Hunting wild animals, Amur falcons totally banned in Tml


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Oct 5: Tameng-long District Magistrate  Amstrong Pame issued a notice yesterday completely banning any hunting/killing/destruction of wildlife (inclu-ding migratory birds Amur Falcon) in any way for food or possession.
Keeping in mind that the migratory bird usually arrive in many parts of the North East, including Tamenglong, from the 1st week of October and often root till the end of November (a period which is considered crucial for the life cycle of the Amur Falcon), the DC further issued a ban on all air guns in the district and ordered all those concerned to deposit the arms to the respective village authority offices.
The order directed the village authority of Chiu-luan, Khangchiuluan, Duigailong, Tamenglong Khunjao, Tamenglong town, Bamgaijang, Taiji-jang, Zeiladjang, Azuram, Thiulon, Vanchengphai, Akhui, Sangrungpang, Ta-banglong, Keikao, Sem- pang, Guangram, Duiluan, Puching, Phallong, Sonram, Dailong, Renglong, Kon-phung, Dikiuram, Katang, Nheng, Ndai,  Maruangpa, Namtiram, Taobam, Raeng-khung 1, Raengkhung 2, Raengkhung 3, Rengpang and Sangrung to keep the air guns in their custody until the last flock of Amur Falcon leave their roosting place or till November 30.
Instructing that reports about collection of air guns shoud be submitted to the DC office by October 25, it warned that anyone found guilty of wilfully violating the orders will face appropriate consequences as per the law of the land.