Joykisan warns against fudged voter list


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Oct 9: Urging all to understand the threat posed by the rapidly increasing population of non-indigenous people in the State, Thangmeiband AC MLA Kh Joykisan has demanded the State Government to hand over the task of identifying non-indigenous people to the Constituency itself.
Speaking to media persons at his residence at Khoyathong today, Joykisan said that the people of Manipur are rooting against CAB and the Chief Minister himself even claimed that a clause for the protection of the indigenous people will be inserted.
However, how much protection will this specific clause be able to provide for the people, he asked explaining that when there is a Government which can scrap Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir without flinching, how much faith should the people of Manipur and the North East have in the assurance that a protective clause will even be included.
If such a clause can indeed be included, then it can also be taken out at another point of time in the future which raises questions about the future of the indigenous people, Joykisan claimed.
Appealing all to settle any difference amicably, the MLA stressed on the importance of coming together and uniting to face the threat posed by CAB.
He urged the people to start identifying the non-indigenous people within their own locality and also demanded the Chief Minister to direct all the 60 MLAs to identify and calculate how many non-locals are living in their respective Constituencies.
Asking who will bear the responsibilities if any non-locals  are found in the voter list of Thangmeiband, Joykisan announced that if anyone can provide proof that any non locals were enlisted in the voter list for the Constituency as vote bank, he himself will retire from politics and he would also welcome social boycott from the people.
Stating that he has heard of rumours that more than a thousand non-locals have been enlisted in the voter list of his Constituency, the MLA appealed to all to work together and find out who did the act of enlisting the non-indigenous people and to punish the officials or politicians who are involved in the act.
He continued that just bidding time, waiting for assent from the President of the country to the Manipur People Bill, will not bring any positive change in the State and no one till date, has been able to provide any assurance that the Bill will even be approved. The MLA further demanded immediate termination of the officials responsible for enlisting the non-locals in the voter list and added that nowadays, there seems to be many CSOs or social activists, who appear to be working for the welfare of the people but in reality are tainted with political preference.