Pathetic football ground irks footballers and sport lovers of Ukhrul town


Mungchan Zimik
Ukhrul, Oct 5 : The pathetic condition of TNL football ground have peeved  the town footballers reports our correspondent while drawing attention from authorities concerned to look into the matter at the earliest.
TNL football ground, located in the heart of the Ukhrul town, is in the pitiful condition without any maintenance although it is the most convenient play field for the town folks and all the major sporting events of the district are hosted in it.
President of Ukhrul District Sport Association (UDSA), Shangreiso A' Shimray  while speaking to this correspondent, expressed strong dismay against the state government lackadaisical attitude in developing the ground since many years. It is disheartening to see the only football ground in the town being left in dearth and in pathetic condition, Shangreiso A' Shimray said.
Shangreiso also urged the district administration and the State Government to do the needful and maintain the football ground as it is the only option for the players and other sports enthusiasts despite its poor infrastructure.
Inundation of waters during rainy days; bumbs and dusts arising out of uneven grounds on dry seasons are causing much hardships to the players of the district which have been  producing many National and international players.
 The conditions forced the players to return home dirty after practising and even got injured due to hardness of the soil, lamented a footballer of the town while narrating the hardship they have to endure on the field.
Somi Sareo, a veteran footballer from Ukhrul town also mentioned that many footballers from Ukhrul district represented State, National and even at the international level in the past, however due to purported negligence, the  people of Ukhrul enthusiastic in sporting spirit has now subdued due to poor infrastructure and almost no basic sporting amenities/ facilities in the district.
Ukhrul town folks also drew attention of the Sport Minister for his immediate intervention and revamp the lone football playground considering the plight and hardship of the district sport persons.