Menace on the roads of Imphal Tragic accident

The report was straight and simple. The type which any student of journalism would understand and which are usually taught to cub reporters. That is mention the four Ws of when, where, what and why and the lone H, that is how. At least this is what The Sa..

Creating vacuum for others to rush in ? Students at the forefront

It is a given that whenever any vacuum is created, then nearby forces will rush in to fill the vacuum and it is this truism that The Sangai Express had repeatedly asserted while explaining why it was natural for others to rush in and fill the vacuum in th..

Vaccine and low count of infection Time to look ahead

The vaccine has arrived today (January 13). The infection count has been low in the last couple of days, coming down from as high as 200 plus to below the 50 mark count and no deaths in the last three days. Not that the number of positive cases detected o..

More of a question when, not should Seeking opinions

Chairman of the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur (COHSEM), Dr L Mahendra Singh has made it clear. The decision on examinations to be conducted by the Council will be taken by the Government based on the feedbacks submitted by the Principals ..

Looking forward to RCC bridges Connecting via Jiri

Turning the verbal assurances to solid, substantive RCC bridges and a few months hence, this may just about become a reality if reports coming in that construction work of Makru and Barak bridges may be completed by April this year is anything to go by. M..

The call for the new normal still stands Date set for vaccine

The date set by the Government of India to roll out the COVID-19 vaccination drive : January 16. India’s immunisation drive will obviously be one of the biggest in the world and Manipur will be part of this huge movement of vaccines and people. A mo..

The twin challenges of poppy plantation & drug trafficking

Large scale poppy cultivation in the hill areas of Manipur is no longer a secret but it has become a serious socio-economic and political challenge. The Government, apparently perturbed by the ever exacerbating drug menace..

Re-opening and rethinking border trade

After a gap of almost one year, Indo-Myanmar border trade through Moreh township is re-opening. It was the COVID-19 pandemic which forced the closure of the border trade and it gave a severe blow to traders, transporters, shopkeepers, hoteliers etc. With ..

Economic growth: A mirage so far

Skill development, innovation and entrepreneurship have been generally accepted as the key foundations for economic development of any society or nation. Even though these three elements are of paramount importance, they are not enough to bring economic d..

Lamphelpat: A victim of unplanned urbanisation

Rapid urbanisation and other anthropocentric activities have been wreaking havoc to almost every single natural body of this planet and Manipur is no exception. The extent of damages done to natural bodies can be mitigated to some extent if urbanisation i..

Disturbed Area status: An unwelcome gift

There was nothing new nor any element of surprise when the State Government decided to extend the Disturbed Area status tagged to the State with the exception of Imphal Municipal area for one more year with effect from December 1, 2020, but of course it c..

On stepping into a brand New Year The next 365 days

2021 is now upon us and like other years earlier, this New Year too will come with its set of challenges and obstacles and how these challenges are met will go a long way in deciding how Manipur opens its doors to the later future. The first challenge wil..

2020 : Decisive for the BJP in Manipur Looking forward to 2022

Decisive for the BJP. That is perhaps how the saffron party will look back at 2020 when the world steps into 2021 in 24 hours from now. Despite the global pandemic and the increasing number of deaths and positive cases, despite the huge economic losses an..

New virus strain : The world is worried Awaiting results from NIV

The world is worried. India too is worried. But is Manipur worried ? This question has been raised in the backdrop of the fact that compulsory testing of incoming air passengers has been done away with, save for passengers who have had a travel history to..

Significant 2 hours delay in leaving Imphal Conflicting demands

United Naga Council (UNC) backing the demand for a separate flag and Constitution and integration of all contiguous Naga areas to take the negotiations between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India to a logical conclusion. The Kuki Inpi, Manipur (KIM)..

Blow out the old, ring in the new The new normal

Out the old, in the new. This is what the global pandemic has stipulated and what was once normal will no longer be so and how well a society adapts to the understanding of the new normal will largely depend on the understanding..

The reality : Virus is still out there Unwanted relaxations

Let it be very clear. The virus is still out there. The number of positive cases may have seen a downward trend in the last couple of days, but the latest report of 20 people out of 41 testing positive from a single locality should more than..

No test for incoming passengers Stand of APSCS

The stand of the Association of Premier State College Seniors (APSCS) makes absolute sense and this is something which the State Government should take note of. Daily fresh cases of COVID-19 has seen a gradual downward trend..

High profile arrest, high profile acquittal Building a strong case

Apart from the COVID-19 global pandemic, if at all 2020 will be remembered for years to come it will obviously be for the infamous Lhukhosei Zou, who today stands acquitted of the drug smuggling charges levelled against him by the Government of Manipur. It also stands that any reference to Lhukhosei Zou will come with the addendum of former Additional SP of Narcotics and Affairs of Border, Th Brinda, who incidentally has returned the gallantry award bestowed on her by the State Government under its ..

Dissolved but not ready for polls? The case of ADC Chairmen

The Chairmen and Members of the Autonomous District Councils have reasons to be peeved. Dissolving the ADCs without making any visible preparations for holding the elections is somewhat like putting the cart before the horse ..

Time to read between the lines Study all possibilities

Read between the lines. Not the time to take everything at face value. The circumstances demand it, the politics at play demands it. Study all possibilities. It can be more than a rant and this is how Manipur should take the outburst of the NSCN (IM)..

Reckless sense of ‘bravado’ Shopping for Covid?

Stupidity written in bold in all the reckless sense of ‘bravado’ and exhibited by the people with each passing day at the major shopping areas of Imphal. No doubt, Ningol Chakkouba is one of the biggest festivals of the people of Manipur..

Four out of five in by elections Shot in the arm for BJP

Four out of five is not bad at all and Chief Minister N Biren has reasons to be pleased with the by elections, results of which have been declared on November 10. And in as much as the Chief Minister has every reason to grin from ear ..

Politically crucial by polls for some Understanding the stake

It is more than a by election and for reasons which are politically crucial. The results of the by elections to the four Assembly Constituencies can go a long way in determining how Chief Minister N Biren stands within the BJP..

By poll over, now focus on the virus Govt should set example

Time for the Government to now turn their undivided attention to COVID-19 and concentrate all its resources to the fight against the virus which has claimed close to 200 lives and is seemingly spreading at will...

Out Surchandra, in Rameshwar Other side of second best

Negating the oft repeated line, ‘Voteta second taba kannabro’ (No point in coming second best in an election and often used as an example to deride a half baked idea, but somehow when translated into English, the punch is lost)..

Preparing for post Covid era The time is now!

If at all there is something that can and should be learnt from the global pandemic then it should be the sense of responsibility. And this sense of responsibility should go beyond the understanding of I to We. ..

DESAM, AIMS, ANSAM on target Nail the guilty

The Democratic Students’ Alliance of Manipur (DESAM), Apunba Irepakki Maheirol Singpanglup (AIMS) and All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur (ANSAM) are bang on target. The High Court of Manipur has already spoken..

Climbing cases and deaths A hard look at the reality

How well is Manipur coping with the pandemic ? This question is important and may be viewed against the climbing number of deaths and infection. Ever since Manipur threw open its doors and organised special trains and buses..

Highway of bailey bridges ! Second lifeline

Imphal-Jiribam Highway or National Highway-37 sounds more like a misnomer. National Highway Bailey Bridges would sound more apt. The difficult terrain is understandable but it is highly amusing that the 200 km stretch between Imphal and Jiribam is adorned..

Raising the call for a Greater Lim Opening two fronts?

In transitional phase, prepared to give time to fulfil it, but it is the right of the Nagas to be integrated or to come under one administrative unit. This was Thuingaleng Muivah while speaking to Karan Thapar for The Wire on October 17. ..

Team from Delhi speaks sense ! Imphal has to listen

Delhi speaks, Imphal listens. Good this is, for listening to sane advice and suggestion is always welcome and much better than to strike a ‘know it all’ posture and bungle in everything possible. And so it is that after the suggestion ..

Putting a ban on six schools The school fees conundrum

Wonder how this would have been noted by the State Government. This question may be better understood in the backdrop of the fact that a student organisation has ‘banned’ six private schools ostensibly for charging fees from ..

Mantra of trace, test and treat Running low on testing kits

Test touba hek leppadi covid, novid naba amatta thengnaroi. A tongue in the cheek exchange between friends, to express their helplessness over the never ending increase in the number of positive cases ever since the virus landed..

Call of ATSUM to hold ADC polls Hold elections on time

Let it be very clear. The All Tribal Students’ Union, Manipur (ATSUM) has not called off the proposed 48 hours bandh, but merely deferred it by ten days. Unstated but clear in the decision of the student body to defer the proposed ..

From October 22 to October 25 Waiting for new SOP

This is not the time for ‘file pushing,’ not the time for ‘red tapism’ and certainly not the time to let the ‘excess adipose’ lull the Government machinery to an ‘afternoon siesta’. It was on October 22 that..

Straight from the NSCN (IM) leader Take 50 paise first stand

Whether the talk between the Government of India and the NSCN (IM) breaks down or not is a different matter, but it is significant to note that the outfit is still very much wedded to the idea of a Greater Lim, Naga Integration..

Looking beyond another spell of lockdown Points for new SOP

Looking beyond lockdowns. This is clear from the decision of the high level meeting convened at the Chief Minister’s Secretariat on October 22 and this should not come as a surprise for lockdown is something which Prime Minister Narendra Modi had on..

Politics of peace talk Pressure of push and pull

The politics of peace talk. Dicey and not exactly clear which way the politics of push and pull will take the peace talks between the Government of India and the NSCN (IM) on the one hand and the NNPGs on the other. ..

Ahead of high level meeting Points to ponder

The reality somewhat sums it up. Galloping number of positive cases, on an average running into more than 300 cases per day, Chief Minister N Biren himself declaring that there are signs of community transmission in the State..

‘Signs of community spread’ Over 15 thousand cases

Chief Minister N Biren must have weighed his words carefully before announcing that there are indeed signs of community transmission in the State. The Chief Minister did not exactly go to the extent of proclaiming that there..

Partners in coalition Govt Witty exchange of words

Not exactly weird but strange bedfellows. No love lost and it is the maths of keeping the Congress out of the frame of any Government formation that the BJP and the NPP are still there together in the coalition Government. And making things more worse wou..

Tough talk from Th Muivah ‘Till last man standing’

Will never join Indian Union nor accept India’s Constitution. Tough talk and not surprising that it should come from Thuingaleng Muivah, the general secretary of the NSCN (IM) during an exclusive chat with The Wire on October 16...

Rising number of deaths and infections Containment zones

The situation is grim. Hundred and four deaths, as on October 15 and this is without adding the 53 year old woman who was rushed to the hospital not for anything related to COVID-19 but due to a severe abdominal pain..

Consultative meet sans NNPGs, NSCN (IM) Taken into confidence ?

It is interesting and something to be noted. Consultative meeting convened by the Government of Nagaland to discuss the ongoing peace dialogue and the political issues that go along with the talks but the two principal parties, that is the ..

Projected figure of 25,000 by mid November Scheduled by polls and fests

Positive cases likely to touch the 25,000 figure by mid-November and this should be taken as something more than a mere conjecture. A figure of 200 plus positive cases is the daily increase that Manipur has been witnessing for many..

High profile entry of two to BJP In line with Congress Mukt ?

One is obviously past his prime while the other does not exactly qualify to be called a heavyweight, but yet their decision to switch sides was big, very big news with all the newspapers published in Imphal carrying their entry ..

100 pc : Absurdly high cut off Inviting the perfect 10s

Pandemic or not, some things remain the same and again amongst the ‘some things,’ there are some which have broken the trend and seen a sharp upswing much in contrast to the economy of the land. Shocked, surprised, astounded and to some ‘..

Don’t deliver outside India quip Chicken neck syndrome

The chicken neck syndrome. The refusal to look beyond the Brahmaputra and the refusal on the part of successive Governments down the decades that the history of India is seriously lopsided with no mention of the people living to ..

Climbing death toll and infection To open or not conundrum

The death toll is climbing and at the last count as on October 8, 2020, the total number of people who have died due to COVID-19 in Manipur was 83. Corresponding to the death tally of 83 is the number of infected which stood at 12,679. ..

From bush war to politics of talks Tongue lashing media

The politics of peace. Something far removed from the politics of bush war for here there is no guarantee that all the bullets fired will always hit the target, no matter how straight the shooter is. This is something which the NSCN (IM) ..

Ugly stand off over NSU site Man made trouble

A global pandemic which has already claimed 78 lives so far and infected 12,240 individuals and amid this comes the stand off over the National Sports University site at Haraothel and the blockade imposed on National Highway 2..

Whistle blown for five ACs Ex-MLA now Minister

It is getting more and more interesting. Five Assembly Constituencies set to go for by polls on November 7 and adding to the spice is the presence of one recently appointed Minister. Come November 10 and it will be known ..

Atrociously ugly face of local heroes Ukhrul brutality

Self appointed leikai heroes and heroines. Only that in this case the term leikai may sound a bit odd and Tang (As in Rayotang, Awungtang etc) will be more apt here. Manipur saw the emergence of numerous leikai heroes and heroines when the first COVID-19 ..

September deadline has expired Politics of piling pressure

Already October 4 and it is more than clear that the numerous reports hinting at September as the deadline has turned out be just that, a hint and nothing more than an empty deadline. As the NSCN (IM) has been repeatedly saying..

Need to tighten one’s belt Unlock 2 on in Manipur

Now that more relaxations have been announced for Manipur, in line with the Nationwide Unlock 5.0 effective from October 1, the State Government will need to tighten its belt, given the rising number of positive cases as well..

Unlock 5.0 : Unlocking the economy Be wary of the festivals

Unlock 5.0 is on. The Centre has already come out with what can be further relaxed, leaving some crucial decisions such as re-opening schools after October 15 to the wisdom of the respective State Governments..

Wangjing Tentha, Lilong : Whistle blown Some important posers

As expected the Election Commission of India has blown the whistle and first off the block are Lilong and Wangjing Tentha Assembly Constituencies. At the moment, Manipur has 13 Assembly Constituencies without an MLA..

Being the junior partner in Govt Understanding the bottomline

Keep the Congress out of power. This is the primary reason, the other being the number equation, for the BJP not hesitating to don the role of small brother in Government formation with the NPP at Meghalaya with just 2 MLAs..

Mantra of trace, test and treat Giving up the fight ?

For three days on the trot, Manipur has been registering a growth rate of over 200 positive cases and this is worrying. Making it more worrying is the growing number of people with no known travel history getting infected. The figure should speak for them..

NPP : Adopt the wait and watch strategy Ahead of the by elections

NPP : Adopt the wait and watch strategy Ahead of the by elections..

Politics of drop and induct Ministers Kangpokpi speaks out !

Perhaps this is the first time that such an uproar has been raised against the decision to drop someone from the Council of Ministers and Kangpokpi Assembly Constituency has certainly notched up a probable first. ..

Offensive against party hopping No one is a holy cow here

CLP leader and former Chief Minister of Manipur O Ibobi Singh has every reason to feel peeved. The former Chief Minister hit the nail on the head in observing that MLAs who switch sides midway through are in effect betraying the trust reposed ..

Number games before reshuffle Interesting development

It is getting more and more interesting. Tough to say which one is more interesting, the proposed reshuffling of the Council of Ministers or the ‘inability’ to effect the reshuffle even 24 hours after news of the imminent rejig hit the ..

New advisory for COVID-19 positive patients Discharge after 10 days line

The new advisory issued by the State Health Department in the face of the rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 positive cases and the resultant deaths is interesting and is bound to raise eye brows from certain sections..

Shadow of PS over the head of BJP led Govt Spirit of Art 164-1 (A)

This will not cast the BJP led Government at Imphal in any good light. The spirit behind Article 164-1 (A) of the Constitution of India should be understood and appreciated but in appointing 12 MLAs as Parliamentary Secretaries, the very decision of Parli..

55 deaths and over eight thousand infected Below par recovery rate

The number of infected is climbing and so is the death toll. With Unlock 4.0 on and restrictions lifted on the movement of people, one may expect the number of positive cases to continue to climb and correspondingly..

Shadow of Greater Lim or Nagalim Flag and Constitution ?

Greater Lim or Nagalim. This was/is one of the major demands of the NSCN (IM), under Thuingaleng Muivah. Not hard to understand why such a demand was raised and why Manipur burned for days after the words ‘without territorial limits’..

Disturbing daily spike and total figure Responsibility of all

The daily spike is disturbing and correspondingly so is the total figure. Daily three figure increase, with the single highest surge recorded on September 15 with 293 cases and given the current trend it wouldn’t be long before Manipur ..

Call for only BJP Govt ahead of by polls BJP versus Cong versus NPP

BJP versus Congress. This is the main draw that will attract the attention of the people when by polls are held to the vacant Assembly seats. What however will add that extra dash of taste to the by election is the question of how the BJP squares off..

Nothing to gloat over occupying second slot Daily spike of 90 thousand plus

Second in the world and still going strong  and there is nothing to gloat over this. On the contrary there is every reason to worry over this position and the strong surge. With over 90 thousand cases recorded every 24 hours in the past few days, Ind..

Final pact sans the NSCN (IM)? Uneasy peace

Tough posture from both sides. Flag, Constitution and now renewing the demand for Naga integration or rather bringing all Naga inhabited areas under one administrative unit. This is the NSCN (IM). On the other hand is the vocal..

Need to go in for more after RAT False negatives

The directive of the Union Health Ministry to all States and Union Territories to compulsorily test all symptomatic negative cases of Rapid Antigen Tests through Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR..

21 years of reaching out to the readers From 1999 to 2020

Twenty one years back, that is on September 10, 1999, no one would have thought that The Sangai Express would be braving all odds to make sure that not a single day is missed due to a global pandemic that has got a stranglehold..

Noting post Covid complications Getting more worrisome

This is getting more worrisome. Just a day after a health official informed The Sangai Express that the virus which causes COVID-19 is mutating and has grown ‘stronger’, Medical Superintendent of RIMS, Professor Ch Arunkumar ..

How will voters in the 13 vacant ACs vote ? Countdown to by polls

The interesting question is how voters in the 13 vacant seats of the State Assembly will vote when by elections are held. A certain sense of urgency has been given to the by elections as the Election Commission of India has already..

Targeting young girls : Minds of retards Now get them !

Manipur certainly does not need this at this point of time when everyone, repeat everyone, is reeling under the COVID-19 pandemic and it will need more than tough talks from the Chief Minister to set things straight. Straight as in getting the culprits ar..

Leaving many unanswered questions Increasing local transmission

The death toll is now 38. The number of infected or positive cases, as on September 5 is 6883. These are the statistics, the number of deaths and the number of infection, but what is worrying is the growing number of those with no travel ..

Climbing number of cases, deaths Time to think out of the box

The State Government will need to think out of the box. Despite the restrictions, the lockdowns and the SOPs the number of positive cases continue to grow and the five deaths on a single day should be a grim reminder that this..

How will the Naga CSOs respond ? Challenges before final pact

It is getting more and more interesting and what was once thought unthinkable seems to be staring everyone in the face today. This of course does not mean the last word has been said. Just a few days after the Government ..

Need to follow the basics of new normal Unlock 4 stage on

Unlock 4 is on, but get the bare facts straight. The virus is nowhere near being neutralised, and hence Unlock 4 should be seen as a design to help reactivate economic activities. The line, “move out only when absolutely necessary,” ..

Party-hoppers’ gift: By-poll amid COVID crisis

For long, party-hopping and political horse trading has been one ubiquitous character of electoral politics in Manipur. This disgusting culture is so entrenched in the electoral politics of the State that the Anti-Defection Law ..

NSCN-IM: From spotlight to marginalised bystander?

If the media reports are true, it is indeed a dramatic twist to the protracted dialogue going on between Government of India, NSCN-IM and seven other Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) based in Nagaland. Of late, there have been several media reports ..

Greater autonomy On the path to exclusivity

It has been quite some time since the demand for a separate autonomous territorial council for the Kuki and Zo communities of Manipur is articulated through different platforms and media...

What is it the common folks want? September deadline

September deadline. It could be the first week, second week, third week or the last week of September to sign a final deal, now popularised as the Naga Accord, and the interesting point is whether the deadline has been ‘selectively leaked’..

Learn lessons from the past Horribly wrong !

Good to see that the Manipur Public Service Commission has spoken out and encouraging to note that it has taken cognizance of ‘the misunderstanding’ that the scrapped MCSCC (Main) examination of 2016 is embroiled in...

From politics of guns to peace talk From 1997 to 2020

From the politics of guns and bush war to the politics of peace and surely no one will know this better than the top leadership of the NSCN (IM). Qualify that peace with the word talk and while the guns have gone silent ever since ..

Fresh MCSCCE 2016: Old wine in new bottle?

It is a terrible mess. Thanks to the infamous Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC), the mains examination of the Manipur Civil Services Combined Competitive Exam (MCSCCE) 2016 is going to be re-conducted after a gap of four long years. Following a lon..

Community transmission calls for new strategy

There is no denying that something went seriously wrong or there were disastrous lapses in the way the State of Manipur tackles the COVID-19 pandemic. Whereas the whole country has been slowly unlocking or opening up after months of lockdown, Manipur has ..

Increasing number of positives The 3 commandments

The number of positives is climbing and so is the number of deaths. Till late into the evening of August 20, the number of positive cases stood at 4996, just four short of reaching the milestone of 5000 and even as this commentary is being penned down the..

Crossing the Congress-BJP divide Any principle behind the switch ?

At least give it to them. They first resigned from the Congress, quit the Assembly and then joined the BJP. This is about it. Nothing more but then could it have anything to do with a long vision on their political career ? This question is important for ..

Interesting trip to Delhi with CM Knocking at doors of BJP

It is the company that has made the trip to New Delhi more and more interesting. Perhaps this is the first time in recent memory that the Chief Minister of Manipur has deemed it necessary to take six former MLAs, all who have resigned from the Congress as..

4687 cases : Reflecting 3 digit spikes Green zone on May 2 to now

Three digit increase in 24 hours for the past many days and perhaps this is reflected in the total tally of 4687 positive cases that Manipur has seen so far. Not a big number if one goes by what is happening in other parts of the country, but calculate th..

War on Drugs : Understand the slogan Questions that need answers

Heartening that the Chief Minister’s Police Medal for Gallantry has been withdrawn, but there are still many questions that need answers. How did the name of the police official make it to the list of names who were to be awarded on Independence Day..

Understanding call of lockdown Increasing number of cases

Lockdown extended till August 31. Not surprising, for this is in line with the increasing number of positive cases and 16 COVID-19 related deaths in the past few days. Hard to say when the curve will be flattened..

More than a panic reaction Plight of healthcare workers

More than a panic reaction Plight of healthcare workers..

The novelty of the term new Serious charge from NSCN (IM)

Something novel about the word or term new here and the inclusion or rather exclusion of this word has obviously taken the strained ties between the NSCN (IM) and Interlocutor to the peace talks and Governor of Nagaland RN Ravi to a new low. The allegatio..

Community transmission ? How will Imphal respond ?

Not yet clear how the State Government would respond, but it is significant and worrying at the same time that the State Technical Expert Committee on COVID-19 has deemed it fit to propose to the Governmen..

Congress scripting its own demise Crumbling under its own weight

A strong Opposition this is what the people want but with the Congress beginning to crumble under the weight of it own Judases, it is obvious that it will not have the numerical strength to keep the BJP led Government on its toes...

From cluster transmission to local transmission

Indeed the figures do tell a very sordid and sorry state of affairs as far as the COVID-19 situation goes in the State of Manipur. A total of 3853 positive cases (as on August 10) which is inclusive of 886 cases of local transmission give a succinct pictu..