Power of Pranayama

Kakchingtabam Brajamani Sharma
Contd from previous issue
3) Suryabheda and Ujjayi; These two kinds produce heat in the body. When the body feels cool, the two kinds are recommended. In the Suryabheda, close one nostril and inhale through the other as you can comfortably. Retain and press the chin to the thorax, and exhale very slowly after the retention. Repeat the process inhaling on the other nostril. Inhale in one nostril, retain as far as you can without burden and exhale through both the nostrils. It gives heat. Similarly in the Ujjayi, a particular sound is made by drawing in air through both the nostrils for a considerable length of time and inhale without retention.
4)  Bhramari: it is imitating the bumming of the bee. Inhale through both the nostrils and release very slowly through the both nostrils making a humming sound which affects the crown of the head.
5) Sitkari and Sitali: These are two kinds recommended to practice in hot season. It is drawing in of air through the mouth having the tip of the tongue pointing the throat and through the mouth having the tongue protuded in between the lips making a semi-tube, respectively.
6) Kapal Bhatti and Bhastrika: These two types of Pranayama which cleanse the head and the lungs respectively. In the first, let the practioner inhale and exhale through both the nostrils rapidly thereby movement of the abdomen is to be associated. (To be contd)