Process of closing offices in Nagaland ‘Taken note of’ camps

‘Taken note of’. Anyone familiar with this term will surely that one here is referring to the term used by the Assam Rifles to refer to the camps opened by the NSCN (IM) on the soil of Manipur and intrinsic here is the point that though there are no official camps of the outfit in the State, there are still camps belonging to the said group. And when one talks about the ‘taken note of’ camps then one surely means the camp opened at Buning in Tamenglong, Oklong in Senapati, Phungcham in Chandel and ..

Respecting stand of the Supreme Court : Decades old issue

The verdict of the Supreme Court of India on the decades old Ayodhya dispute need not be seen as a ruling along the Hindu-Muslim divide, but more as settling an issue which has dogged the country for decades...

Mature statement of Kho John: Need to maintain sanity

Meiteis and Nagas are not enemies. The final agreement would not be any ‘Great Wall of China’ between the Meiteis and the Nagas. Whatever is good and beneficial to the Nagas would also benefit the Meiteis...

A little stroll down history: Th Muivah central to it all

The Naga peace talk or the peace process between the Naga armed groups and the Government of India continues to make news in Manipur and not without reason. Remember it was way back in 1997..

The great October 31 bluff ? Final deal yet to be inked

What are the agreed terms between the Government of India and the NSCN (IM) ? This question is obviously more important than the terms arrived at with the NNPGs to the people of Manipur and this is something which New Delhi ..

Naga Accord: Greater autonomy, the last word?

It has been quite some days since Manipur has been enveloped by an atmosphere of anxiety, fear and uncertainty. ..

Of AEP, gateway and redundancy

Frankly speaking, the much hyped India’s Act East Policy (earlier Look East Policy) is becoming redundant. It has been more than 30 years since the Look/Act East Policy was formulated during the Prime Ministership of late PV Narasimha Rao...

Military build-up: Something is not right

Can anyone explain the massive military build-up seen in the State as hectic negotiations were made between the Government of India and Naga militant groups, particularly NSCN-IM? This particular question has been tormenting ..

One day after October 31: Time to look ahead

‘Conditional Naga flag,’ shutdown called by the Coordination Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) extended till 6 pm of November 1, Union Home Ministry cautioning against misinformation and rumour campaigns and ..

Date with Oct 31 : Heavy tension: Of misleading headings

The air is heavy with tension. Even as this comment is being penned down, there are theories and even wild stories doing the round, coupled with fake news. Those who tend to rely on the social media, beware, lots of so called ‘news’..

Kicking up issues at this point: Final pact by Oct 31?

Final agreement by October 31. Lock out called by the Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity, a group made up of various civil society organisations of Manipur and an artmosphere of tension and uncertainty...

From shared sovereignty to what?

Indeed, the political dialogue has traversed a long and tortuous journey. Of course, we are referring to the political dialogue going on between the Government of India and NSCN-IM for the past 22 years and perhaps it is the longest ..

Typical Ani Thokpi culture Two Ningol Chakkoubas

The Ani Thokpi mentality. Just so typical of the Meitei mindset or Meetei mindset. It starts from here-the propensity to always have two opinions on any matter. So while there is no unanimity on how the name of the community should be spelt,..

Final pact sans NSCN (IM) ?: Belies human logic

It doesn’t make sense. If, as reported in certain sections of the media, the Centre goes ahead and signs the final pact with the seven groups which together make up the Naga National Political Groups, sans the NSCN (IM) on October 31..

Days of uncertainty, anxiety: Looks of a besieged city

In many ways, Imphal today looks like a besieged city. Not that it did not look like this earlier, but this particular look has suddenly become all that more ‘visible’ given that tension and uncertainty is eating into everyone’s psyche...

Fruits of secrecy over FA? : Crucial Oct 24 meeting

Will the negotiations between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India continue or will there be a breakdown after the October 24 crucial meeting, which is underway even as this commentary is being penned down ?..

Alert meetings and mass prayers: The Lim divide continues

Statewide alert meetings under the aegis of COCOMI, the umbrella body of AMUCO, CCSK, HERICOUN, LIPUL and UCM. Mass prayers in all Naga areas for a positive outcome to the peace talk that has been going on for the past ..

Nagas of Nagaland and Nagas of Manipur: For the 3rd day on the trot

This is the third day on the trot that The Sangai Express has deemed it necessary to comment on the peace process between the NSCN (IM) and the Government and the one between the Centre and the NNPGs, consisting of seven..

Flag and Constitution hurdle at last lap: Much more than symbolic

It should be obvious to all now. While to Interlocutor to the peace talk and Governor of Nagaland RN Ravi, a separate flag and a separate Constitution are merely symbolic in nature, to the NSCN (IM) this is at the core of their ..

Final pact sans the NSCN (IM)?: Another Shillong Accord ?

If, as it is feared, the NSCN (IM) does not come on board and sign the final pact, which may be wrapped up by the end of October, then in all probability the final pact will be a half baked settlement. Rest assured if such a situation ..

Ghost of 1994 continues to haunt MPSC: Now nail the guilty

The decision of the High Court of Manipur to quash the controversy dogged Manipur Civil Service Combined Competitive Examination, 2016 (MCSCCE) should underline the point that nothing is right with the highest recruiting..

Extremely disturbing twist and turn: Trashing a pact with Govt

The twist and turn is disturbing and if not for its serious nature, it would have looked like a fast paced thriller from a cheap Bollywood flick. Hours after the State Government managed to persuade Kuki Inpi, Manipur (KIM)..

Pressing need for sanity to prevail: Govt should find solution

Sanity should prevail. And key board heroes and heroines should rein in their loose writes on the social media, needlessly inciting passion, verging on hatred. There is nothing heroic about the venoms being spread via the social..

Raising the integration bogey, again Slippery path ahead

Centre not sharing anything on the ongoing political dialogue with the NSCN (IM) to the Government of Manipur. Naga Hoho again raising the banner of Naga integration or bringing all Naga inhabited areas under one administrative unit. NSCN (IM) sticking to the demand for a separate Constitution and flag. ..

Putting a check on single use plastic Carry your own bag

Ban on single use plastic is on, but tough to say how effective this has been in Manipur. Enforced on October 2 all over the country and it should be more than clear that the question of how effective the order of the Centre is will depend on how the different States respond. ..

Opening NE to outside world: Challenges, prospects and inevitability

Though quite late, the North East region is being slowly opened to the outside world. Hitherto, the landlocked North East region had little connectivity with the outside world. Ironically, the region shares international boundaries with as..

Stand off over flag and constitution: Shared sovereignty

Separate flag and constitution. Nothing symbolic abut this, as far as the NSCN (IM) and Naga public leaders are concerned and this is where one can see the divergent point of views held by Interlocutor to the peace talks RN Ravi ..

From village to district to State level

From village to district to State level..

Nagas of Nagaland : Drawing the divide: Stand of NNPGs

Nagas of Nagaland : Drawing the divide: Stand of NNPGs..

Taking the high moral stand

Taking the high moral stand..

Making ban on single use plastic effective: Responsibility of all

The onus should primarily go to the shopper. This is how the ban on single use plastic should be implemented. Let the ..

The poppy charms in Manipur hills : Livelihood to narco-terror funding

The poppy charms in Manipur hills : Livelihood to narco-terror funding..

Lining up stand against CAB: All about indigenous folks

Protect the interests of the indigenous people of the North East region. Protect them from the influx of non-locals. This call is central to the cry raised by the Manipur People Against Citizenship Amendment Bill (MANPAC)..

Engaging with the young minds: To chart a better future

From August 11 with former Chief Secretary and now Administrator of Manipur University Jarnail Singh to September 29 with Chairman of FEEDS, Henbung Haokholet Kipgen as the chief guests, the focus on the youth ..

Looking to increase revenue collection: More intense debates likely

Increased number of tourists to the State. Cabinet discussing plans and modalities to legalise marijuana cultivation for medicinal and industrial purposes, decision to double excise duty on Indian Made Foreign Liquor brought in for the ..

Noney to host World Tourism Day: Attracting visitors to the State

Tourism. A term which Manipur has got used to down the years. More specifically it is tourism potential. Potential but has this been realised ? Is Manipur on the map of tourists across the country, forget about the international community...

‘Outburst’ of Thuingaleng Muivah : Understanding ‘inclusiveness’

This is a powerful statement. Its potential to impact on the ongoing negotiations is immense and maybe it is this potential that general secretary of the NSCN (IM) Thuingaleng Muivah wants New Delhi to know. ..

Process of updating electoral roll: Crucial responsibility

The responsibility is immensely crucial. This is what should be understood in the tough talk that Chief Minister N Biren delivered while commenting on the process of updating the electoral roll...

The debate over legalising ganja: Understanding either sides

Legalise ganja. The connecting string between the late and former Chief Minister W Nipamacha and current Chief Minister N Biren can be seen. In between the two personalities, there have been Radhabinod Koijam and O Ibobi..

Start-up Manipur as a potential launch pad

As announced by the Chief Minister, the State Government is ready to roll out another programme, Stand-up Manipur. But frankly we are not clear whether the new programme is a subsidiary component of Start-up Manipur or a ..

Stringent traffic rules in place: Understanding zebra crossing

Now breath analysers to detect drunk driving. Obvious that the BJP led Government at Imphal is keen to follow the instructions of big brother Delhi and this is indeed a welcome step...

Being on the transit route of drugs: Where are the big fishes ?

Transit route. And the toll has been heavy and so has been the frequency of drugs seizure. Worrying it is and making it all that more worrying is the fact that so far no big fish seems to have been netted. Heroin and now World is Yours..

Need for JAC and school to act reasonably: The dead tells no tale

Nothing is right and from a protest demanding that the CBI be roped in to probe the mysterious death of school girl N Babysana who was found hung to death on July 18 inside the dormitory of her hostel, the authorities of the said school ..

Peace talk reportedly at final stage: Need to be far sighted

By October-This is the time frame that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is believed to have given Governor of Nagaland and Interlocutor to the peace talk, RN Ravi to wrap up the peace talks with the NSCN (IM). ..

Confusing announcement on ban on plastics: Need to work on the alternatives

Nagaland from October 1. Nationwide from October 2. That is a ban on single use plastics. Manipur too is set to follow the ban on single use plastics from October 2 following the decision of the Central Government. ..

Cracking the whip on driving by minors: Red, Yellow, Green signals

Tough decisions. Obviously warranted by the reality on the roads of Imphal and elsewhere in Manipur. Three years prison term for parents whose minor children are found driving...

Delivering a point maturely: No rhetoric approach

Mature approach. No rhetoric, no slamming others but yet delivering a point in such a way that it does not rub anyone the wrong way up. This is Outer Lok Sabha MP Dr Lorho Pfoze. The ‘be humble to the neighbouring communities’ ..

Significance of Sept 11 to TSE: Responsibilities at 20

September 11 is important to The Sangai Express. It was on this day back in 1999 that the first edition of The Sangai Express hit the news stand and it has been a fascinating journey down the years. There have been changes..

Lim divide continues to run deep: Conflicting demands

Obvious that the Lim divide still runs deep and even as the All Manipur United Clubs Organisation (AMUCO), United Committee Manipur (UCM) and Committee of Civil Societies Kangleipak (CCSK) have made their stand known..

Stand against illegal immigrants: Uniqueness of NE States

Union Home Minister Amit Shah appears to be a man with a mission, a mission that fits perfectly with the agenda of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his second consecutive term in office...

No school bags day for young students: Understanding the core point

Make learning more fun. Ease the physical burden on the young tots while going to school and address some of the basic requirements needed not to overburden the young students. These needs are central to the decision of the State..

Regulate pay of Pvt school teachers: Of packed school vans

This is a concern which The Sangai Express has expressed time and again in this column and it is doubtful that this has been taken note of by anyone. Now with some private school teachers coming out and stating that they are paid ..

Sounding the alert at the entry points: Sensitise the people more

A concern already sounded earlier, but so far nothing much to suggest that this has caught the attention of the numerous civil society organisations in the State. The State Government has done its bit in setting up special police ..

Return of the power struggle : Fluid political situation ?

The controversy surrounding the death of N Babysana yet to be resolved. Framework Agreement still a mystery with no one really knowing what it is all about. The peace talk between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India..

Looking to CBI to deliver : The trust deficit

What if the CBI refuses to take up the death case of N Babysana ? This is a question which leaders of the JAC formed against the death of the girl child must have started exploring for this is a point which cannot be entirely written off..

New traffic rules and regulations From sweets to fines

From sweets at Churachandpur to Rs 1000 fine all over the country. That is how the story of driving without helmets has progressed in the last few days. ..

Over 19 lakhs excluded in Assam NRC: Need to be on vigil

Over 19 lakh people left out of the just published National Register of Citizens in Assam and not everyone is happy about the outcome. The BJP in Assam has already spoken out their dissatisfaction with what it says is a small figure..

Deadline to ban one time use plastics: Manipur’s deadline?

Nagaland October 1. All India October 2. These are the dates which the Government of Nagaland and the Government of India have fixed to ban single use plastics. The interesting question is when will it be the turn for Manipur..

The name : Arguments over BT Airport: Overdose of BT ?

What is in a name ? A lot it seems to many who have taken strong objection to the decision of the State Government to rename Imphal/Tulihal International Airport as Bir Tikendrajit International Airport...

Dead men or dead girls tell no tale: Conspiracy theories

Dead men or dead girls tell no tale. It is this which has led to the present uproar over the death of N Babysana, who was found hung to death under mysterious circumstances in her dormitory on July 18...

Helmet drive with sweets at CCpur: Novel approach

It is chaos out there. Wearing the devil may care attitude and one sees them whenever one steps out on the road of Imphal every day. They zoom around, over take from the left and park anywhere they like..

Separate flag and separate Constitution: On the basis of history?

Despite Article 370 which gave the provisions of a separate flag and Constitution to Jammu and Kashmir being abrogated under the line that there cannot be two flags and two Constitutions in one country, the NSCN (IM)..

Transit route to manufacturing unit: Where are the big fishes ?

Poppy cultivation in the hills, transit route to rest of India and beyond from the Golden Triangle to now a drug manufacturing unit plum in the heart of Thoubal district and it is more than clear that Manipur ranks high..

Critically endangered species: The Manipuri Pony

Critically endangered species. And it is this critically endangered species which are found roaming the roads of Imphal and scavenging on the garbage left anywhere. Not uncommon for speeding vehicles to at times knock down..

Significance of Aug to NSCN (IM): From 1997 to 2019

To the Nagas, correction, the NSCN (IM), the month of August will definitely be significant, especially after the outfit entered into a ceasefire agreement with the Government of India. ..

Studying how schools are run: Start with school vans

Focus is now on schools, after the controversial death of N Babysana inside her hostel on July 18. The CBI is yet to respond to the approach of the State Government to take up the case and the JAC Against the Death of Babysana..

Th Muivah : Man in the news: Time frame of 3 months

Thuingaleng Muivah is certainly a news maker in the North East region of the country and it was therefore not surprising to see the information that he is back at Dimapur making big news, at least in The Sangai Express..

Reiterating ST status demand for Meiteis: Oppositions to the call

Will the BJP led Government at Imphal be amenable to the proposal of the Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee, Manipur (STDCM) that a recommendation be sent to the Centre to include the Meiteis in the Scheduled Tribe list..

Getting the best out of Govt schools: School Fagathansi mission

School Fagathansi Mission. The very fact that the State Government has deemed it fit to embark on such a mission to improve Government schools across the State should tell a story of its own, a story which says that Government ..

In search of the elusive unity: I-Day celebration of Manipur

Ani punba yadaba (Elusive unity). This has been the bane of Manipur or rather the Meiteis for long and if anything, the celebration of the Manipur Independence Day, separately by two entities on August 14..