Low turn out for vaccination shotsNeed to do more

4,87,571 out of 19.85 lakh is a low 24.5 percent of people who have received their Covid vaccination. This was as recent as June 18. And out of these 4.87 lakh people only 82,027 people have received their second jab. This works out to only 16.82 percent ..

CBSE, CISCE laying down the benchmarkStress on consistency

Extraordinary time calls for extraordinary measures to cope with the time and it is along this line that the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the Council of Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) have gone ahead and announced their a..

Need to minutely study figuresDisturbing statistics

The statistics tells its own worrying tale. Compared to bigger States, geographically as well as demographically, a cumulative caseload of 62,343 will not mean much, but keep the population strength of the place in mind and this becomes worrying.  Th..

Cancelling Class X, XII examsTask before BOSEM, COHSEM

Not surprising that the BJP led Government at Imphal has decided to do away with the Class X or HSLC and Class XII or HSSLC exams this year given the current situation. In between, the Class XI examinations conducted by the Council of Higher Secondary Edu..

Caught one or two steps behindNeed to think ahead

Always caught one or even two steps behind. This is what the world and India have witnessed ever since the global pandemic broke out and this should more than underline the point that here is a virus which is tricky and can mutate at will and in the proce..

Dealing with figures and more figuresGrim positivity rate

Figures, figures and more figures. This is what all the Imphal based newspaper houses must have been obsessed with ever since COVID-19 started spreading at will and taking lives. This is more so during the second wave of the pandemic which has proven to b..

Infecting and killing at willScripting tragedy

The virus continues to script a tale of tragedy. Clearly the second wave of the pandemic has turned out to be a monster killer, killing at will, snatching lives from left, right, centre. Each bereaved family will have a tragic tale to recount, of how they..

Understanding the restrictionsThe onus on all

The important question is not when, but how ? And one thing that is for sure at this moment is, the lockdown/curfew will be lifted gradually and not go as a whole. The spiralling figure should reflect the reality that is Manipur right now and expecting or..

Peddling numbers and talliesReduced to statistics

Numbers, statistics. This is what many or more than 90 percent of those who have passed away due to COVID-19 have been reduced to and this is one of the saddest parts. As a newspaper which is there to disseminate information to the people every morning, i..

Making it to Kofi Annan’s listRs 42.5 lakh pay package

For close to 18 months or a little over 14/15 months, it has been Covid, Covid and more Covid all the way and it came like a whiff of fresh breath to learn that amid this all round gloom some individuals have gone ahead to give a glimmer of hope and sunsh..

All quiet on the Class X, XII exams frontTime to take a decision

The State Government should take a decision and fast at that. Does not make sense to keep on tenterhooks thousands of students who are to appear for their Class X and Class XII board examinations.  The call for a decision and a fast one at that is im..

Rising number of deaths, casesRamp up vaccination drive

The curfew/lockdown/restrictions on movement of people etc cannot go on forever. At the same time there is no sign as yet that the spread of the virus has peaked and has started going down. This is about Manipur and to a certain extent, the North East reg..

Setting aside 30 beds for childrenGearing up ahead of 3rd wave

Experts are agreed on two points-There will be a third wave in the country and two, children will be hit hard in the third wave. It is also generally agreed that India was caught on the wrong foot when the second wave hit the country hard, infecting at wi..

Disturbing daily death countBoost immunity

The death count is deeply disturbing. And it is climbing. Obvious that the death count cannot be understood sans the rising number of positive cases, but ultimately it is the death which can and will have the deepest impact on the bereaved family and the ..

Getting back to the basicsTest, trace, treat

Getting back to the basics and this is exactly what the State Government is doing in going ahead with the mass testing programme at Imphal West. Couple this with the test conducted on those pulled up for violating the SOPs and defying the curfew call and ..

Beyond exam centric education Cancelling 12th exams

Not totally unexpected but the first as far as one can go back in memory and how a system which has been solely relying on the mark/exam system will work out the performance of the students remains to be seen. That it took none less than Prime Minister Na..

Crossing milestone of 50 thousandWhat stage is Manipur in ?

On May 31, 2021, Manipur crossed the grim milestone of 50 thousand cases and perhaps the time is opportune to raise the question of whether any lesson has been learnt from the first wave of the epidemic back in 2020 or whether it is more about day to day ..

Increasing trend in ManipurRamp up testing, vaccination

It is becoming more and more clear and the Government of Manipur must have already heard the rumblings from the virus. New records are being written and rewritten all within a span of 24 hours and so it is that from a record of 1007 positive cases on May ..

Price of treating Covid patientsWere Pvt hospitals consulted ?

Not the first State in India, but already the decision of the Government of Manipur to put a cap on the charges levied by private hospitals for treating COVID-19 positive patients appears to have run into rough water. It was on May 26 that the Government ..

Mass testing soon promise from CMTest, Trace, Treat

Test, Trace, Treat. The three magic Ts in the fight against the Coronavirus and it is heartening to hear the Chief Minister announcing that the Government will soon go in for mass testing. Albeit via the Rapid Antigen Test method and while this model is u..

Fight against Covid : Take all alongNeed to study all aspects

Ramp up testing. Ramp up the three Ts-Test, Trace, Treat. Delegate authority and take all responsible personalities along in facing the scourge of the virus which is running amok amongst the people. The statistics should speak for itself. These are some l..

Climbing numbers despite restrictionsRamp up the three Ts

Nearly a month of restricting people’s movement, yet the numbers continue to grow, both in terms of deaths as well as in the number of infected persons. Should then this be taken to mean that the restrictions have not worked ? To say yes would be ju..

Food for thought on home isolationLook at Maharastra

Seven is certainly not the age to die and likewise the many who were in their late 30s and 40s and 50s and even 60s who have fallen prey to COVID-19 during the second wave of the virus. On May 25, Manipur rewrote yet another ‘highest positive cases ..

Manipur right on top in the regionCases surging in NE

The shift is clear. The virus has changed direction and from rampaging across the cities of the country and States like Maharashtra, it has now shifted focus and appears to set its eyes on the North Eastern region of the country. In Manipur, each day has ..

Do away with home isolation model Asymptomatic cases

Home isolation should be done away with for this is a flawed line of thinking. There is a reason why the Chief Minister is now so much concerned with patients under home isolation. What works in Europe or even in cities like New Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata w..

Eyes on patients in home isolation Better late than never

Better late than never, one may say. Significant to note that the State Government has deemed it fit now to acknowledge that ‘home isolation without proper facilities for the same has been a major cause for the rapid spread of the virus.’ This..

More devastating than the first wave Heart rending tales

The second wave has been more devastating than the first. A lesson to be learnt from the Spanish Flu of 1918 to 1920, for back then, more than a hundred years back, the second wave was more lethal. Manipur has been no exception. In a span of less than a m..

Reeling under the second wave Lessons to be learnt

Already reeling under the second wave and with experts predicting that India will face a third wave, the next few or many months, even stretching into 2022, will be dicey. If the second wave of the virus is any indication, it can be taken that the third w..

Need to ramp up vaccination process Life giving oxygen

Ramp up the vaccination process. This is the need of the hour. After more than a week, Manipur witnessed the number of positive cases in a single day well below the 400 mark with 330 on May 17 but the death count continues to be well above ten, with 14 de..

Quietly helping the fight against Covid Unsung heroes

Unheralded but quietly going about with whatever assistance they can to help the people during this uncertain times of the pandemic. They are not folks who people will automatically recognise on the road and they certainly do not announce their arrival or..

Scaling new heights in infection and deaths Critical situation

The situation is critical, very critical. This does not mean that one should press the alarm button, but there is the need to acknowledge the critical situation. RIMS and JNIMS are being stretched to its limit. A prominent private medical hospital, Raj Me..

Scaling new peaks in second wave Pull up the errant docs

Manipur has definitely scaled new peaks during the second wave of the pandemic, having recorded as high as 20 deaths on a single day and returning figures of 726 new cases, again on a single day. The death toll now stands at 552 and in the last few days, ..

Impudent violations of SOPs Vaccination questions

Interesting developments in Assam and Meghalaya. There was a reason why the English edition of The Sangai Express ran the news story of the number of SOP violators being pulled up in Manipur within a box under the main heading “‘Attempt to mur..

Stick to the three commandments Growing fatality rate

Stick to the three commandments-always wear a face mask that too correctly, maintain social distancing and wash one’s hands frequently with soap and water or with a hand sanitiser-and this observation is made with a reason. Once one is infected, the..

Hospitals must be over stretched Health infrastructure

With over four thousand active cases, 4604 to be precise, the health infrastructure must be overstretched, but making things all that more worrisome is the fact no official figures have been given out on how many actually need hospitalisation. This is whe..

Studying the vaccination drive Lone option before all

Vaccination and this is obviously the only option to take the battle to the virus and from the initial hesitancy amongst the people to get the vaccine shot, it is heartening to see people now lining up to get the much needed jab. The important question is..

Climbing number of deaths Grim reality !

The fatality rate is reflective of the grim reality, with the term fatal written all over it. If 12 deaths on a single day was the highest recorded in Manipur till May 8 surpassing the previous record of 10 deaths in a single day, that unenviable record i..

Finally tagged as frontline warriors Information during pandemic

It is heartening to note that Chief Minister N Biren Singh has deemed it fit to include journalists in the list of frontline warriors even as the State is grappling with the rising number of Covid cases as well as deaths. The Chief Minister qualified this..

Worrying devil may care conduct Other emergency cases

With over two thousand active cases RIMS and JNIMS must be under heavy pressure. The same must be true for all the other private hospitals located in Imphal, particularly at Shija, Raj Medicity and others. The State Government too must be stretched to the..

Needed new approach to tackle new variant Frightening surge of cases

It is a new variant, that is the L452R mutation found in the variant B1.671 and the impact of this variant can be seen on the heavy toll it is taking across the country. The new variant too has taken its toll on Manipur and it has ensured that new records..

Turning containment zone to gambling den Tin thakaga train chingthaba

Obvious that the statistics do not scare them. Obvious that the spirit behind the decision to declare areas under Greater Imphal as a containment zone has blown over their head. To many, the daily increase in the number of positive cases and the number of..

Oxygen shortage to vaccine shortage Shortage everywhere

Medical oxygen shortage. ICU bed shortage. Now vaccine shortage. Perfect script for the virus to wreak havoc and claim more lives and this is what is being witnessed across the country right now. A clear indication that India horribly failed to read the s..

More questions than answers Politics of oxygen

Medical oxygen or rather the lack of it is at the centre of it all even as the second wave of the pandemic continues to exact a heavy toll on thousands of people across the country. Manipur too has seen an upsurge in positive cases, running into the three..

How well prepared is the State Govt ? Pertinent questions

What were you doing for last 14 months without a plan to fight COVID-19 second wave. This was the High Court of Madras to the Centre and this question may be viewed against the backdrop of the rising Covid cases, in which India has been reporting over 3 l..

Widening eligibility criteria for vaccine 18 years and above

Taking the vaccination drive one or two or even three notches higher. This is clear in the decision of the Narendra Modi led Government to expand the list of citizens eligible to get the vaccine shot from the earlier stipulation of 45 years and above to a..

Returning home with fake negative status Understanding the reality

The impact of the global pandemic and its fall out must be obvious to all. Deaths, lockdowns, the extremely contagious nature of the virus, lack of medical oxygen for those who need it in the hospital, lack of ICU beds, the death blow dealt to the economy..

Increasing number of cases and deaths Better mask up !

The situation is worrying. The number of positive cases is increasing with each passing day and so is the number of deaths. Not surprising for as repeatedly pointed out in this column, the virus that causes Coronavirus knows no geography. So if the second..

Ringing out cancel Class X exams call Govt needs to listen

The Government should heed the suggestion of the All Manipur Recognised Private Schools Welfare Association (AMRPSWA). The CBSE has already cancelled the Class X examinations and the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations has done away wit..

How well prepared is Manipur ? Rising daily spike

The statistics say it all. The second wave is more severe in some States and it spreads faster, much faster. Heart rending stories of patients left to themselves, with hospitals unable to take them in due to shortage of beds, lack of oxygen etc are now st..

Unenviable world record for India Free hand to business sharks

A world record it is and there is nothing to indicate that it will stop here. India is certainly living up to the earlier prognosis, when the attention of the world was tuned onto Wuhan in China and Italy, that it would be mayhem if and once the virus lan..

Of Class X and Class XII exams Covid : Changing the trend

The new normal. And it remains to be seen how this new normal will impact on the annual examinations which students have to face every year. Given the system in vogue here where formal education is exam focused, it is hard to even entertain the thought th..

Refusal to return with test results Sure formula to spread the virus

Some folks just refuse to listen. And it is such attitude which will ensure that the Covid cases in Manipur increase on a much larger scale and in the process put the health and all other facilities under severe strain. On April 15 the State Government is..

What is the test conducted at airport ? Looking at airport, Mao, Jiri

Keeping the virus out would be next to impossible. This is a given, yet this should not be taken to mean that a free run should be given for the virus to spread and create havoc. This is where questions may well be raised on how serious is the Government ..

Focus on those returning/entering More needs to be done

Rightfully the focus is on those returning or entering Manipur and this is best exemplified by the recent order of the State Government making it mandatory for returnees or those arriving at Manipur to have a Covid negative result, taken 72 hours before s..

Out O Henry, in Y Erabot Eyes on Wangkhei AC

It has not exactly queered the pitch but it has thrown open a totally new equation, which must have sent some keen political observers scrambling back to their ‘study room.’ If at all the 11th Assembly is remembered down the line, say in maybe..

Crossing the two lakh barrier Impose heavy fines

The State Government will have to think out of the box, before things get out of hand. Heavier fines on those who violate the Covid SOPs will be more acceptable than a lockdown, given that the people have just emerged from one such lockdown. The present R..

Mount Koubru caught in a storm From April 7 to April 14

Chief Minister N Biren Singh cannot be caught napping at this crucial moment. The BJP led Government at Imphal has to act and demonstrate it means business else the Manipur Government will come nowhere near the BJP led Government led by Prime Minister Nar..

What issues will decide the 2022 Assembly polls ? Gearing up ahead

What issues will decide the 2022 Assembly polls ? Gearing up ahead..

Rapidly climbing cases of new infections Get vaccinated call

The second wave may not yet have reached Manipur, but given the fact that geography is not a barrier to the virus, there is no reason to believe that the State and her people can stay insulated from the havoc played played out across the rest of the count..

Interesting twist to pending ADC elections Enter the UNC

Interesting twist. Waking up the ghost of protest when the then Congress Government went ahead and announced the creation of seven new districts at the fag end of 2016 and the United Naga Council (UNC) has certainly pulled out a card that could well upset..

Unwanted deafening silence The dead tells no tale

The silence of the Government is deafening. Or is this a case of selective silence    with nothing dignified about it ? In as much as the Government has maintained an aloof stand, the cry of the Justice for Sanaton has only been getting mor..

Indifference to the fast spread of the virus Need more than fines

Covid is not a joke. It infects, spreads fast and kills. Yet this simple, one line statement just refuses to sink into the heads of many and this is amply demonstrated by the number of SOP violators rounded up by the police daily and the amount of money c..

Politics surrounding the call for ADC polls Interesting developments

One bandh averted and possibly further course of agitation too. The BJP led Government at Imphal seems to know how to deal with crisis such as this but it should not be forgotten that the core of the issue has not been addressed as yet. Granted the State ..

Second wave spreading swiftly 20,000 to 1 lakh in 25 days !

If this does not jolt the senses of the people then nothing else will. The second surge of the pandemic is much faster and correspondingly this could mean more fatalities. Take a look at the harsh reality. In just 25 days, the country crossed the one lakh..

Rehabilitating drug users Something is wrong

From April 29, 2020 to March 31, 2021 and obviously nothing much has changed at the ground reality. The first incident refers to the allegations that an inmate of  a rehabilitation centre was beaten to death by staff of the rehab centre and the secon..

Straight from the mouth of a BJP MLA Give teeth to war on drugs

Some Ministers, MLAs and police officers seem to be very close to drug lords and kingpins. This is not The Sangai Express or the Manipur media which has said this but an MLA from the BJP who is also the Deputy Chairman of the State Planning Board during a..

Creating space for super spreader Violating SOPs with impunity

The figure is disturbing, extremely disturbing. The second wave is on, but it is the rapid spread of the virus that should worry everyone. Twenty four hours after India recorded 72,330 new cases on April 1, the spread shot up to 81,466 on April 2, making ..

Arrest of former Salai Chairman Concern of investors

To thousands of people, the arrest of Narengbam Samarjit, former Chairman of Salai Group of Companies, their main and perhaps only concern would be, ‘What about the money we have invested in the company ?’ Tough to say how the money can be rec..

ADC elections assured, but when ? Stand of ATSUM

Elections to be held. But the more important question is when it will be held. Not surprisingly the All Tribal Students’ Union, Manipur (ATSUM) has seen red over the alleged failure of the State Government to announce when the election would be held..

Still making waves in the the year 2021 Continuation of 2020

COVID-19-Fifty, sixty, seventy or even one hundred years down the line and if 2020 is ever remembered it will be for coronavirus, the lockdowns, the deaths and the crippling blow that the virus has dealt to the world economy. India will also remember the ..

Climbing cases in the last few days Second wave is on

Make no mistake about it. The second wave is on and the statistics should tell its own story. On March 19 India recorded nearly 40,000 new cases with 39,726. Two days later, that is on March 21, the number had climbed to 43,846 and on March 22 to 46,951. ..

Touch stance with look at past ‘mistakes’ The bloody past !

It has not been spelt out explicitly but in asserting that the Government of India should not commit the ‘mistake’ of the Shillong Accord and the 16 Points Agreement, the NSCN (IM) has more than indicated that any ‘half baked’ acco..

Of forest and water in the world Harvesting rain water

March 21-International Day of Forests and 24 hours later, that is on March 22, World Water Day. Two days and surely the United Nations could not have chosen a better time than this month and observe two days which are intrinsically linked. So while Manipu..

Climbing cases across the country Act while there is time

It is worrying and if the rising graph does not worry the people and jolt the Government into its senses and get its act together, then nothing will. A look at the figures of the last five days should more than say that India is in the grip of a second wa..

Create ADCs first ultimatum Why at this point of time ?

The All Tribal Students’ Union, Manipur (ATSUM) must be confused. So too the people, particularly the hill people. Definitely not an enviable position for the Government to find itself in. So even as the State Government has assured ATSUM that a Cab..

Disturbing reports of deaths All about human lives

This is disturbing. It is about human lives. In the past few days, people of Manipur have been waking up to news about deaths or rather ‘murders’ with no answers in sight so far. At least five cases of unnatural deaths in different parts of th..

Staring at second wave of the virus Responsibility of all

Avoid statements that may create panic. This was Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the Chief Ministers during the COVID-19 meet on March 17. This however should not be taken to mean that the respective Chief Ministers should shy away from sou..

ST demand : Gearing up for stir Issues before Govt

The Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee, Manipur is under the firm belief that the Meitei community fulfils the need to come under the Scheduled Tribe list of the Constitution of India and this is obviously one primary reason why it has seen red over the ..

From a high of 426 to zero Caution still needed

From a high of 426 cases in 24 hours on October 17, 2020 to ‘no cases’ on March 15, 2021 and this is certainly good news. But this is not the time to break out in a jingle and dance in the rain ! The virus is still out there and no one can pos..

Four years in office and looking ahead Perfect launch pad

To the BJP the moment is the perfect launch pad. Prepare a near perfect report card for the last four years and then kick off the campaigning for the next Assembly elections scheduled for early next year. A perfect opportunity and to be sure the State BJP..

Stand of others on ATSUM’s demand ? Grassroot elections

May not be related to the core issue, but nonetheless it would be interesting to ask what is the stand of the different political parties, particularly the Naga People’s Front, to the demand raised by the All Tribal Students’ Union, Manipur th..

Need to save environment Green Manipur

State-wide tree plantation drive to mark  completion of 4 years rule of the BJP led Government and a ban on single use plastics from May 15 this year. Central to both is the growing need to protect the environment. Planting tress is obviously one of ..

A ban on Thabal Chongba Not unexpected

It was not unexpected of the Government to put a ban on Thabal Chongba and Shumang Lila ahead of the coming Yaoshang festival and in the same vein it was also not unexpected of the voices of derision that have come from some of the citizens of the land. H..

Taking coalition partners along Lessons from 2017

Coalition partners. Only time will tell whether the importance of coalition partners will be dictated by the sheer necessity of the number game or by the firm belief in reaching out to as many partners as possible while forming the Government. Early days ..

Less than 20 days for Yaoshang to come, but... The virus is still out there

It is still some days away, less than 20 days to be more precise and this is perhaps where the collective discipline of the people will be put to test. It did not impact on the people’s behaviour last year for Yaoshang festival came before Manipur r..

Give more teeth to War on Drugs campaign Unmask the big fishes

War on drugs. And it goes without saying that the Government will need to do more than just coin some catchy slogans to make the fight against drug abuse and trafficking more effective. The first step obviously is to win over the people, the numerous civi..

ADCs: Election, not undue delay, must follow dissolution

It appears an unseen force is holding back the much delayed election to the six Autonomous District Councils of the State. The six ADCs were dissolved after their usual term of five years was extended by six months. After expiry of the extended six months..

Where will ST demand stand in next election ? Take it to the voters

Still one year away, but if the Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee, Manipur (STDCM), World Meetei Convention (WMC) and others who share the same ideas and thoughts have a sense of timing, then this is perhaps the time for them to gear up in such a way that ..

Of resignation dramas and disqualifications 20, 15 or 10 years hence

The next Assembly election is still a year away and the interesting question is not so much which party will form the next Government at Imphal or even how effective the present BJP led Government has been, but how people will remember the unfolding serie..

More teeth to war against drugs Anti-poppy pledge

Take the people along. This should be the foundation on which the campaign ‘War on Drugs’ should rest and the report that 33 communities have come forward to pledge that they will stop poppy cultivation in the hill ranges must have come like a..

Cracking down on ‘errant’ teachers Surprise visits to schools

Education Minister S Rajen Singh appears to be a man on a mission and so far at least 19 school teachers have been placed under suspension for absenteeism. To be sure the swift action taken by the Education Minister will have an immediate effect and schoo..

Not the time to let the guards down Second wave

Second wave. This is the reality in some States of the country, notably in Maharashtra, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh Chhatisgarh, Gujarat and Punjab too and there is a reason why the State Government has made it mandatory that anyone returning home from the nam..

Need to establish cause of death Lead from the front !

It is crucial that the exact cause of the death of the Anganwadi worker be established as soon as possible. It is also equally important that the whole process of working out the cause of her death be as transparent as possible, for that is the way to ear..

A forlorn tale: From wetlands to dry lands

Wetlands per se constitute an ecosystem and wetlands combined with geographical location and topography of a region usually act as a major determinant of the region’s climatic conditions. Wetlands are typically shallow so sunlight can penetrate the ..

Lay off hands on the media Targeting the media

Not the first time and this most probably will not be the last time either, but what has made the latest case all that more diabolical is the point that even after 7 days of the incident, no group has claimed responsibility. For one full week Imphal based..

Impressive shows from young MLAs Rise of the young brigade

It is encouraging to note young MLAs from the Opposition bench, read Congress MLAs, raising significant questions to the Treasury bench, prompting Chief Minister N Biren to ‘personally receive the questions and give the answers’. This is what ..

ST demand for the Meiteis Constitutional protection

Constitutional protection. Chief Minister N Biren is obviously worried that there is no Constitutional protection for the Meitei community but yet at the same time the BJP led Government at Imphal is yet to send a recommendation to the Centre seeking the ..

College teachers on strike ! Think about the students

Time to think about the fate of students-young students who have just passed Class XII and are ready to step into the challenging, exciting world of college life. But unfortunately for many students their dream of stepping into college life, to breathe in..

Starting off on the wrong foot Fate of hostellers

Starting off on the wrong foot. And this does not paint Dhanamanjuri College in any good light. Classes started on January 27, and it is difficult to digest that the college authority has not been able to work out something as basic as fixing the fee stru..

Active cases below 3 figure mark Eyeing nil cases

Active cases below the three figure mark with 99, as on February 7. A reflection of the reality that the number of fresh positive cases has seen a sharp drop in the last many days pushing the recovery rate to above 98 percent. This is good and well and go..