No School Bag Day recommendations

IMPHAL, Oct 14: With the launching of the ‘No School Bag Day’, the Department of Education (S) is simultaneously targeting various social media platforms like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc for propagation of good practices in school education in the State.
An office memorandum issued by the Director of Education (S) today mentioned that to bring a more holistic development of children and to organise ‘No School Bag Day’ in a more structured and appropriate manner, various extra and co-curricular activities that are age appropriate in terms of psychomotor development stages of a child, are required apart from the important elements of dun and enjoyment.
Stating that the activities should make the children enjoy the activities they do on these Saturdays, it mentioned that age appropriate activities that have connotation to social and environment well-being, personal hygiene, physical and mental health, cognitive development etc should be introduced to the children on these Saturdays.
It conveyed that the children studying in classes I-VIII might be allowed to wear casual dresses which are comfortable to them while doing the activities but explained  that the decision, however, is left to the individual schools on whether the children will be allowed to wear casual dresses or not.
It instructed that each activity shall be of 30-90 minutes interspaced between a recess of 15-30 minutes each in respect of classroom and school campus based activities.
For visits to other school/offices in the vicinity (of the school) or picnics, timings and duration may be set by individual schools. The suggested activities should be interspaced in such a way that the children find the activities interesting/joyful and full of enjoyment thereby making them wait for the next Saturday eagerly.
The ‘No School Bag Day’ should not be construed as a school holiday and is equally important as other working days of the school, it added.
It instructed the Head of schools, in consultation with teachers to chalk out list of activities for each class/section in advance and to inform the students and parents accordingly.
There should be adequate stock of drawing equipment, charts, maps, gardening equipment, toy making materials, comic books, story books etc, it recommended.
It further informed that the Department has uploaded soft copies of books/reading materials which may be referred for activities to be undertaken on these Saturdays, at and urged the Head of schools and teachers to visit the official website for exploration of the activities to be undertaken on these days.
The suggested activities can be modified, amended or partially followed as per the convenience, it added.
It further informed that the Department will open several social media platforms so that schools can upload and share activities/innovations undertaken on these Saturdays and which will be regularly monitored at the Directorate by a dedicated team and due recognition of such good practices will be extended by the Department.