Intrinsic beauty of football All eyes on Qatar

There is something intrinsically beautiful about the game. It is much more than 22 players out there on the field, holding the world in captivity with their mesmerising footwork, dribbling, the headers, the team work and the acrobatic saves, for the beaut..

Stating stand against ST demand Let Delhi have the say

Is this a manifestation of the territorial instinct of a group of people coming to the fore ? How else does one explain the rational of the All Tribal Students’ Union, Manipur (ATSUM) in so strongly opposing the stand of the Scheduled Tribe Demand C..

Creating vacuum for others to rush in Leaving the doors wide open

A total of 1286 Inner Line Permits issued from 2020 to 2022 and this is for Ukhrul district alone. This is about those who have taken the permits and no one knows how many could have arrived without the said permit and truly ILP or not Manipur continues t..

Presenting Manipur to the world Ahead of Sangai Fest

How to present Manipur as a place worth visiting with family, friends and even alone. This should be the tagline of the Sangai Festival after all its earlier avatar was the Manipur Tourism Festival and the change in name should not dilute the core purpose..

Opinion poll & quest for ST status

The suggestion of holding an opinion poll on the debate of recommending Meitei/Meetei community for enlistment in the Scheduled Tribe category as forwarded by MLA Khumukcham Joykisan sounds logical and fair enough. The debate whether the particular commun..

Raining drugs and drug peddlers Missing : The big catch

It is raining drugs and drug peddlers and smugglers and the ‘catches’ have been impressive especially along the Imphal-Moreh route and the shady streets and corners of Imphal and other towns of Manipur. However the net cast is just not big eno..

Taking ST campaign to Ministers’ doors Need to look beyond

The Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee, Manipur, the World Meetei Council and others who are at the forefront raising the demand that the State Government send the needed recommendations to the Centre to include the Meeteis/Meiteis in the Scheduled Tribe li..

Manipur on the tourism map ? Run up to Sangai Fest

Law and order situation has improved. Manipur is on the map of the Look East Policy and is being touted as the gateway to south east Asia. The train has started chugging in and most significantly prohibition has been lifted. Perfect cocktail of different ..

Prescription from Dr Sapam Ranjan Traditional clothes in office

Prescription from Dr Sapam Ranjan Singh but a prescription that is far removed from dealing with any physical ailment that an individual may be suffering from. And what better platform than to give such a prescription while expounding on the handloom and ..

Shortage of teachers dating back to 2012 Addressing education

The question is when ? Obviously this is not the time to ‘assure’ but to get down to the business of actually addressing the issue and the matter is not trivial for it concerns one fundamental pre-requisite of a Government that works. In Educa..

Mature handling of ST campaign Address the opposition

Led by the venerable Dhiraj Yumnam, a former Director of the Department of Commerce and Industries, maturity is written all over the mode of campaign launched by the Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee to sensitise the public as well as draw the attention of..

Pushes for an ‘honourable solution’ Reading between the lines

Final settlement, qualified with the term ‘honourable solution’ and this is what is encouraging to note. More than obvious that it is now no longer the NSCN (IM) and the NNPGs which are looking forward to the day when the final deal will be in..

Has AFSPA helped in bettering situation ? The ground reality

The moot question is, has the Armed Forces Special Powers Act been able to ensure peace in the North East region ? If this is so then why should BJP leaders go about crowing that the law and order situation has improved considerably after the BJP came to ..

War on Drugs campaign Nail the kingpins

Nail the kingpinsObvious that it will need more than a War on Drugs to free Manipur from the shackles of drugs, though this is definitely a beginning. Drugs ‘originating’ from Manipur  and seized in other parts of the country has been gra..

Understanding its real essence Ningol Chakkouba

There is something beautiful in this and its beauty perhaps lies in the fact that it is one of the few festivals which is strictly ‘secular’. Secular in the sense that it is not associated with any religious beliefs and while Ningol Chakkouba ..

Looking beyond Meeteis/Meiteis Ani Thokpi trend

Meetei or Meitei ? One has to acknowledge Rajya Sabha MP and titular King of Manipur Leishemba Sanajaoba for touching on a topic which has never ever been thought fit enough for consideration at the official level or at the level of the knowledgeable folk..

Protecting the identity of Meiteis/Meeteis Sanctity of surnames

A matter of concern. This is what the All Manipur United Clubs’ Organisation (AMUCO) believes and as it has called out, perhaps it is time for the people as a whole to seriously study the implications of non-locals, that is a north Indian or a south..

Noting the points of the Chief Minister The idea of Manipur

Chief Minister N Biren Singh has a solid point. It is the Meeteis/Meiteis which have been standing steadfastly for the idea of Manipur as a distinct geo-political reality but it is more than right that certain questions be raised inwardly on why so any fi..

Opposition to ST demand from ATSUM Rough ride ahead

Why is the All Tribal Students’ Union, Manipur (ATSUM) so concerned with the ST tag demand or pursuit raised by the Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee, Manipur and the World Meetei Council for the Meeteis/Meiteis ? If one goes by the stand of ATSUM th..

ILPS did not come on a platter Stand of JCILPS

There is a reason why the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System continues to make news and this is where the Government would need to wisen up to this fact. After the Government of India decided to extend the Inner Line Permit System to Manipur in D..

NSCN (IM) and NNPGs under one roof Lessons for all

It was with a reason why six different outfits came together at the fag end of 2016 to form the Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) to give another boost to the peace process in Nagaland. Rivals at one point of time, even going to the extent of gunning..

Why thousands head outside for further studies The all important poser

No doubt there must be many pressing issues which need the undivided attention of the Government, but it is time to include the state of education, particularly education at the higher level in the list of the pressing issues. The Government may start the..

Issues likely to dog Manipur for some more time Liquor; ST demand

Demand to categorise the Meeteis/Meiteis as Scheduled Tribe in the Constitution of India. Ongoing protest against the decision of the State Government to lift prohibition after more than 30 years. Illegal immigrants sneaking into the territory of Manipur ..

Root out illegal immigrants call How do they sneak in?

The important and crucial question is, how do they come in ? An answer to this should not be clouded by political niceties especially in the backdrop of the fact that it was none other than Chief Minister N Biren who reportedly said, ‘the issue of i..

Dirty, messy, stinking Imphal Piling garbage

When it rains it is all about leikhom-leinang and when it doesn’t it is all about uphul-waiphul. Welcome to Imphal. It is dirty and filthy and there cannot be two ways about it. Fit the plastic menace into place and here is the perfect recipe to ske..

One up from Hum Do, Hamare Do Ceiling on four kids

Tughlaqnesque proposal or a visionary move but it sure is one up from the ‘Hum Do, Hamare Do’ family planning slogan and perhaps this is where the ‘significance’ of the Ordinance passed by the State Cabinet on October 13, 2022 lies..

Media : Caught in the turf war Not the first time

No doubt powerful entities but when they become obsessed with ‘power play’ then it is the soft targets that are invariably targeted and like in the past, the media was the target this time. It is a kind of a ‘race’ all run under th..

Raising the banner of ST demand Silence of the Govt

The demand is serious and the issue is crucial. This is a point which should register in the consciousness of the BJP led Government at Imphal. Not the time to sleep over the matter. Making it all that more urgent is the fact that the Scheduled Tribe Dema..

Lives of endangered species Wildlife Week

National Wildlife Week. The message is, protect the flora and fauna and safeguard the lives of endangered and threatened species of wildlife. And it is in line with the observation of this Week that The Sangai Express has received a number of articles fro..

7 from Manipur in 21 member team Sports culture

A sort of a major departure from the usual news stories that have been hogging the limelight and occupying prime space in all the major newspapers published from Imphal. It was like a breath of fresh air and far from the protests staged all over the place..

Draft regulation for sale of liquor The list of dos and don’ts

Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health and don’t drink and drive. This is the slogan that is set to greet anyone who decides to pay a visit to a liquor store, when it opens, under the Draft Manipur Liquor Regulation Policy. Hours after Chief ..

Need to look beyond the ‘immediate’ Pending the final pact

Prohibition or rather the decision of the State Government to lift the same is obviously at the centre stage with numerous Meira Paibi Lups and civil society organisations, most prominently the Coalition Against Drugs and Alcohol (CADA), having taken the ..

Poor reflection on society Students out on the street

It was ugly and this is a poor reflection on society and not only on those who screamed, kicked around, blocked the road and swaggered around as if the road is their personal fiefdom. An ugly scene it was to see students, in their uniforms complete with n..

Stand of STDCM and WMC Sustaining ST demand

Give it more teeth or is it a case of radical measures being needed to make it more vocal so that it reaches the ears and eyes of the people concerned ? This is a question which may be dogging the Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee, Manipur in the face of t..

Saluting the Lamyanba Respecting dissent

One wonders where Lamyanba Hijam Irabot would have stood on the current issues besieging Manipur. Not a speculative question to be dismissed with a wave of the hand for the need to go back to a personality like the Lamyanba is the need of the moment when ..

Lifting prohibition after 3 decades Noting the ground reality

Monitor, regulate and not take refuge under the illusion that prohibition has effectively checked alcohol consumption amongst the people. On the other hand, Manipur continues to rank high on the index of alcohol consumption and is named among the States w..

Promoting cycling in Imphal Going smart ?

Going smart. And bicycle is going to be one of the more important components that make up the whole of making Imphal live up to the understanding of a Smart City. This is what may be read into the launch of the app based bicycle sharing system on Septembe..

What has happened to the ban on SUP ? Plastics everywhere

The Government ought to act on what it had decreed and it is with disappointment that this one line observation is being made. A point which has already been touched upon earlier but constrained to raise this point again. It was in line with the call of P..

Lifting prohibition : Talk of the day Offshoots of peace talks

At the moment prohibition or rather the decision of the State Government to lift it after more than three decades is the topic of the day, with the anti-liquor lobby underlining its staunch opposition to the stand of the Government. The pending final pact..

From High Court to Supreme Court ? Interesting issues ahead

Not exactly moving fast, but things are getting interesting. Interesting in the sense that Dr Lorho Pfoze who has been the MP from Manipur Outer Parliamentary Constituency for the last three years that is from 2019 till the invalidation of his election on..

Discipline : The common thread Significant offbeat news

Central to it all is discipline or the seeming lack of discipline amongst the people. On September 22, two offbeat news occupied strategic space in The Sangai Express  and in probably the first of its kind in Manipur, the two news stories centred aro..

Inching towards a final pact ? Interests of Manipur

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma seems to be in the thick of it, or at least that is the impression that has been created and quite successfully. Obvious that New Delhi is reaching out to the people who it thinks can be productive in the ongoing p..

Prohibition free after 31 years Now focus on ST demand

After 31 years, Manipur is ‘prohibition free’. The Sangai Express has already had its say on whether the prohibition tag, which adorned Manipur for over 31 years, really helped or not and now one can expect the pro-prohibition lobby to come ou..

Tag of a dry State for the last 30 years Did prohibition help ?

It is obvious that it has outlived its utility and the reality calls for tough decisions and the BJP led Government has gone ahead and adopted a decision that aptly fits the bill of a ‘tough decision’. For more than thirty years, that is from ..

Sit-ins demanding inclusion in ST list Taking everyone along

The important question is, how successful has the Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee, Manipur (STDCM) and the World Meetei Council (WMC) been in taking the people along with their stand that the Meeteis/Meiteis be included in the Scheduled Tribe category of..

Taking the customer for granted Sweets/Toffees for change

This is a point which the Government and the banks must have addressed to a long time back. But no, not a single soul has spoken out for obviously to the ‘rich’ people of Manipur, a few coin or say rupee one or two or three or even five are go..

After 25 years of negotiations Close to a final deal ?

It must be music to the ears of the Naga people, especially the Nagas of Manipur, whose loyalty to which group needs no elaboration. Peace process between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India back on track on one side and ‘NSCN (IM) and NNPGs r..

The unplanned city of Imphal Concrete jungle

‘Unsystematic’, ‘Constructed/Developed without any planning’. This is Imphal and other towns in Manipur in a nutshell and these words came from retired IAS officer RK Nimai while taking part in the 19th foundation day of Manipur Ar..

‘Final solution likely very soon’ Noting the key words

The key words here are ’likely’ and ‘very soon’. Or at least this is how Swarajyamag which is a print magazine and news portal has reported. True to the general perception, the magazine and news portal seems to have tilted heavily ..

Mum on the points of JCILPS, STDCM Deafening silence

Selective silence and the State Government seems to be adept in this fine art. Goes some way in understanding why Imphal has still not spelt out why it has preferred to keep 1961 as the base year for identifying non-local people. The Government has also s..

From 1999 to 2022 : TSE is now 23 The spirit continues

The Sangai Express is now 23 years old.  The time period that this newspaper has been in the service of greeting the readers first thing in the morning can be better understood by viewing it against the fact that a 30 year old lady today would have b..

The ‘tax-extortion’ argument Manipur at the receiving end

To the NSCN (IM), the money collected from goods and vehicles that pass through Nagaland on the Imphal-Dimapur National Highway is ‘legitimate’ while to the Government of India it is nothing short of extortion.  Cast the net wider and thi..

Points to study from Mizoram Mechanism to monitor refugees

Standing by the reality and there is a lesson for the State Government to learn from this. Mizoram today has 30,401 Myanmar refugees and this is the official figure. It could be higher, but at least Aizawl has been able to keep a tab on those who have ent..

Is the ban on SUP effective ? Half a litre packaged water

Sixty days down the line and the question is, ‘Is the ban on single use plastic still on or has some sort of a relaxation been given ?” This question is being raised with a reason. On July 1 this year the Government of India effected the ban o..

Addressing shortage of teachers Clubbing classes together

Education-this is what ought to be focused on by all concerned, especially after the Government launched the much hyped School Fagathansi Mission in 2020. And obviously the focus here ought to be on Government schools, which have of late been making it to..

Significance of observing Teachers’ Day The one who teaches

Happy Teachers’ Day and the very term ‘teacher’ should take one to the understanding that the job of a teacher extends far beyond what is taught within the four walls of a classroom and perhaps this is where there is the need to have a b..

Switching side from JD (U) to BJP Political acrobats

It was an impressive show. Other than the NPP and the NPF in the Naga dominated districts, it was the JD (U) which somewhat put a brake on the BJP blitzkrieg, and let the saffron party settle for 32 seats in the Assembly elections held in the early part o..

School Fagathansi Mission and shortage of teachers The twain shall not meet

School Fagathansi Mission and acute shortage of teachers on the other hand and certainly these two do not jell at all. This seems to be what is happening at Moirangpurel High School, with the students now constrained to come out and stage protest against ..

Pending final pact, ST demand, prohibition etc Issues before the Govt

The pending final pact between the Government of India and the NSCN (IM). The demand raised by the All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur that the HAC recommended ADC Bill of 2021 be introduced in the Assembly. The growing demand that the State Governme..

Understanding the idea of CUET The downside of it all

A level playing field. This is one point that may be read in the move to introduce the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) at the Under Graduate, Post Graduate, Diploma, Certification courses and Research Programmes in 45 Central Universities of India...

On lending support and entrepreneurship

As rightly pointed out by Governor La Ganesan, there is no denial of the fact that a robust entrepreneurship can definitely pave the way for economic development of a country or state. It is understood that entrepreneurship provides not only self employme..

NNPGs & NSCN-IM vis-a-vis Naga solution

As commented earlier in the same column, there is no synergy between NSCN-IM and NNPGs on the issue of separate flag and constitution for the Nagas. Whereas the NNPGs have made it clear that they are in favour of sealing a final solution first while the i..

Renewed campaign for ST status

With the railway link likely to be materialised by December next year, the Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee Manipur (STDCM) has geared up to launch a series of agitation to exert pressure and if possible, persuade the State Government to send a recommenda..

Extreme depravity: Violation of the body of daughter

Bestial, disgusting, depraved, perverted, outrageous, and scandalous and the list goes on. Words are simply not enough to describe the felony of raping a minor girl repeatedly by her own father. It was also the most aggravated case of domestic violence. U..

On inviting capital and investment

Inviting the corporate sector primarily means inviting capital and investment. In the contemporary world of market driven economies, the corporate sector plays a pivotal role in the economic development of any State or region. With huge capitals at their ..

Urea: The irony of shortage & enough stock

Shortage of urea at the height of paddy cultivation season points to a very sorry state of affairs as far as distribution of the subsidized fertilizer item is concerned. Either there is a serious flaw in the distribution mechanism or the mechanism has bee..

Solution after election: False hope or real?

Solution after election’ was the slogan coined by BJP for the last Nagaland Assembly election held in 2018. Now already four years and seven months have passed and the next Assembly election is due early next year but there is no solution in sight t..

Call of ‘Nagas of Nagaland’ Isolating NSCN (IM) ?

A gross miscalculation for all his far sightedness or a case of misjudging a far sighted personality ? It could be either but what is unfolding could be a reflection of the reality knocking hard on the consciousness of everyone. Thuingaleng Muivah, the ar..

The resurgence of Covid virus Back in the limelight

It is simple but obvious that no one wants to follow it. Get vaccinated, stick to the safety norms-which include wearing a face mask, maintain social distancing, always wash one’s hand thoroughly with soap and water or in case washing one’s ha..

Reminder to regulate private hostels Making a beeline for Imphal

Perhaps this is the right time to remind all, the Government, the parents, teachers, students and school managements, that it was not so long back that a loud and audible noise was raised to regulate the functioning of the different boarding facilities th..

Trundling from one issue to the other Covid : A comeback ?

Trundling from one issue to the other and this is how Manipur has been for some time, correction, for years now. An indication that the people know how to kick up issues and keep them burning for days or months on end, or  a statement that noting sub..

Steady climb of new Covid cases Statistics don’t lie

Statistics don’t lie though they may not tell the whole story. This is how one must view the upsurge in the new cases updated daily by the Covid-19 Common Control Room. Probably not the whole picture but the recent surge in the detection of new case..

No love lost between Jamir and NSCN (IM) Meaningful words

There is obviously no love lost between them and this is where the choice of words becomes very interesting and could be significant too. Former Chief Minister of Nagaland and veteran political figure of the North East, SC Jamir minced no words in asserti..

Making a beeline for the better known schools Noting all performers

With the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur announcing the Class X examination results on July 8, expectedly a large number of parents, guardians and the students themselves have started making a beeline for some of the better known private schools loc..

Performers against the backdrop of the virus The race starts now

The Class X exam result is out and one can surely expect the freebies to come flying out from the stable of different and competing private schools to attract what they think are the best students. A matter of debate it would be to question how such measu..

Ban on single use plasticInvolve the local bodies

What are the steps that the Government has taken to make the ban on single use plastic effective ? Is it going to be a step by step process, meaning living up to the understanding of phasing out single use plastic or is it going to be an all out ban ? The..

Worrying upward tick of new infection Back with a vengeance

The upwards tick continues and while this  may not qualify to be another wave as understood as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd wave,  the virus is still out there and has started picking its target with gay abandon. Statistics don’t lie and it tells ..

The other tale of the Marangching disaster The hero in each man

It is probably the biggest natural disaster that Manipur has ever seen and the horror of it all must have sunk in on everyone’s consciousness. So far, that is till July 4, 47 lifeless bodies have been recovered while 15 are still missing. Imagine th..

Spike in daily new cases Disturbing statistics

It was a lull, just a lull, nothing more, nothing less. This is the line that The Sangai Express has been maintaining for long, even before the second wave hit the place and the people with such devastating impact. And for once, it would have been nice an..

Search, body count continue The tragedy of it all

The search continues, the body count too continues and in the process are added more widows and orphans. This is the reality, a reality tinged with tragedy and underlining the point that when nature strikes, there is nothing much that man can do, despite ..

It is a disaster not seen earlier here The anonymous heroes

It is a disaster. Note the stress on the present tense. It is and will continue to haunt the collective psyche of the people for times to come. Even as this observation is being written down, search operation is still on to trace those who have been burie..

After a lull of more than 60 days New normal call still stands

It was down. It never was out. A line which The Sangai Express has been maintaining since a long time back, even before the second wave hit the people with such devastating impact and so it is that Covid which has been lying low for over two months seems ..

Rounding up Myanmarese Reality Bites or Bite

A case of reality biting as in Reality Bites or a case of the truth staring Manipur right in the face as in Reality Bite ? The answer could be either, but it was not at all surprising to hear and read that at least 80 Myanmar Nationals have been rounded u..

More than putting the vehicle into motion Needed : Traffic sense

Kick the engine into life or switch the engine into life with the turn of the ignition key, kick or pull the clutch, slowly release the clutch and put the vehicle into motion and presto one is driving. Unfortunate it is but to many of those who are behind..

The wedge amongst the Nagas Politics of peace

The politics of peace, to repeat a line which The Sangai Express has been referring to quite often of late and it is should be obvious that this politics of peace has today  driven a wedge amongst different groups of people who otherwise identify the..

July 1 : Taking the fight to plastic The menace all around

The more correct term could be ‘phase out’ but phase it out by 2022. This was probably the objective of Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he announced that India would be working towards a plastic free environment. This was what the Plastic Wa..

Classical language status and ST demand Can the twain meet ?

A case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing or a case of knowing that both hands will be amply awarded ? After all two hands are better than one to get the goodies. This is what may be read into the announcement of Rajya Sabha MP Leis..

Setting a base year of 1961 for ILP 10 years too late : JCILPS

A mixture of the sweet and sour. So while the BJP led Government has gone ahead and fulfilled the demand/suggestion of setting a base year for the Inner Line Permit System to come effective, it has fallen short of the target set by the Joint Committee on ..

Issues on the indigenous question Call for bicameral system

As always the issues are many and it is interesting to see civil society organisations raising their voice and stating what they are convinced is the right thing to do. It is best left to the judgment of the people to decide whether CSOs raising their voi..

Taking the fight to the drug menace Success stories noted, but ...

It should be obvious to all. It is going to be a long, drawn out war and the crucial question is whether Manipur has come anywhere near to winning it. No easy answer here but there are questions that need some answers. Are the three women arrested with 15..

Scripting success story with Rs 500Saluting the success story

Amid the rain, the rising water level of the major rivers in Manipur, the story of deaths and human tragedy at Assam, the Nationwide protests against Agnipath, the news of a young Ukhrul woman, who symbolises grit, tenacity and a sharp business mind came ..

Action of Govt needs to be backed Demolition drive

The BJP led Government seems to be intent on this and this is something which needs to be backed by all concerned. Demolition drive can never be easy and it needs conviction and this is something which should be lauded by all concerned. Illegal constructi..

Of food safety and street vendors

No doubt food poisoning is not endemic to Manipur and it can happen to anyone anywhere but the death of 35 year old youth from Thongju at RIMS on Wednesday (June 15) and subsequent hospitalisation of three of his family members due to suspected food poiso..

Education for whom ? We don’t need no education

The drug menace is very serious. Here’s hoping, praying that the powers that be have taken due note of it. The state government has given the impression that drug dealers are being pulled up and this must have been good news to everyone concerned. T..

‘Progression’ from smuggling to manufacturing

The irony was simply too stark for anyone to miss it. Whereas Chief Minister N Biren was appreciating Kangpokpi District Police for hauling up sizeable quantities of drug consignments during the past couple of months with a cash incentive of Rs 10 lakh, T..

NE needs more than ‘unprecedented’

“The last 8 years have seen unprecedented development in the Northeast. The focus is on infrastructure creation, ensuring better healthcare, education and popularising the rich cultures from the different Sates of the region.” These were the e..

Drugs, poppy & ‘alternatives’

It is indeed heartening to note that the State seems to be sincere enough this time in its approach to provide alternatives to poppy planters of the State. The task at hand is undoubtedly momentous but the road ahead is fraught with challenges. It will ne..

Conservation of pony & grazing fields

This much is clear. There is either a communication gap or a misunderstanding between pony rearers/owners and the Government. Even after the State Government’s announcement that horses/ponies may be let loose either at Lamphelpat or Marjing Polo com..

Environment needs more than tree plantation

The renewed efforts of the State Government toward reforestation are indeed laudable. The Government has already set a target of planting 75 lakh tree saplings by August end. No doubt, the target is ambitious but it is not impossible. It seems both the St..

Politics of isolating the NSCN (IM) Acid test for Th Muivah

Isolate the NSCN (IM). This seems to be the mantra of quite a handful of power players whose presence can be felt but who still  are invisible. It is this hand which can be felt/seen in the growing polarisation amongst some groups of the Naga people ..