Power of Pranayama

-Kakchingtabam Brajamani Sharma
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hundred forty times, Narjli Kriya (movement of the abdomen) will be done and continue normal breath. In the later, inhale and exhale rapidly through both the nostrils, without abdomen movement, only up to the chest, that is the lungs and after one hundred or two hundred times draw in air and retain as you can. This will give purification of blood, digestion and others.
Remind it that the number will be always to be minimum. Only advanced practitioners are to do accordingt to their capacity.
7) Easy and Comfortable Pranayama: inhale through one nostril, counting a regular style, say 10. Retain the same count 40 and release through the other nostril counting 20.
Draw in through that nostril counting 10 and retain 40 and release through the other nostril counting 20. Puraka, Kumbhaka and Rechaka ratio is to maintained as 1:4: 2. While doing this process concentrate to the plexuses already mentioned above.
For the first retention concentrate on the chakra (Kanda or Plexus) at the root of the genital organ. There is manifestation of Earth element.
In the next round, during retention, concentrate on the Swadhisthana Chakra, the next higher up of the Muladhara wherein the water element predominates. In the next round, during retention concentrate on the Manipuraka Chakra at the naval, wherein the fire element predominates.
In the next round, concentrate on the Anahata at the heart, wherein art element predominates. In the next, concentrate on the Vishudha at the throat, wherein ether element predominates. Now concentrate at the place between the eyebrows, the Anja chakra, wherein only calmness prevails. This is the seat of Lord, Siva, the Yogeswara, the Adiguru - the first Yogi. As we advanced in our practice, it is advised that we can have perfect control on breathing if we can unite the Kudalini or Natural power with the source of all powers, the Lord (Siva) at the crown of the Head, Sahashra chakra. And this is Samadhi; the Yoga strives for, the goal of existence. Details are not stated here, for fear of space and time.
The Yoga systems describe that whenever the Kundalini or the Serpent Power rises up through these Chakras extra-ordinary, super-natural and extra-terrestorial experiences are enjoyed. The eight Sidhis of perfections are obtained. The powers of the individual have direct connection with the supreme and hence extra-ordinary activities can be obtained.
Pranayama is an exact science. Longevity is determined by the number of breathing per minute. Human beings breath nearly 15 times a minute and live nearly a century, elephants breath nearly 10 times a minute and live more than two hundred years, the tortoise nearly 6 times and live more than four hundred years and so on, so says in the science of Pranayama and others of Swami Sivananda.
3.  Application of Pranayama:
Pranic healing: It is a vivid power of Pranayama, Pranayama can cure any kind of disease. When all the concentration cited above are continued, command yourself to your ailing part to recover and redress instantly, we will get quick recovery. Touch the part of the ailing person and will your Prana flowing towards the affected area while you are doing Kumbhaka, for a while, then the morbid diseases will vanish. So says Sivananda Saraswati in his "Bliss Divine" (page 368-369),
Swami Sivananda advised us not become a niggard for Prana. One may think that, if my Prana is used to heal the diseases of other persons, my Prana shakti will be decreased, Just as if in the batteries done. He says, "Never think that you will be depleted of your Prana by distributing it to others. The more you give, the more it will flow to you from the cosmic source. That is the law of Nature. Do not become a niggard" (Sadhana, page 360).
Prana Shakti can heal like telepathy process. It is the work of the Prana Shakti in telepathy when Prana is controlled, mind is necessarily controlled and when mind is controlled will power increases. It is the will which enable the Prana Shakti work miraculously.
4. Restrictions in Pranayama Practice:
Always avoid overloading the stomach. A practitioner is advised to have light, easily digestible and nutritious food. Fire worshippers, who offers homage to the fire very long time will not practice advanced forms of Pranayama. Before Pranayama practice have control over Asanas, particularly the sitting poses. Causing sound is not advised except on the items, where such hissing and other sounds are necessarily associated. The place where practice is going on must be dry and airy. Damping and ill-ventilated rooms are not suitable for practice. Where there is hot winds blow, stop doing Pranayama. There should be no strain in any stage of Pranayama.
Where there is peace, happiness and lightness of the body is felt, the practice is correct and where there is contradiction, the practice has something and somewhere wrong. Don't practice Pranayama till fatigued. Don't take bathe immediately; take at least half an hour's rest for undertaking normal works.
Pray for good health, longevity and prosperity of the world inhabitants including the human beings.
Om Tat Sat.