All eyes now on Thangmeiband, Jiribam. COVID-19 everywhere

Thangmeiband, Lilong, Churachandpur, Ukhrul, Jiribam and again Thangmeiband. Not exactly a case of the virus coming back to the starting point, but more a case of how COVID-19 has been running up and down the corridors..

Understanding spirit of a coalition ; The missing link

Lacking the spirit of a coalition Government. This much is clear. What is not at all clear is what transpired in the meetings between the four NPP MLAs of Manipur and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, NEDA convenor Himanta ..

Crucial days between collection and result Disturbing trend

Disturbing trend. The numbers continue to rise and it will climb in the coming days. As on July 5, the total number of positive cases stood at 1366 and perhaps the only point of comfort to date is the information that the number of recovery cases have sur..

Complete lockdown in Jiribam amid Unlock 2.0

No doubt, something went haywire in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic at Jiribam. Whereas the whole country has been slowly unlocking or opening up after months of lockdown, the entire Jiribam district has been constrained..

Save Nambul River mission : Cry of a dying river

Let the rivers flow freely. This was the unstated, untommed but core message in the ‘Save Nambul’ one day campaign jointly organised by the media fraternity of the State under the aegis of the All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union..

Compulsion behind 5 days ultimatum ; Fate of small time businesses

It is the compulsion behind the 5 days ultimatum that should be understood. The question is whether any steps have been taken up to study, understand and emphatise with the condition of the women vegetable vendors and others..

Design behind ‘abnormal’ growth ? Looking 20 years ahead

If at all there was a design, which seems highly likely, then one has to acknowledge the far sightedness of the brain that sketched the design. Else it is difficult to even entertain the idea that the population of some region would see a..

48 hours later and not yet a word : The Nawa Loude attitude

It is the damn care attitude that is unacceptable. Borders more on criminal negligence. Even 48 hours after reports came in that samples of 25 inmates of a quarantine centre at Ukhrul which were first declared negative were found..

Morphing from negative to positive Fight the virus not the infected

It was an error, no doubt, and a gross blunder. More disturbing is the point that even after 24 hours of the gross oversight coming to light, it is still not yet clear where and how the mistake crept in. How did the results of 25 returnees first came as n..

Extending lockdown till July 15 : Rising infection graph

The number is galloping. In six days the total number of infected has risen by one lakh to go from a total of four lakhs to five lakhs all over the country as on June 27. Manipur too has contributed its share to the total number with the tally ..

Head count on contentious census : Return of the ghost of 2001

Ghost of 2001. Nineteen years down the line and the spirit has again come back to haunt the consciousness of quite a large number of people for the census of 2001 has sharply polarised two line of thoughts, one that delimitation..

Power tussle amid pandemic : Enacting buffoonery

Highly contagious and it has also proved fatal in many cases. Manipur is just 8 short of the four figure mark, as on June 24, and the manner in which it reached the figure of 992 underlines how fast the virus can spread...

Art of running a coalition Govt : Take a leaf out of NDA

Art of running a coalition Govt : Take a leaf out of NDA..

Scripting a high octane drama Offering free air ride

Not without drama. It is a multi-authored script, perfect for a high octane drama. So even as the COVID-19 cases continue to climb fast approaching the four figure mark, the power game that is being played out on the political turf..

Approaching the four figure mark Regulate incomings

Approaching the four figure mark and if the current trend is taken into consideration, Manipur will see the number of infected rise to 1000 well before June comes to an end. What happens after that should leave no one in doubt as the general observation s..

Voices for and against delimitation

While many civil society organisations and almost all political parties, except one or two, have expressed strong objection against delimitation of Lok Sabha and Assembly constitutions based on the 2001 census report..

Interesting election to lone RS seat : Test of strength

Interesting. This is perhaps the first time in the last 15 or 20 years that election to the sole Rajya Sabha seat has evoked so much interest for two primary reasons. One obviously was the decision of the BJP to field the titular King..

Unfolding political developments Game of numbers

With three MLAs resigning, the BJP now has 18 MLAs in the House of 60, having won 21 seats in the 2017 Assembly elections. Add the four NPF MLAs and the lone MLA from the LJP and the front led by the BJP now stands at 23..

28 days quarantine period : TNL setting the example

Worth emulating. A model worth aping and this is something which other civil society organisations spread across the State should note and see how they can help in making the quarantine period for returnees more meaningful...

Freebies on offer from schools : Understanding competition

In line with what has been happening in the last few years, so not surprising at all. With the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BOSEM) declaring the results of the Class X examination, many private schools specialising..

Cluster transmission? Spotlight on quarantine centres

With almost 500 positive cases, Manipur is definitely not a Green Zone.  With the two biggest hospitals namely; RIMS and JNIMS unable to cope with the rapid surge in the COVID-19 positive cases, an exclusive COVID Care Centre has been opened at UNACC..

Worrying double digit spikes : Need to focus on QCs

Double digit spikes. And this has been the trend in Manipur for the last few days and from a green zone in the early part of April, the State has 459 positive cases as on June 13. The number will increase and if the trend continues..

To be discharged sans test results : How about ICMR guidelines ?

Completed 14 days quarantine ? Fine, now go home for home quarantine even if results are not yet available, is the instruction that one will receive from the Government soon. That is if the official notification issued by the Principal ..

Looking back at first case, shutdown 1.0 Bleak prospects

The co-incidence was remarkable. On March 24, 2020, Manipur recorded its first coronavirus case when a young girl who returned from the UK tested positive and it was in the night of the same day that Prime Minister Narendra Modi ..

Prison spell : CM bang on target

Every reason to be riled. And it is more than a threat. This is what should be understood in the announcement of the Chief Minister that anyone found fooling around in quarantine centres while they are doing their time would be sent ..

Looking at cluster transmission Disturbing development

Looking at cluster transmission Disturbing development..

Maharashtra surpassing China’s tally Nearing 300 cases

The tally count today is not between India and China but between China and one State in the country-Maharashtra, which is leading the table in the country. Not that there was a comparison in COVID count between the two countries, but significant to note t..

Need to keep virus contained : Not what the doc would prescribe

Utmost care is needed in the fight to keep the virus contained and not let it blow out of proportion else Manipur could well descend into a state of chaos and confusion. There is still time but this is not the reason to let anyone catch ..

Dedicated COVID-19 hospital Looking at 3 figure mark

A 100 bedded dedicated COVID-19 hospital to be set up within 10 days time. This was Chief Minister N Biren while addressing the media on May 31 wherein he announced that the lockdown would be extended in the State till June 30. No details spelt out, such ..

COVID-19 : Trace, Test and Treat : Indispensable three Ts

The three Ts. A vigorous adherence to the three Ts of Trace, Test, Treat, will obviously not be possible in India, where health infrastructure comes very low in the order of priorities, more so in a State like Manipur..

COVID-19 central to it all : Countdown to May 31

COVID-19 is central to it all. While one is the growing number of positive cases in the State coupled with the increasing number of Manipuris returning to the State from other parts of the country, the other is the question..

Make information come more freely : Speed up testing

It should be clear, more so to the Government. All the positive cases that Manipur has seen so far are ones that have been imported. Meaning so far Manipur has not seen or experienced a single case of community transmission and this is good fortune...

Learning to live with COVID-19 : Huge impact on all

The toll is heavy and the toll should be understood beyond the number of deaths and those infected and the large scale human migration that the country has seen right after the first chapter of the Nationwide lockdown that came into force..

Increasing positive cases of COVID-19 : Need to regulate flights

Thirty five positive as on May 25 and with more and more people returning by road, train and now by air, Manipur can certainly expect to see more such cases in the coming days. ..

Bracing up for arrival by air : What are the guidelines ?

What are the guidelines for air passengers who will start returning to Imphal from tomorrow (May 25) ? The Government must have worked it out by now, but unfortunate it is, that no detailed information has been given out till..

Growing number of positive cases : Need to look days hence

Situation demands that the State Government should work out the probable number of COVID-19 positive persons that Manipur may see in the next two/three months, given the reality. Law of probability and obviously any calculation..

23 active COVID-19 cases as of now : Focus on quarantine centres

23 active cases as of now. Mark the stress on the three words, as of now, for everything indicates that the number of COVID-19 positive people in Manipur will increase in direct proportion to the number of Manipuris who return..

Highest spike on single day with 16 : Increasing cases of COVID-19

It is raining COVID-19 left, right, centre and what was once a drizzle, with a long dry spell in between, has today become more than a drizzle though it does not exactly qualify for a downpour...

Yes to opening shops, but total curfew : Confusing the people

It is confusing. What adds to the confusion was the late, very late (particularly for newspapers which have to meet a deadline) issuance of the guidelines of the State Government on May 18, long after States like Karnataka and Delhi..

Growing need for more testing Beating China on the tally

Two schools of thought have emerged  even as the lockdown has been extended to May 31. One goes by the line that the lockdown has been effective in keeping down the number of infection while the other line of thought says that the more than 50 days o..

Hundreds and hundreds returning : Poor job prospects here

Lockdown extended to May 31 in many States, including Manipur and the Nationwide lockdown too has followed suit. Not surprising given that the number of COVID-19 positive cases is increasing with each passing day..

Raising one fundamental question : How about the 14 days quarantine ?

Certain fundamental points need to be tackled. Should it be the duty of the sending State or the receiving State to determine whether a person is COVID-19 positive or not ? Shouldn’t it be made mandatory for the sending State..

Coronavirus, lockdown, stranded people: The talk for the past 40 days

Coronavirus. Lockdown. Number of infected. Number of deaths. Stranded people. For more than 40 days, this column has concentrated on the subjects just mentioned and it seems it will continue...

In line with growing number of infections : Getting ready for lockdown 4.0

Lockdown 4.0. This is in line with the growing number of infected and deaths and along the expectations of those who have been closely following the COVID-19 development in the country...

Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst: Growing number of infected

Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. Hope for the best in the face of the global pandemic and be prepared for the worst, for Manipur has to be wary of what is happening in the rest of the country and the world...

Opening the doors amid the lockdown Dicey situation for all

It is a sort of a paradox. On the one hand there is the State Government which has been urging the people to maintain social/physical distancing, restricting movements and inter-mingling of people best exemplified by the decision to close Khwairamband Kei..

Another excuse to profile NE folks From chinky to coronavirus

Come to think about it. COVID-19 is just another excuse for many in mainland India to profile people of the North East as the ‘other’, the other who can be abused, verbally and otherwise, the other who can and should be victimised ..

Lockdown and opening doors: Understanding stranded persons

The figure continues to climb with many experts predicting that the COVID-19 pandemic is yet to peak in India. With no vaccine in sight till date, the lockdown currently in force is perhaps the best way to break the chain of transmission...

Need to expand commercial centres : Look beyond Khwairamband

Now this is the time for the Government to plan on how to expand the commercial/keithel centres. With Khwairamband Keithel or the three Ima Keithels kept shut before the Nationwide lockdown even came into force..

May 6, 2020 : Yet another day of drama Recipe for a disaster

Yet another day of drama. Another day of loose talks that would put to shame rumour mongers of different types and colours and of the lowest order. Even as the day started progressing, talks started doing the round that at least two ..

Understanding the call from the Govt : No lessons learnt from lockdown?

Government has relaxed lockdown to allow livelihood activities. As individuals, we must continue COVID prevention measures like social distancing, wearing face mask and washing hands with soap always. ..

Many lining up to return home Categorise the stranded folks

Stay put where you are. The sage advice from Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar, has obviously failed to cut ice with many, including the Government of Manipur like other State Governments. So even as the State has been clubbed in the Green Zone, meani..

Manipur officially in Green Zone: More responsibility on all

It is now official. Manipur is in the Green Zone. And this is where the responsibility of the State Government and the people becomes all that more important. The simple fact is, Green or Orange or Red Zone, the virus is still around..

Where to ease and where to continue: How to stay insulated

Manipur will definitely come somewhere very near the green zone, that is a place where no new COVID-19 infection has been reported for the last four weeks. Come May 3 and the National lockdown is scheduled to be lifted..

Post COVID-19 : Bleak days ahead: Need to look beyond

The focus of the State Government at the moment is obviously on how to keep at bay the coronavirus which causes COVID-19. Tough to say when a vaccine will come out with some even going to the extent of stating that the virus may be around till 2021 or even 2022...

Thousands stranded outside Manipur Of quarantine centres

Two positive cases so far. Both discharged from hospital with one having tested negative for the fourth time and completing her home quarantine period. No further instance of positive cases and things do not look as bad as in other parts of the country, w..

Somewhere near the green zone No time to relax vigil

Manipur would definitely fall somewhere near the green zone, but it is definitely not in the red zone nor one of the hotspots. Two infected, both discharged, with one having undergone the mandatory self quarantine period of 14 days successfully after disc..

Posers over COVID-19 protocol: Stand off at Kamjong

Violates COVID-19 protocol. Is against the call of the Nationwide lockdown of the Prime Minister himself and the people of Kashung Bungdung village in Kamjong district obviously seem to sincerely stick to this line..

Coronavirus free : A misnomer What after May 3 ?

Two positive cases of coronavirus in Manipur and both now negative. Cure is a word best avoided here in the face of many more testing positive after they tested negative as in China and South Korea...

Ahead of April 27 date with PM: On lockdown and the virus

Setting a date on April 27. This is what Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done with Chief Ministers of different States and the agenda is clear enough. Discuss the ongoing lockdown and the coronavirus situation..

Looking back to the first positive case: A matter of shame

Rejoice. Thank the Almighty but don’t go overboard. This observation is made in the backdrop of the fact that two persons who tested positive for coronavirus have been discharged from hospital and while there is every reason to feel..

Strong rebuttal from Kiren Rijiju : Maligning a people

Racial discrimination. Dubbed corona besides chinky, ching-chong China man, momo, bahadur and people of North East India have had to live with these highly derogatory names in different parts of the country and this is a shame...

Bit different but threat the same Not a free for all

The case of Manipur is a bit different with only two having tested positive for COVID-19 so far and both being declared negative now, after undergoing treatment at JNIMS and RIMS. Very much different from the more than 17 thousand positive cases reported ..

Understanding the easing of the lockdown: Responsibility of all

Let it be very clear. It is certain economic activities that will be allowed in areas which are not COVID-19 hotspots from April 20 and not for social gatherings...

The BC and AC of Coronavirus: Likely to stretch beyond 2020

Mark this. May 3, 2020 will not mean an end to the virus that causes COVID-19 and which has led to the death of thousands of people all over the world, besides infecting over 20 lakh people...

Looking at the days ahead: After May 3 what ?

The question uppermost in the minds of everyone is, after May 3 what ? No doubt the Nationwide lockdown which came into force from March 25 and which has been extended to May 3, is the best way to flatten the curve ..

Indications of things to come: NE on COVID-19 map

The indications are clear. The number of positive cases will increase in the coming days and correspondingly the figure of deaths will continue to see an upward climb. Will take time for the curve to flatten and this is the harsh reality...

Frightening statistics of COVID-19: Extending lockdown

The statistics say it all. So while the number of positive cases of COVID-19 stood at 8,356 with a death toll of 273 on April 12, the figure shot up to 10,363 positive cases and 339 deaths on April 14. ..

Reducing relaxation hours to a farce: Unsightly jamboree

It was a jamboree and an unsightly one at that. An opportunity given to the people to move out from their homes after days of lockdown and buy the bare necessities ahead of Easter Sunday and Cheiraoba..

Mischievous fools behind fake news: Call of ‘win collectively’

Let’s fight and win collectively against COVID-19. This was Chief Minister N Biren Singh in a video message to the people, even as the Nationwide lockdown was on its 16th day on April 8...