KIM defends ‘in defence of our ancestral land and freedom’ tag


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Oct 9 : Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM) has appealed all concerned not to call bandh or blockade on October 17, informing that the Anglo-Kuki War Centenary Commemoration will be held on the said day at C Aisan village in Saikul sub-division.
KIM has also asked all to refrain from misinterpreting the inscriptions of the words - “in defence of our ancestral land and freedom” on the Anglo-Kuki War memorial stones erected at certain villages, claiming the word ‘our’ means all the people of Manipur and not only the Kukis.
Speaking to reporters during a press meet held today at Kuki Inn, Imphal, KIM vice president Hemjathang Khongsai described the Anglo-Kuki War which began from 1917 and continued till 1919 as an important historical event of Manipur.
He further conveyed that the forefathers of Kuki tribes had fought against the mighty British in the Anglo-Kuki War for the sake of protecting and defending the ancestral lands of Kukis and Manipuris in hills.
The said war had an important account in the history of Manipur besides the Khongjom battle, hence, people of Manipur must also commemorate the Anglo-Kuki War and honor the heroes of the war, he added.
While informing that Anglo-Kuki War Centenary Commemoration Committee (AKWCCC) under the aegis of KIM has been organizing the Anglo Kuki War Centenary Commemoration since 2017 in different districts, Hemjathang Khongsai appealed to all sections of the society and communities residing in the State not to call bandh and blockade on October 17.
Informing that a section of the community have recently reacted to the erection of memorial stones with the inscription ‘in defence of our ancestral land and freedom’ at certain villages, the vice president claimed that the word ‘Our’ which is inscribed in the memorial stones means the whole Manipuris and not only Kukis.