Naga Peace Accord : Serious discourse needed

Contd from previous article
We wish that the situation of peace and tranquility will not be disturbed again. We are thankful to the Government of India for protecting our territorial integrity following the merger of this Kingdom with the Union of India. The ongoing issue of integration of Naga inhabited areas and their movement leading to the recent Naga peace Accord involving the land of Manipur will remain as an eternal regret in the history if it is practically translated into action as purportedly envisaged in the Accord. The basis you cannot deny; is based on the taxonomy of ethnicity and biological segregation.
Should it be recognized, the country will have to reorganize itself on the same basis. We know if it is effected too, we will also be greatly benefitted; Cachar, Silchar, Hojai etc. the Manipuri inhabiting areas of Assam are bound to be integrated with Manipur to make it a greater Manipur. Can it be allowed by the Government? You should think twice.
We have been facing two conflicts, perhaps the Center is fully aware of this; the one being with itself in the form of vertical conflict and the other the horizontal conflict with Nagaland. The Accord reached by siding with the neighbouring state has now clearly confounded the confusion. Also morally and legally the Accord cannot be legitimate as the other stakeholders are left out as if they are not concerned at all.
The conflict can never be solved/resolved under the circumstances, we feel.
The entire world will agree that this conflict involves the people of Manipur’s biological instinct that is to fight for defense and protection of their habitat. This truth should be accepted by all the superior forces and power be it. The United Nations Organisation has already ratified this understanding of biological nature exhibited by people in all the countries and their histories of conflicts and wars.
Insurgent activities in Manipur and Nagaland are nothing but instances and legacies of the past history. Ironically, it seems that Center has ultimately recognized and conceded the demand of the Nagaland.
It should not and cannot be at the cost of the tiny state like Manipur under the normal circumstances. Here the Center is taking advantage of the Article 3 of the Constitution of India that provides the possibility of fission of a state to establish new states or fusion of its part with another state in the name of state re-organization. Manipur is not a big state like U.P, Bihar Andhra Pradesh that it can afford to cede a major part of it in the interest of other state and people.
As records tell us the erstwhile kingdom of Manipur with the merger of India was reduced to a part C state before it attained Statehood in 1972. It was not qualified to be a state as the Union Government made the policy on the basis of its small size territorially, economically backwardness etc. to run the state to survive as a viable state.
This plea of the Union though we were not convinced, did not raise hue and cry.
Our simple and apolitical view it seems the Center has heard already but is not still convinced. It seems that you are presiding over the conflict situation to agree with the other signatory that there will be no harm if the tiny state is fragmented further into pieces to appease them and thereby turning the horizontal conflict from bad to worse. Manipuri people have been facing now the heat more than ever.
The situation today is volatile and we fear that the inevitable will follow. 2001 uprising should be read carefully. The Center instead of ending the vertical and horizontal conflicts; should not be responsible for further development of anti-incumbency feeling against the Center and inter-state ill feeling to increase the intensity of Horizontal conflict.
Now that there is no room at all for ending the two conflicts to give peace and stability in the north-easternmost part of the Country a chance to live cordially and peacefully.
We still wish that after hearing the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi that he has a vision for the transformation of the North-East region and expresses confidence that the agreement will open a glorious new chapter for the Naga people to build a bright future for the Nagaland.
May we expect from the same Hon’ble Prime Minister to extend a similar announcement to end all the conflicts, vertical as well as horizontal.
If our request finds favour with the Hon’ble Prime Minister, the whole complexion of the situation in the North-Eastern India will be completely changed and forgotten and will enter a new era of full understanding and living and sharing together happiness and prosperity never dreamt before.
We do not forget our history good neighbourliness. Surely it will be in the best interest of all concerned and the nation.
APSCS will conduct a press conference on Nov 7 at its office at 1:30 pm.