Naga Peace Accord : Serious discourse needed

This emergency meeting of the Committee was held today keeping in view the strong desire of the Govt. of India to bring about the long awaited settlement of the Naga issue in the  end of this Oct. ’19 and prompt  steps taken towards that end as seen in the pronouncement made by Shri RN Ravi the Governor of Nagaland who has been holding the post of  Interlocutor prior to signing of the Framework Agreement on 3rd August 2015. The settlement including all substantive issues and competencies as claimed, is ready for inking the final Agreement. It was also reported that Interlocutor held a detailed consultation meeting with the primary stakeholders of the Naga society on 18th October 2019 at Kohima. This is on the one hand .
On the other hand the Government and people of Manipur through organisations etc , more than ever are ready for facing and taking upon themselves every eventuality in defending the territorial integrity of their motherland Manipur.  Our fear cannot be said to have no foundation. As seen in the past our natural instinct is our only tool to defend ourselves when we are pushed back to the wall situation. We feel now more intensely than ever. It is very difficult to describe the scenario as the issue itself is very complex more so, when the Framework Agreement  signed on August 2015 is still kept locked  inspite of facing stiff opposition from many quarters including our own Association (APSCS) vide copy of the representation submitted to R N RAVI by APSCS in their face to face conversation with him. Vide also the Imphal Free Press (8-11-2015) Reporting on the Press Conference held following the conversation under the head line “Constitutional protection need of the hour to end claim and counter claim”.
It is simple logic to guess that  as the Framework Agreement is maintained as the secret file containing controversial decision with far reaching consequences that there is every possibility that neibouring states will definitely oppose the Agreement tooth and nail. Exclusion of the Chief Ministers of the State of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh from the meeting and signing of the said agreement  speaks louder. In fact they are the bonifide stakeholders and cannot be compared with other Organisations of the public who are treated as stakeholders by the Government of India. Still  the same policy of side lining continues when the Centre is ready for inking final settlement soon.
From what the Interlocutor stated  on Friday that “ They have mischievously dragged in the Framework Agreement and began imputing imaginary to it, “ it is obvious that as no  people in general have the knowledge of the Framework Agreement as such are not witness to it – people’s opinion cannot be the same or common as Mr. Ravi likes now. The Frame Work Agreement between  the Centre and one certain public organisation has already turned out to be a Framework Disagreement.
The Association today takes the occasion once again  to appeal to all concern to work unitedly in the best interest of the people belonging to the North Eastern States of the Country. We are parts of the whole : to keep its part strong is in the interest of the whole. What the Association considers most important and need of the hour is to think and act honestly to settle the issue. The issue is always in the uppermost mind and suggestions made by this Body of the Retired Teachers have been put forward to all the higher authorities concerned of this Nation from time to time since before 2001.
Resolutions: This meeting, therefore, in one voice welcomed the proposed settlement as per the stand of the Government of India to ink finally in the end of October 2019.
2.    The Association resolved once again that the opinion of the bonafide stakeholders be taken without fail prior to the inking of the Agreement to ensure its finality.
To help understand the stand of APSCS, a representation submitted to R N Ravi in 2015 is reproduced below
The Association of Premier State College Seniors, a Body of the Retired State Govt. Teacher Employees hereby submits its view on the recently reached Peace Accord between the Government of India and a major Naga people’s Organization namely NSCN(IM). The agreement was signed by your good self on 3rd August 2015. The Peace Accord as declared by both sides is at the stage of a framework to be finalized later in detail after considering public opinions of the stakeholder states. Three months have passed since then.
To our surprise and dismay the elusive framework still remains as a classified document that cannot be studied by others. However, of the two major sections of people the Nagas as a whole and the rest including Manipuris, Assamees, Arunchalians are divided by keeping so the Accord as secret for the non-Nagas who have become increasingly restive over this silence of the Central Government.
We cannot even claim that we know the framework not to speak of understanding it under the situation when it is very much important for us to take part in the discussion with you to ventilate our opinions and grievances, if any. However, from the statement you have issued that the agreement is based on two points which will have a shared sovereignty model.
The model as envisaged by Nagas, if it is also your view is likely to be granted to them, (i) a special and separate budget (ii) a separate Naga Constitution, (iii) separate Flag and passport, (iv) joint foreign affairs, (v) reunification of Naga inhabited Areas (popularly known as Integration) so and so forth inter alia.
The State of Manipur, a sovereign Kingdom before the controversial Merger in 1949 is very much concerned with the question of reunification of Naga inhabited areas around Nagaland. Therefore, today we wish to take this as the premise of our discussion with you when other modalities are matters of interest between the two signatories in the Accord.
We see and have projected our views already times and again in/through our Representations to the Highest Office of the country the President of India, the Prime Minister of India, the Home Minister of India, the 2nd Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) and all concerned.
It also appeared in local dailies from time to time, the recent one under the title “Conflict resolution in respect of Manipur and some suggestions for Administrative Reforms” submitted to ARC on the issues of Sangai Express Daily (Eng.) from 19th to 24th Oct. 2015 (clippings annexed).
The discussion surrounding the issue of Manipur’s territorial integrity was also there with the then Hon’ble Home Minister of India Shri P.C. Chidambaram during his visit to the State. In all the writings and said face to face discussion, we have made out our case as the only heart aching issue that has been occupying our topmost mind as it involves our history, tiny hillock land, living and existence.
Historically our neighbours particularly Burma(Awa)/Myanmar used to threaten quite often and notably we waged war to defend successfully our sovereign kingdom, that during the 56 years of British rule over the Kingdom since 1891 upto the time of handing over the Sovereignty to the King of Manipur, His Highness Maharaja Budhachandra Singh on 14th August 1947, the Kingdom never faced the same situation again that we enjoyed peace and tranquility.
(To be contd)