MLA keeps strict eye on voter list at Thangmeiband


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Oct 6: Thangmeiband MLA Kh Joykisan has urged all the BLOs engaged in voter identification for the Constituency to be sincere in their work and register only those who are real residents of the Constituency.
He further warned against any malpractice in the process by enrolling people who do not belong to the Constituency and threatened to take up necessary legal action against such officials.
Speaking to media persons at his residence at Khoyathong today, Joykisan said that the role of the electors are huge as they are the ones responsible for choosing the leaders.
But now, an issue has cropped up wherein it is becoming increasingly necessary to determine whether the electors are genuine or not. This requires all the stakeholders, namely the Government, election office, public and the CSOs to come together and work out a solution, he said.
Announcing that he will take responsibility of the voter identification work for Thangmeiband, Joykisan said that no individual whose origin is a mystery as well as those from other Constituency, cannot be enlisted in the voter list for Thangmeiband.
On the other hand, he urged all other MLAs to minutely check the influx of non locals into their respective Constituency, explaining that once they are enlisted in the voter list, removing them will be near impossible.
He also appealed to the CEO, DCs, SDOs, SDCs, BLOs and all the officials concerned to perform their duties to prevent any malpractice in the voter registration process.
Failure to do so will make them the enemy of the common people, he warned.
Nowadays, there are not many left to voice concerns over the safety of the indigenous people. Even the MLAs are powerless to do anything, he claimed.
The MLA alleged that following the NRC, many non locals have started flooding into the State  and added that if CAB comes, then the future of the indigenous people is doomed.
Joykisan lauded the people of Mizoram and their strength due to which Union Home Minister Amit Shah was unable to utter a single statement on CAB in their State recently.
However, in the case of Manipur, many will come forward claiming that CAB is a positive thing when BJP National leaders visit the State. However, no one is able to boycott these parties or individuals, he alleged.
Speaking about Babysana's case, the MLA expressed disappointment that now, the people and the CSOs seem to have abandoned the cause and the demand for justice for Babysana.
He continued that even though Chief Minister N Biren Singh, during the Assembly session, assured to go personally to New Delhi to ensure the case is taken up  by the CBI,  no positive action has been seen till date which is rather unfortunate.
In the face of such a failure, it will be the sole responsibility of the State Government, not the people, when any form of violence or unwanted incidents erupt concerning the issue, Joykisan cautioned.
Accusing the State Government of siding with the school authorities, Joykisan said that the five people who are currently jailed, are in there for a reason.
Why is the Government reluctant to minutely investigate the case, he further asked.