FA important document : Rights activists


Mungchan Zimik
Ukhrul, Oct 9 : The Framework Agreement signed between NSCN (IM) and Government of India on August 3, 2015 is an important document, said Tangkhul rights activists and added that it is an accord, where both the parties (NSCN-IM and GoI) have mutually agreed to resolve the Naga political issue amicably respecting the rights of each other.
During a brief interaction, some Tangkhul rights activists expressed their confidence that a logical conclusion will be brought to the Indo-Naga political dialogue during the time of the NDA Government under the leadership of Narendra Modi.
They  maintained that the Framework Agreement is based on the uniqueness of Naga history, with the NSCN (IM) and Government of India as separate entities and on the basis of shared sovereignty for peaceful co-existence.
Expressing firm belief that both (GoI and NSCN-IM) will uphold their commitment to resolve the Indo-Naga issue  peacefully based on the  Framework Agreement, Artax A Shimray Ex-NESO secretary and former TNL president, recalled that  NSCN (IM) signed the ceasefire pact with the Centre in 1997.
After the FA of 2015, the Government of India recognised the sovereignty of the Nagas stating, 'Sovereignty of the Nagas lies with the Naga people.' The unique history of the Nagas, means–Naga identity, culture and territory are also unique. Naga territories have never been ceded to any power nor conquered, he maintained.