Everyone must maintain peace

Dr Koshilning
This article is written with good intention being a citizen of Manipur. It’s not directly or indirectly pointing to any community as negative but positive for common goodness.
Conflict, war, violent, crime, hatred etc. are the opposite words and meanings to peace. Conflict is a reality not only in Manipur but also in other parts of the states and countries. Reconciliation for peace is an ongoing challenge and ethical imperative of the real human being. The world is so advanced in knowledge, wisdom and technology; however, naturally the war, conflict, crime etc. are more advanced than the human goodness. Conflict, war, and crime will continue till the end of this world and no one can stop it. It’s impossible to stop such conflicts and crimes in the society through powerful missiles and nuclear bombs rather would promote more conflicts and wars.
The main key of conflict and war or any negative impacts in the society is at the hands an individual. Conflict and war exist naturally through human’s finite nature and disobedient to God.    
Unwanted situation is not a new thing in Manipur. Many unwanted evil situations took place in Manipur since time immemorial. The prevailing situation in Manipur state is very worst affecting the social life, religious life and economical life of the state. Many times worst situations took place and went to viral in social media till today. Even people outside of Manipur called Manipur as ‘death state’ which is really hurting my sentiment. They don’t respect us (including north-eastern) as Indian at present. However, we must be the builders for peaceful co-exist of all communities. Many people from Manipur communities have been talking about for good things but citizens are less in action for good things.
We talk much and act less is one of the main causes of unwanted evil situation in Manipur. We always give blame to leaders whereas the citizens also have many failure parts in what we ought to do. ‘Self realization’ is more important than speaking to someone else. At present the state of Manipur lives together from different walks of life: the tribals and non-tribals and different religions like Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Tribal Religions (Animism), Atheism etc. Peace is inclusiveness for all the communities and therefore, peace must be the central theme of every community.
The doctrine of peace is the core teaching in every faith or religion. Nevertheless the people astray from holding peace (teaching of religion) and moving forward (forgetting God) for conflict and war against one another due to certain reason. Everyone has many dissatisfactions and it’s impossible to obtain all the dreams he/she wanted to be. My question is, do you fulfil the law of life without peace? Do you believe that whatever the situation, the unresolved reasons, and disputes for so many things are possible to solve by making civil war with guns, spears, witch, sorcery or any manner of conflict? In this 21st Century war is not the final solution. So, every citizen of Manipur state should re-think before falling of evil came upon us. Maintaining peace and tranquillity by every person in Manipur is urgently needed.
If we exchanged our God given peace and tranquillity with conflicts then the fruits of our exchange will receive death. Death is looser not victory. Regardless of who we are (color, caste, class, religion) we must maintain what is love in our state. We must love one another till our last breath and born peace and love in our heart. No one is enemy in our state but all are same brothers and sisters in the eyes of God. God expects from us what is goodness, not the conflict and war. Killing one another is the act of merciless from Satan.
God hate bloodshed among us. We cannot expect our solution of life and state of Manipur through bloodshed but through proper democratic talk, peace and love. We all must seek the will of God and live according to the will of God not the will of human dictator. May God bless and bring peace and harmony in our state!
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