AIMS drive


IMPHAL, Oct 4 : Apunba Ireipakki Maheiroi Singpanglup (AIMS) has launched a drive to check whether LPG distributors of the State are following proper rules and regulations as well as selling LPG cylinders which are of correct weight starting from today.
During the drive, AIMS volunteers allegedly came across one distributor, MM Gas Agency of Lamphel, using a non functional weighing machine.
Speaking to media persons at AIMS office at Kwakeithel Girls' High School, its advisor Longjam Abothe Meitei strongly condemned such unethical practices by the distributors and demanded the CAF&PD Minister and the authorities concerned to take up befitting action against the erring parties immediately.
He informed that AIMS has undertaken the responsibility of conducting the drive so as to check whether the gas cylinders are of correct weight, whether they are safe or dangerous to the consumers and whether they are being supplied to the consumers consistently.
On the other hand, AIMS vice president Saikhom Premchand said that during the drive today at some LPG distributors/agencies, the volunteers found many LPG cylinders weighing around 200-300 grams less than the fixed weight.
Some were even found weighing around 3-4 kg less, he claimed. He continued that while on a drive to MM Gas at Lamphel, AIMS volunteers came across a non functional weighing machine and alleged that such practices have robbed the consumers of their rights to even verify if they are getting their money's worth while buying the gas cylinders.
During the drive, many gas agencies were found having old cylinders, some of which were even leaking, he claimed.
He conveyed that sources from some of the gas agencies told the AIMS volunteers that more often than not, many of the refilled gas cylinders given to the agencies from Sekmai Bottling Plant, were found to be old cylinders which were applied with a fresh coat of paint.
Stating that this is a major factor of leaking gas cylinders, he said that the sources also informed that when they go to replace the old cylinders at the bottling plant, they are charged extra.
Stressing on the danger posed by selling such types of gas cylinders to the consumers, not to mention violation of the rights of the consumers, the vice president demanded the CAF&PD Minister to do the needful immediately.