Are we even living?

Have you ever tried searching for heaven in every nook and cranny? As half a loaf is better than no bread, let me project something about what a heaven is like. Many religious book says, “in heaven there is no jealousy, no hatred, no fighting, no boundaries, no religion, just love that’s all and people who are with good qualities only goes there.”
Do you think Hitler is there in heaven? At the top of their vocal apex, Germans will say, “A big YES." But what will be the answer from the Jews, “A big NO” or “He is the king of hell." And same goes to many. But to the God who means love, just love, what would be his answer?
I have a lump in my throat because an Indian army who got killed in the Line of Control is awarded for his bravery and everyone prays for him to go in heaven, on the other hand the Pakistani soldier who killed many Indians got promotion and many awards for his skills and bravery. The chaste meaning of heaven projected by the Almighty and the meaning interpreted by humans has a chasm. Humans killing humans, shall we call this a gallant deed? Instead of going to heaven, I feel the gate of hell is more wide open to welcome humans. Do you think God will be happy with humans? Instead God will be livid with us.
Is there a need for spreading religion under the slogan, “God is ONE?" Using religion in politics, using religion as a means to ignite war, etc., this marred culture speaks nothing but we are lurking to the extinction of human on earth.
That busy man who went to the temple got stuck in a traffic jam was annoyed with the man, for his car blocked him from moving his as the man was driving slowly, and to keep the situation clearer – let’s not forget that he was bringing many offerings. Do you think the Almighty will accept him? Does he think the Almighty takes only laurel offerings? Or is he trying to bribe the Almighty? There are no answers for these questions.
Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Give me a good mother and I will rule the world." He said it because he knew it would go with a bang. Now, my question is, “Who is he to rule this world?"  Don’t you think his acts cross the limit of God’s tolerance? To me, he seemed to be challenging the maker. And, the other point is that of the soldiers biting cross during wars not to get shot but to have their perfect shots. So, through the eyes of God, it’s like the soldier cuts off his nose to spite his face. And selling pictures of the maker and bargaining them under the slogan 'God is everywhere', this is nothing but stirring up a hornet’s nest.
Why are we so happy when a new weapon is invented? Is it that we won’t waste much of our time killing one by one, instead killing a group will be much better as done in JAPAN by USA. Have you ever had a flight journey? If so, have you seen things which take our tears down? When the flight takes off, we see that every house has its own boundary walls, then locality boundary, then state boundary, then country boundary and so on. Are there different kinds of human in their areas enclosed by different boundary? Why are these humans so jealous, so cruel? Aren’t we all the children of God? If yes, then who put the word ‘orphan’ in the dictionary? When you are at height, then try having an eagle eye across the length and breadth, besides the tall buildings there are houses made of thatches and straw. Why so much differences?
Yes, we have seen people praying before the exam. But, have you ever seen people praying after the exam or after the result is out? Yes, but only a pin. We the draft humans are beyond the orbit of thanking the God.
Nobody is in seventh heaven while reading the morning paper, only a frowning face welcomes the morning paper as the news deserves that. Reason is simple, just because of the increase in the numbers of jokers in the pack.
The most illegal word is REVENGE. If revenge is not there, jealousy will automatically fade and love will conquer us, the height of our boundary walls will be lower, no more ‘my land’, ‘my locality’, ‘my state’, ‘my country’, etc., instead we are one and it’s our world and there will be no more religion to separate us. Heaven is not a place but a state where love is found. So, there is no reason that we can’t change this world into heaven if we all love each other, then how nice the world would be. But till the time the word superiority exists, crimes, sufferings and tears won’t stop.
If you have a friend who got different tongue from yours, let me tell you something, if you put an eagle eye on how he learns your language, you will come to know that he learns the bad word first. This shows how negative humans are or humans are sinners.
What makes us so different that some of us are needed to be controlled by few? Do they have more brain, more eyes, etc.? And the most important question is ‘who is called a good person in this kaliyuga?' Is it the one who donates more money for the needy? Or is it the one who can die for his/her motherland?
“Brighter the light emitted from the candle, darker the shadow formed at the base" or “Every rose has its thorns”. And this present world is surrounded by thorns. Those people who are in power, who are surrounded by the heavenly slogans, do you think all the slogans came from their human hearts? The answer is another question again.
My article is just a piece of my imagination. But there is no iota of doubt in myself that it cannot be put in practical phase. My tears of imagination will always remain on paper until and unless you imagine. Before we are totally trapped by the traps that we have made, let’s wake up and smell the coffee.
Let’s respect the inner line permit of our mother earth. We came to this earth for a short duration so, it will better if we stay beyond the sense of concurring and owning. Let’s not make our mother earth regret the agreement of human existence.
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