for Lok Sabha polls Sort of a referendum

In more ways than one the outcome of the Lok Sabha elections, at least in the Inner seat, will be a sort of a referendum on the conduct of the BJP led Government at Imphal. The silence of the Prime Minister continues, even after more than 10 months of the..

Sit across the table and talk Cry for rule of law

A dialogue. Sit across the table and talk things over. This is what anyone with a modicum of sensibility would advocate to resolve the ongoing ethnic clash and there cannot be two ways about it. And for anyone to come to the negotiating table, the right a..

Wanted : A Govt that works Veering towards anarchy

What is there to show that there is a Government in place at Imphal ? The answer is best left to the people who matter, but even as 37715 students are set to appear for one of the most important stages in their academic pursuit, the Class X exams conducte..

Questions for political parties Run up to LS polls

The crucial question is whether Manipur has learnt any lesson during the last ten months of violence or not. No clear cut answer here, but what is clear is the emergence of numerous power centres, each with its own set of agenda, but emerging all in the n..

Gearing up for LS polls amid unrest Setting the agenda

Unarguably the biggest festival of the indigenous Meitei people, Ningol Chakkouba was given the go by in 2023 amid the ongoing ethnic clash between the Meiteis and the Kukis-qualified by the terms illegal immigrants and militants. Christmas was a muted af..

Questions over the status of SoO pact Realpolitiks at play

Ten months into the conflict and there is nothing to suggest that normalcy is anywhere near in sight. The question is how long Manipur can afford to continue living in this state of conflict. A question which should be given top priority and the fact of t..

Time to show lessons learnt A test for the voters

May 3, 2023 to March 10, 2024 and what are the lessons that Manipur has learnt from these days of turmoil ? Over 200 killed, that is officially, 28 still missing, with the Government still unable to officially confirm their status and if dead, recover the..

Time to set right the narrative Beyond the Judiciary

It is unfortunate and hard to accept that even after more than 10 months of the ethnic clash erupting on May 3, 2023, New Delhi continues to stick to the wrong narrative that the violence erupted because the Manipur High Court ‘recommended Scheduled..

Coming Lok Sabha elections Dialling M for votes

It is early days yet but already pundits who like to believe that they belong to the charmed circle who have access to the corridors of power and hence know what is going on behind closed doors, the educated  and conscientious younger and not so youn..